Transition or transitional may refer to:

Mathematics, science, and technology


* Transition (genetics), a point mutation that changes a purine nucleotide to another purine (A ↔ G) or a pyrimidine nucleotide to another pyrimidine (C ↔ T) * Transitional fossil, any fossilized remains of a lifeform that exhibits the characteristics of two distinct taxonomic groups * A phase during childbirth contractions during which the cervix completes its dilation

Gender and sex

* Gender transitioning, the process of changing one's gender presentation to accord with one's internal sense of one's gender – the idea of what it means to be a man or woman * Sex reassignment therapy, the physical aspect of a gender transition


* Phase transition, a transformation of the state of matter; for example, the change between a solid and a liquid, between liquid and gas or between gas and plasma * Quantum phase transition, a phase transformation between different quantum phases * Quantum Hall transitions, a quantum phase transition that occurred because of the Quantum Hall Effect * Transition radiation, contrasts to the Cherenkov radiation * Atomic electron transition, the transition of an electron from one quantum state to another within an atom * Beta decay transition, nuclear beta decay determined by changes in spin * Laminar–turbulent transition, the process of a laminar fluid flow becoming turbulent * Glass transition, the reversible transition in amorphous materials * Lambda transition, universality class in condensed matter physics


* Transition metal, either an element whose atom has an incomplete d sub-shell, or any element in the d-block of the periodic table * Transition state, of a chemical reaction is a particular configuration along the reaction coordinate * SRM transition, the precursor and product ion pair in Selected reaction monitoring (SRM) in analytical chemistry


* A movement between states of an abstract computer, described by a transition system * A phase of the project lifecycle in the Rational Unified Process * A paradigm describing changes of communication mechanisms, see Transition (computer science)

Other uses in technology

* Transitions, a brand of photochromic eyeglass lens and sponsor of the PGA Tour Transitions Championship * Transition (roadable aircraft), a flying car (or drivable airplane) made by Terrafugia * "Shifting gears" on a railroad locomotive; see Diesel locomotive#Propulsion system operation

Government and politics

* transition management (governance) * social change, often synonymous with social transition

Arts and entertainment


* Transition (fiction), a narrative element or general aspects of writing style that signal changes in a story * Transition (linguistics), a certain word, expression, or other device that gives text or speech greater cohesion by making it more explicit


* ''Transition'' (literary journal), an experimental literary journal that featured surrealist, expressionist, and Dada art and artists * ''Transition'' (novel), a novel by Iain Banks * ''Transitions'' (novel series), a novel series by R A Salvatore * ''Transition Magazine'', a political and literary journal published from 1961 to 1976 on the African continent, and revived in 1991 in the United States *''Transition'', a novel by Vonda N. McIntyre 1990 * The Transition Weapons of Choice, the failed military experiment in John Birmingham's trilogy ''Axis of Time''

Film, radio, and television

* Film transition, a method of juxtaposing two scenes, including: ** Wipe (transition), a type of film transition where one shot replaces another by travelling from one side of the frame to another or with a special shape ** Dissolve (filmmaking), a gradual transition from one image to another * ''Transitions'' (film), the world's first IMAX film in 3D * Transitions (radio show), a weekly two-hour radio show on Kiss 100 in the UK * "Transitioning" (''Glee''), an episode of US television series ''Glee'' * "Transitions" (''Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'' episode), an episode of US television series ''Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'' * "Transition" (''The West Wing''), an episode of US television series ''The West Wing'' * "Transitions" (''The Wire''), an episode of US television series ''The Wire'' * "Transitions", an episode of US television series ''Without a Trace''


* Transition (music), the middle passage of a piece of music * Transition (band), English indie rock band * The Transitions, American R&B group


* ''Transition'' (John Coltrane album), 1970 * ''Transition'' (The First Edition album), 1971 * ''Transition'' (Buddy Rich Lionel Hampton album), 1974 * ''Transition'' (John Miles album), 1985 * ''Transition'' (Fly to the Sky album), 2006 * ''Transition'' (Ryan Leslie album), 2009 * ''Transition'' (Chipmunk album), 2011 * ''Transition'' (Steve Lukather album), 2013 * ''Transition'' (Nathan Stickman album), Nathan Stickman, 2016 * ''Transitions'' (John Digweed album), 2006 * ''Transitions'' (Aghora album), 2006 * ''Transitions'' (Westbound Train album), 2006 * ''Transitions'' (EP), 2010 by Canadian post-hardcore band Silverstein


* "Transitions", by Beastie Boys from ''Ill Communication'', 1994 * "The Transition", by Hawthorne Heights from ''The Silence in Black and White'', 2004 * "Transition", by Theatre Of Tragedy from ''Forever Is the World'', 2009

Other arts

* Transitional Style, of furniture and interior design


* Peaceful transition of power a norm or practice in democratic governments, of transitions of power between different political parties. *United States presidential transition, the transfer of federal executive branch power from the incumbent President of the United States to the president-elect


* Transition (grappling), in grappling is a move from one grappling hold or grappling position to another * Transitions Championship, a men's professional golf tournament on the PGA Tour

Other uses

* Transition Glacier, a glacier on the east coast of Alexander Island * Care transition, wherein a patient changes health care provider

See also

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