The Info List - Tha Blaqprint

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Tha Blaqprint is the second studio album by American hip hop recording artist Blaq Poet, released June 30, 2009 on DJ Premier's record label Year Round Records via Fat Beats Records. It features guest appearances by the also Year Round Records signed group NYGz and Nick Javas, Capone-N-Noreaga member N.O.R.E., Imani Montana, Lil' Fame from M.O.P., and the late Screwball member KL. The album was entirely produced by DJ Premier, except for two tracks: "U Phucc’d Up", produced by Easy Mo Bee, and "Sichuwayshunz", produced by Gemcrates. Several tracks have been released on various mixtapes, such as "Blaq Out" or "No Talent Required", dating all the way back to 2006. The album's lead single, "Ain't Nuttin' Changed", has been released in February 2009. There's also a remix version to the single, released in June 2009. It features verses by MC Eiht from Compton's Most Wanted and Young Maylay from Ice Cube's Lench Mob Records. Track list CD 1[edit]

All songs produced by DJ Premier, except for track 2 by Easy Mo Bee and track 9 by Gemcrates

# Title Guest Performer(s) Samples Time

1 "I-Gititin"

"The Bridge" by MC Shan "Tha Way It Iz" by Big Shug


2 "U Phucc’d Up" KL

"The Facade" by Melba Moore


3 "Ain’t Nuttin' Changed"

"Daisy Lady" by 7th Wonder "Hundreds and Thousands of Guys" by Patti Drew "Ain't No Woman (Like the One I've Got)" by Four Tops "I'll Still Kill" by 50 Cent


4 "What’s the Deal?"

"That Let's Me Know I'm in Love" by McFadden & Whitehead


5 "Legendary Pt. 1" Nick Javas, NYGz

"Heartz of Men" by 2Pac "Warning" by The Notorious B.I.G. "Get Down" by Nas


6 "Hood Crazy"

"Get on the Good Foot" by James Brown


7 "Voices"

"Masterpiece" by Grover Washington, Jr. "Street Rondo" by Thijs van Leer


8 "Hate" N.O.R.E.

"Looking at the Front Door" by Main Source "Da Mystery of Chessboxin'" by Wu-Tang Clan


9 "Sichuwayshunz"

"How Do You Feel the Morning After" by Millie Jackson


10 "Stretch Marks & Cigarette Burns" Panchi, Imani Montana

"You + Me = Love" by The Undisputed Truth "Gangsta Gangsta" by N.W.A


11 "S.O.S."

"Run Away" by Billy Strange


12 "Let the Guns Blow"

"All in Love Is Fair" by Nancy Wilson "Superthug" by Noreaga


13 "Don’t Give a Fucc"

"Les Tueurs" by Reinhardt Wagner "Blind Alley" by The Emotions "Shook Ones Part II by Mobb Deep


14 "Rap Addiction" Lil' Fame, Shabeeno

"City Rider" by The Ebbinghouse Orchestra "I Ain't No Joke" by Eric B. & Rakim "Breaker, Breaker" by GZA "Two Turntables & a Mic" by Black Moon


15 "Never Goodbye"

"Girl, I Wanna Get Right Up Next to You" by Mammatapee "Never Can Say Goodbye" by The Jackson 5


Track list CD 2 (instrumentals)[edit]

All songs produced by DJ Premier, except for track 2 by Easy Mo Bee and track 9 by Gemcrates

# Title Performer(s) Time

1 "I-Gititin" *Instrumental* 3:48

2 "U Phucc’d Up" *Instrumental* 3:36

3 "Ain’t Nuttin Changed" *Instrumental* 3:39

4 "What’s the Deal?" *Instrumental* 3:06

5 "Legendary Pt. 1" *Instrumental 3:34

6 "Hood Crazy" *Instrumental* 3:55

7 "Voices" *Instrumental* 3:41

8 "Hate" *Instrumental* 3:11

9 "Sichuwayshunz" *Instrumental* 4:17

10 "Stretch Marks & Cigarette Burns" *Instrumental* 3:20

11 "S.O.S." *Instrumental* 3:27

12 "Let the Guns Blow" *Instrumental* 2:37

13 "Don’t Give a Fucc" *Instrumental* 2:55

14 "Rap Addiction" *Instrumental* 3:39

15 "Never Goodbye" *Instru