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Actual survivors[edit]

Category:Survivors Last survivors of historical events

Art, entertainment, and media[edit] Fictional entities[edit]

Survivors, characters in the 1997 KKnD video-game series


The Survivors (1983 film) Survivor (1987 film), a film written by Bima Stagg Survivor (2008 film), a film featuring Cyril Nri Survivor (2014 film), a film featuring Danielle Chuchran and Kevin Sorbo Survivor (film), a 2015 British spy-thriller film starring Milla Jovovich and Pierce Brosnan Survivors (film), 2015


Survivor (1982 video game), a 1982 shooter game Survivors (video game), 1986, published by Atlantis Software Survivor (1987 video game), a 1987 8-bit action game Resident Evil Survivor, a 2000 light gun shooter Survivor (2001 video game), a tie-in to the Survivor reality TV franchise


Survivors, a 1976 novel by Terry Nation, adapted from the eponymous 1970s TV series Survivor (Octavia Butler novel), a 1978 science fiction novel Survivor, a 1988 novel by Christina Crawford Survivors (Star Trek), 1989 Star Trek: The Next Generation novel by Jean Lorrah Survivor, a 1997 novel by Tabitha King Survivor (Palahniuk novel), a 1999 satirical novel Survivors (novel), a 2002 novel by Zion Ben-Jonah Survivor (Gonzalez novel), a 2004 horror novel by J. F. Gonzalez "Survivor" (story), a 2004 novella in Accelerando by Charles Stross Survivor, a 2004 novel by William W. Johnstone that begins The Last Rebel series The Survivors, or the New Survivors Foundation, a fictional cult from Robert Muchamore's a 2006 novel Divine Madness Survivors: A Novel of the Coming Collapse, 2011 novel by James Wesley Rawles Survivor, a 2011 novel by James Clancy Phelan Survivors, series of children's novels by Erin Hunter

Music[edit] Groups and labels[edit]

Survivor (band), an American rock band Survivor Records, a British Christian music record label


Survivor (Eric Burdon album),1977 Survivor (Randy Bachman 1978 album), or the title song Survivors (Samson album), 1979 Survivor (Survivor album), 1980 Survivors (Max Roach album), 1984 Survivor (George Fox album), 1998 Survivor (Fifteen album), 2000 Survivor (Destiny's Child album), 2001 Survivor (Funker Vogt album), 2002 Survivor, a 2017 album by Hillary Hawkins


"Survivor", a 1978 song by Cindy Bullens "Survivor", a 1984 song by Mike Francis "Survivor" (Destiny's Child song), 2001 "Survivor", a 2005 song by Vanilla Ice from Platinum Underground "Survivors", a 2016 song by The Afters from Live On Forever "Survivor" (TVXQ song), 2009 "Survivor", a 2009 song by Mavado featuring Akon "Survivor" (Elena Paparizou song), 2014 "Survivors", a 2014 song by Zomboy and MUST DIE! "Survivors", a 2015 song by Hardwell and Dannic "Survivors", a 2015 song by Selena Gomez "Survivor", a 2016 song by M.I.A.

Television[edit] Series[edit]

Survivors (1975 TV series), a British post-apocalyptic fiction series Survivor (franchise), a British reality television show with numerous international versions

Australian Survivor Survivor (Israel), formerly Survivor 10 Survivor (UK TV series) Survivor (U.S. TV series) Survivor BG, Bulgaria Survivor Philippines Survivor South Africa Survivor Srbija, Serbia See the main article for a list of other international versions

Survivor Series, a professional wrestling pay-per-view event Survivors (2008 TV series), an adaptation of Terry Nation's eponymous book


"The Survivors" (Star Trek: The Next Generation), 1989 "Survivors" (Babylon 5), 1994 television series episode "Survivors" (Supergirl), 2016 episode of American TV series Supergirl

Other uses[edit]

Survivor (horse), a racehorse that won the first Preakness Stakes in 1873 Survivor: The Ride!, a roller coaster in California's Great America, in Santa Clara, California, U.S.

See also[edit]

Sole Survivor (other) Survival (other) The Survivor (other)

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