Slagelse () is a town on
Zealand Zealand or Sealand ( da, Sjælland , in English also occasionally), at 7,031 km2, is the largest and most populous island An island (or isle) is an isolated piece of habitat that is surrounded by a dramatically different habita ...
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. The town is the seat of
Slagelse Municipality Slagelse Municipality is a municipality (Danish language, Danish: ''Municipalities of Denmark, kommune'') in Region Zealand on the west coast of the island of Zealand (Denmark), Zealand (Danish: ''Sjælland'') in Denmark. The municipality covers a ...
, and is the biggest town of the municipality. It is located 15 km east of Korsør, 16 km north-east of Skælskør, 33 km south-east of
Kalundborg Kalundborg is a Danish Danish may refer to: * Something of, from, or related to the country of Denmark * A national or citizen of Denmark, also called a "Dane", see Demographics of Denmark * Danish people or Danes, people with a Danish ancestral o ...

and 14 km west of
Sorø Sorø () is a town in Sorø municipality in Region Sjælland on the island of Zealand (Denmark), Zealand (''Sjælland'') in east Denmark. The population is 8,035 (2021).


Slagelse has been inhabited since at least the Viking Age, where it was a
Pagan Paganism (from classical Latin Classical Latin is the form of Latin language Latin (, or , ) is a classical language A classical language is a language A language is a structured system of communication used by humans, includ ...
Trelleborg Trelleborg () is a town in Skåne County, Sweden, with 43,359 inhabitants as of December 31, 2015. It is the southernmost town in Sweden located some west from the southernmost point of Sweden and the Scandinavian peninsula. It is one of the mo ...
, a
ring castle Ring most commonly refers either to a hollow circular shape or to a high-pitched sound. It thus may refer to: *Ring (jewellery), a circular, decorative or symbolic ornament worn on fingers, toes, arm or neck Ring may also refer to: Sounds * Rin ...
, was built near the current location of Slagelse in 980, which made the location strategically important. A church was built at Slagelse's current location in the 1000s. Around this time, coins were minted in Slagelse.
Antvorskov Antvorskov Monastery (Danish: ''Antvorskov Kloster'') was the principal Scandinavian monastery of the Catholic Church, Catholic Knights Hospitaller, Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, located about one kilometer south of the town of Slagelse on Zea ...
was built in the 1100s by Valdemar I, who had recently acquired Zealand. He built the monastery in an attempt to gain control and favor with the locals. The monastery was used by the
Knights Hospitaller The Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem ( la, Ordo Fratrum Hospitalis Sancti Ioannis Hierosolymitani), commonly known as the Knights Hospitaller (), was a medieval and early modern Catholic The Catholic Church, ...

Knights Hospitaller
. Slagelse was granted the status of a
market town A market town is a European settlement that obtained by custom or royal charter, in the Middle Ages In the history of Europe The history of Europe concerns itself with the discovery and collection, the study, organization and p ...
in 1288 by
Eric V
Eric V
. This gave the town a series of privileges, though eventually put it in competition with the neighboring market towns of Korsør and Skælskør. In the 1780s a road from
Copenhagen Copenhagen ( da, København ) is the capital and most populous city of Denmark. As of 1 January 2021, the city had a population of 799,033 (638,117 in Copenhagen Municipality, 103,677 in Frederiksberg Municipality, 42,670 in Tårnby Municipal ...

to Korsør was built, and this road ran through Slagelse.


Slagelse Park (Danish: ''Slagelse Lystanlæg'') is a park located centrally in Slagelse. It is a green recreational area, with lakes, playgrounds and a maze. Slagelse Museum is located centrally in Slagelse. The museum focuses mainly on trade and artisanry. It includes a reconstruction of a shop from the 1940-1950s, as well as sections on local history. A part of the museum is dedicated to Hans Christian Andersen, H. C. Andersen, who went to school in Slagelse.


The Antvorskov, Antvorskov Monastery Ruins are located in southern Slagelse. They are the ruins of Antvorskov Monastery, a monastery built in 1164 by Valdemar I. It was the first
Knights Hospitaller The Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem ( la, Ordo Fratrum Hospitalis Sancti Ioannis Hierosolymitani), commonly known as the Knights Hospitaller (), was a medieval and early modern Catholic The Catholic Church, ...

Knights Hospitaller
monastery in Denmark, and was used as monastery until 1536 when the crown took over ownership and turned into a castle. Frederik II of Denmark, Frederik II used the castle between 1580-1584. After that it was used by fief lords until 1717, when it became a ''ryttergods'' - a location for the Danish cavalry. It was sold in 1774 and most of the castle was torn down in
"Antvorskov Klosterruin" Retrieved 23 August 2020

Notable residents

Public thought and politics

* Ludvig Stoud Platou (1778–1833), historical and geographical writer * Georg Koës (1782–1811), philologist * William Christopher Zeise (1789–1847), chemist * Jørgen Peter Frederik Wulff (1808–1881), naval officer * Anna Laursen (1845–1911), schoolteacher and women's rights activist * Niels Erik Nørlund (1885–1981), mathematician * Margrethe Bohr, Margrethe Nørlund Bohr (1890–1984), editor and transcriber for Danish physicist Niels Bohr, Neils Bohr * Hilmar Baunsgaard (1920–1989), politician and leader of the Danish Social Liberal Party from 1968–1975 * Villum Christensen (born 1954), politician and Folketing, MF * Kim Christiansen (politician), Kim Christiansen (born 1956), politician and MF * Stén Knuth (born 1964), politician and MF * Louise Schack Elholm (born 1977), politician and MF * Rasmus Horn Langhoff (born 1980), politician and MF


* Johan Jacob Bruun (1715–1789), painter * Andrea Krætzmer (1811–1889), ballet dancer * Didrik Frisch (1835–1867), landscape painter * Ludvig Abelin Schou (1838–1867), painter * Hans Egede Budtz (1889–1968), actor * Ella Ungermann (1891–1921), actress * Vilhelm Lauritzen (1894–1984), architect and founder of the Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects architectural firm * Hardy Rafn (1930–1997), actor * Stig Brøgger (born 1941), artist * Torben Lendager (born 1951), singer * Hot Eyes, Kirsten Siggard (born 1954), singer and 3-time participant of the Eurovision Song Contest * Karsten Kiilerich (born 1955), director, writer and animator * Elle Klarskov Jørgensen (born 1958), sculptor * Simone Egeriis (born 1992), pop singer * Alex Høgh Andersen (born 1994), actor


* Fred K. Nielsen (1879–1963), college football coach * Hans Olsen (fencer) (1886–1976), fencer * Poul Toft Jensen (1912–2000), football player * Gunner Olesen (1916–1979), gymnast * Villy Moll Nielsen (1927), field hockey player * Poul Moll Nielsen (1930 - 1992), field hockey player * Torben Alstrup Jensen (1930 - 2007), field hockey player * Willy Kristoffersen (born 1933), field hockey player * Ernst Pedersen (born 1935), former sports shooter * Vagn Bangsborg (born 1936), former cyclist * Ole Ritter (born 1941), former cyclist * Bo Braastrup Andersen (born 1976), football manager and former goalkeeper * Martin Kristjansen (born 1977), boxer * Joachim Persson (born 1983), badminton player * Buster Juul (born 1993), handball player * Niklas Larsen (born 1997), cyclist


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