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A news program, news programme, news show, or newscast is a regularly scheduled radio or television program that reports current events. News
is typically reported in a series of individual stories that are presented by one or more anchors. A news program can include live or recorded interviews by field reporters, expert opinions, opinion poll results, and occasional editorial content. A special category of news programs are entirely editorial in format. These host polemic debates between pundits of various ideological philosophies. In the early-21st-century news programs – especially those of commercial networks – tended to become less oriented on hard news, and often regularly included "feel-good stories" or humorous reports as the last items on their newscasts, as opposed to news programs transmitted thirty years earlier, such as the CBS Evening News
with Walter Cronkite. From their beginnings until around 1995, evening television news broadcasts continued featuring serious news stories right up to the end of the program, as opposed to later broadcasts with such anchors as Katie Couric, Brian Williams
Brian Williams
and Diane Sawyer. See also[edit]

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