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Nerdist Industries, LLC is part of the digital division of Legendary Entertainment. Nerdist Industries
Nerdist Industries
was founded as a sole podcast (The Nerdist Podcast) created by Chris Hardwick
Chris Hardwick
but later spread to include a network of podcasts, a premium content YouTube
channel, a news division (Nerdist News), and a television version of the original podcast produced by and aired on BBC America.


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History[edit] Nerdist Industries
Nerdist Industries
was formed in February 2012 after Hardwick and Peter Levin (GeekChicDaily) merged their separate entertainment projects into Nerdist Industries, after which GeekChicDaily
was rebranded Nerdist News. The newly formed company began to produce additional podcasts under the Nerdist Industries
Nerdist Industries
banner as well as producing content and webshows for its Nerdist YouTube
channel. In July 2012, Nerdist Industries
Nerdist Industries
was acquired by Legendary Entertainment. It was announced that Nerdist Industries
Nerdist Industries
would operate independently with Hardwick and Levin as its co-presidents.[1] Peter Levin left Nerdist Industries
Nerdist Industries
in 2013 and now heads Lionsgate's Interactive Ventures and Games. Hardwick then took over, and continues to serve, as chief executive officer.[2][3] Nerdist News[edit] Main article: Nerdist News Nerdist News (founded February 2012; formerly GeekChicDaily) is the Nerdist branded pop culture newsletter, founded and originally operated by former Nerdist Industries
Nerdist Industries
CEO Peter Levin. The cross-platform publisher currently has two newsletter publications, Nerdist News and TOKYOPOP. GeekChicDaily
became Nerdist News after it merged with Nerdist to form Nerdist Industries
Nerdist Industries
in February 2012.[4][5] In late 2013 Nerdist News transitioned to a web series on YouTube channel "Nerdist", hosted by previous IGN Daily Fix presenter Jessica Chobot that airs five days a week to bring the latest news in nerdy pop culture. Nerdist Podcast[edit] Main article: The Nerdist Podcast The Nerdist Podcast, the flagship podcast of Nerdist Industries, is a weekly interview show launched February 8, 2010 "about what it really means to be a nerd" hosted by Web Soup
Web Soup
and Talking Dead
Talking Dead
host Chris Hardwick, who is usually accompanied by Jonah Ray
Jonah Ray
and Matt Mira.[6] The audio podcasts are typically an hour in length and include conversations with notable comedians or entertainers, sometimes at their own home.[7] Guests are varied, though typically relate to either stand-up comedy, nerd culture, or both, and have included CM Punk, Rob Zombie, Stan Lee, Ozzy Osbourne, Jeri Ryan, Drew Carey
Drew Carey
and several cast and crew of Community, Doctor Who, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. In late 2017, Hardwick's future with Nerdist Industries
Nerdist Industries
and parent company Legendary Entertainment
Legendary Entertainment
became unclear. Although still technically CEO of Nerdist Industries, he considered his role to have become advisory, and no longer felt connected with the company. As his contract with Legendary approached its end with no discussion about renewing, Hardwick - who retains full rights to the podcast, including its catalog of back episodes - decided to move the podcast. Since he didn't have rights to use the Nerdist name on the podcast without heavy fees, and as part of a new venture, in February 2018 it was renamed to ID10T with Chris Hardwick.[8] Nerdist Podcast
Network[edit] During 2011, Nerdist began releasing various other podcasts. As of January 2016 the full range includes:[9]

Bizarre States, hosted by Jessica Chobot
Jessica Chobot
and Andrew Bowser Cashing In with T. J. Miller, hosted by Cash Levy with only guest T. J. Miller Cash Withdrawal, spinoff of Cashing In hosted by Cash Levy Chewin' It With Kevin and Steve, hosted by Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme Comic Book Club, hosted by Justin Tyler, Pete LePage, and Alex Zalben Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction, hosted by Bryan Cook Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger Dining with Doug & Karen, hosted by Karen Anderson and Doug Benson Half Hour Happy Hour, hosted by Alison Haislip
Alison Haislip
and Alex Albrecht Hound Tall Discussion Series, hosted by Moshe Kasher The Jackie and Laurie Show, hosted by Jackie Kashian
Jackie Kashian
and Laurie Kilmartin James Bonding, a James Bond
James Bond
podcast hosted by Matt Gourley
Matt Gourley
and Matt Mira The Jonah Keri
Jonah Keri
Podcast, sports based podcast hosted by Jonah Keri Jonah Raydio, a music-based podcast hosted by Jonah Ray The JV Club, hosted by Janet Varney The K-Ohle, a multi-format podcast hosted by Kurt Braunohler Kicking and Screaming, hosted by Jenna Elfman
Jenna Elfman
and Bodhi Elfman The Legacy Music Hour, hosted by Brent Weinbach and Rob F. Love, Alexi, hosted by Alexi Wasser Maltin on Movies, long form interview program, hosted by Leonard Maltin and Jessie Maltin Mike and Tom Eat Snacks, hosted by Michael Ian Black
Michael Ian Black
and Tom Cavanagh The Mutant Season, hosted by 13-year-old Gil Nerdist Comics Panel, hosted by Len Wein, Ben Blacker, Heath Corson, and Adam Beechen The Nerdist Podcast, flagship podcast Pop My Culture, hosted by Cole Stratton
Cole Stratton
and Vanessa Ragland Pro You: Because You're Worth It, hosted by Tom J. Deters Puck Soup, hosted by Greg Wyshynski and Dave Lozo Sex Nerd
Sandra, hosted by Sandra Daugherty [10] Terrified, hosted by Dave Ross Today We Learned, hosted by Dan Casey and Razzle Dangerously The Todd Glass
Todd Glass
Show, hosted by Todd Glass Will You Accept This Rose?, Bachelor themed podcast hosted by Arden Myrin, Erin Foley and Eddie Pepitone The Writers Panel, moderated by Ben Blacker You Made It Weird, hosted by Pete Holmes

Inactive/former podcasts[edit]

The Alton Browncast, a food and food personality based podcast hosted by Food Network
Food Network
star Alton Brown
Alton Brown
(active but no longer affiliated with Nerdist) Big Pop Fun, hosted by Tom Wilson FEaB ("Four Eyes and Beard"), hosted by Matt Mira
Matt Mira
and Scott Mosier; a co-production with the SModcast Podcast
Network Humans From Earth, hosted by Geoff Boucher The Indoor Kids, a video game-centred podcast hosted by Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon Making It, hosted by Riki Lindhome Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek
Star Trek
Podcast, in-depth discussions about every Star Trek
Star Trek
episode and Movie hosted by John Champion and Ken Ray (active but no longer affiliated with Nerdist) Nerdist Writers Panel, moderated by Ben Blacker Thrilling Adventure Hour, scripted show based on old timey radio shows Watkins Family Hour, led by Sean Watkins
Sean Watkins
and Sara Watkins
Sara Watkins
at Largo We're Alive, A Story of Survival The Wrestling Compadres Slamcast

Nerdist Showroom[edit] The Nerdist Showroom, also known as NerdMelt or the NerdMelt Showroom, is a performance space operated in collaboration with, and located inside, Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, California. The showroom opened in April 2011 and features the Nerdist logo near the entrance, plush chairs, dark walls, and a far off green room. Performances include live stand-up comedy, storytelling shows, sketch comedy, movie screenings, writer's panels and podcast recordings. It is also the home of the Comedy Central
Comedy Central
television series The Meltdown with Jonah & Kumail. Past performers include Louis C.K., Jim Gaffigan, Dan Harmon, Kumail Nanjiani, Jonah Ray, and Robin Williams.[11] YouTube
channel[edit] Content featured on Nerdist's YouTube
channel. includes:[12][13]

4 Points – interview show hosted by Alex Albrecht
Alex Albrecht
and Alison Haislip Ain't It Cool with Harry Knowles
Harry Knowles
– a video version of Harry Knowles website Ain't It Cool News, a TV and film news, rumour and review site Awkward Family Photos Because Science with Kyle Hill Breaking Belding Chris Hardwick's All-Star Celebrity Bowling – a celebrity bowling competition where teams compete for the charities of their choice Comic Book Club – a video version of the podcast of the same name COPS: Skyrim – a voice-over Cops-style parody of the game Skyrim The Dan Cave - hosted by Dan Casey DIY Dammit Double Jump DVK: Daniel Van Kirk Dr. Tran – animated shorts featuring Dr. Tran Face To Face: With Weird Al Yankovic – a celebrity interview show with "Weird Al" Yankovic Fangoria's Blood and Guts – a show about monster makeup and gore effects hosted by Scott Ian Game Off Grammar Slam – presented by former professional wrestler CM Punk Hero Complex – interview show hosted by Geoff Boucher of Hero Complex magazine and website, featuring interviews with prominent film and TV personnel The Indoor Kids – a video version of the popular podcast, a video-game-based show hosted by Kumail Nanjiani
Kumail Nanjiani
and Emily V. Gordon Info Minute Just Cos – a series based around cosplay and conventions Justice League of America Justin Willman's Magic Meltdown – series featuring magician Justin Willman performing magic Math Bites Mothership - a weekly podcast hosted by Jessica Chobot
Jessica Chobot
& Hector Navarro (airs on Alpha but available on YouTube
as well) Muskwatch - hosted by Kyle Hill & Dan Casey [14] Neil's Puppet Dreams Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris
stars as himself and has dreams featuring puppets Nerd
Down & 10 – the Sklar brothers
Sklar brothers
break down nerd and pop culture topics as if they were sports Nerdist Comedy Shorts Nerdist News – a video version of the Nerdist News NerdTerns Nerdy Jobs with Matt Bennett Reasons to be scared of the Future Realm of LARP – a series about the world of live action role-playing Set List: Stand-Up Without A Net – stand-up comedy performances Sifl & Olly Simian Undercover Detective Squad (S.U.D.S.) – odd couple ape detectives Skreet and Yeager are forced to partner up and solve crime Skyrim at the Movies Star Talk
– a video version of the StarTalk Radio
StarTalk Radio
podcast, a science-based show hosted by Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson Superego The Thrilling Adventure Hour
Thrilling Adventure Hour
– a video version of The Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast They Call Me Baba Booey – Gary Dell'Abate
Gary Dell'Abate
(aka Baba Booey), producer of the Howard Stern Show and tech and audio enthusiast, explores the latest products and pop culture Try This At Home! with Crabcat Industries Tournament of Nerds – a show featuring nerds debating each other about their favorite pop culture characters UCB Presents: Between the Scenes Weird Sh*t From Japan – Jukka Hilden explores aspects of Japanese culture under the watchful eye of Japanophile and comedian Chad Mullane What You Missed By Not Playing Write Now! With Jimmy Pardo
Jimmy Pardo
– Pardo hosts this show where a team of writers write jokes on the fly about a guest stand-up comedian


- Produced for Comedy Central


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Legendary Entertainment
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