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Barbara is a female given name used in numerous languages. It is the feminine form of the Greek word barbaros (Greek: βάρβαρος) meaning strange or foreign. In Roman Catholic
Roman Catholic
and Greek Orthodox
Greek Orthodox
tradition, Saint Barbara
Saint Barbara
was martyred by her father, who was then punished with death by lightning. As such, St. Barbara is a protectress against fire and lightning. Patron Saint of the Royal Logistics Corps. Today, Barbara remains among the top 100 most popular names for female babies born in Chile, Hungary, Poland[1] and Slovakia. It is among the top 10 names given to baby girls born in both the Czech Republic
Czech Republic
and Georgia in 2012. The Russian variant Varvara is also returning to popularity in former Soviet republics such as Estonia, where it ranked among the top names for girls in 2012, and in Russia, where it was the eighth most popular name for girls born in 2013 in Moscow. Its popularity in the United States
United States
has declined from third place, in the 1930s, to 838th place, in 2013, when it was used for 310 newborn American girls. The Russian form of the name, Varvara, was given to just 11 American girls in 2013.[2][3] In Italy
Barbara was particularly popular during the 1970s: it is among the top 10 names given to girls born from 1969 to 1977, rising to 2nd place (behind Maria) in 1971.[4] In the same year it was the most common name for girls born in Rome
and in Bologna.[5]


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Babara (Hawaiian) Babbie (English) Babette (French) Baiba (Latvian) Baibín (Irish Gaelic) Bairbre (Irish Gaelic) Bára (Czech) Bärbel (German) Barabal (Scottish Gaelic) Barb (English) Barba (Faroese) Bàrbara (Catalan) Bárbara (Galician, Portuguese, Spanish) Barbara (Croatian, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Slovene) Barbare (Georgian) Barbary (English) Barbera (Italian, old Florentine variant) Barbie (English) Barby (English) Barbora (Czech, Lithuanian, Slovak) Barbra (English), considered "close to extinction" in the United States as of 2013.[6] Barbro (Swedish) Basia (Polish) Baśka (Polish) Basieńka (Polish) Barča (Czech) Berber (West Frisian) Borbála (Hungarian) Varvara (other) (Bulgarian, Greek) Βαρβάρα (Varvara), (Greek) Варвара (Varvara), (Russian, Ukrainian) Варя (Varya), (Russian, Ukrainian hypocorism) Barunka (Czech) Baruška (Czech) Barbuš, Baruš (Czech) Barborka (Slovak), (Czech)

People named Barbara (or variants)[edit]

Saint Barbara, early Christian martyr Barbara (singer)
Barbara (singer)
(1930–1997), stage name of Monique Andrée Serf, French singer Bárbara Micheline do Monte Barbosa
Bárbara Micheline do Monte Barbosa
(born 1988), known as Bárbara, Brazilian footballer Barbara of Cilli
Barbara of Cilli
(1392–1451), Queen of Hungary, Germany and Bohemia, Empress of Holy Roman Empire Barbara of Hesse
Barbara of Hesse
(1536–1597), Duchess of Württemberg-Mömpelgard Barbara of Austria (1539–1572), Duchess of Ferrara Barbara of Brandenburg (1464–1515), Queen consort of Bohemia and Hungary Barbara of Portugal
Barbara of Portugal
(1711–1758), Queen Consort of Spain

People with the given name Barbara (or variants)[edit]

Barbara Abart (born 1985), Italian luger Barbara Acklin (1943–1998), American soul singer Barbara Adams (attorney) (born 1951), Pennsylvania politician Barbara Adams (Egyptologist) (1945–2002), British egyptologist Barbra Amesbury (born 1948), formerly Bill Amesbury, Canadian singer-songwriter, composer and filmmaker Barbara Avedon (1925–1994), television writer Barbara Bach, American actress, born in New York City Barbara Bates
Barbara Bates
(1925–1969), American actress Barbara Bain
Barbara Bain
(born 1931), American actress Barbara Bates
Barbara Bates
(1928–2003), American physician, author and historian. Barbara Berlusconi (born 1984), Italian business executive Barbara Bestor, American architect based in Los Angeles, California Barbara Boxer, former U.S. Senator from California Barbara Bush
Barbara Bush
(born 1925), First Lady of the United States (1989–1993) Barbara Castle
Barbara Castle
(1910–2002), British politician Barbara Corcoran
Barbara Corcoran
(born 1949), American entrepreneur Barbara Dex
Barbara Dex
(born 1974), Belgian singer Barbara Dunkelman
Barbara Dunkelman
(born 1988), Canadian-born actress for Rooster Teeth Barbara Eden
Barbara Eden
(born 1931), American actress Barbro Eriksdotter (Bielke), Swedish noble Barbara Feldon
Barbara Feldon
(born 1933), American actress Barbara Figueroa, American chef Barbara Frittoli (born 1967), Italian opera singer Barbara Frost (born 1952), British charity executive Barbara Frum
Barbara Frum
(1937-1992), Canadian broadcast journalist Barbara Fugger (1419 – 1497) German banker Barbara Fuld, better known as Bracha Fuld
Bracha Fuld
(1926–1946), German-born Jewish resistance fighter Barbara Hale
Barbara Hale
(? -2017), American actress Barbara Hendricks
Barbara Hendricks
(born 1948), African-American operatic soprano Barbara Hendricks
Barbara Hendricks
(politician) (born 1952), German politician, Minister of Finance Barbara Hershey
Barbara Hershey
(born 1948), American actress Barbara Elisabeth van Houten
Barbara Elisabeth van Houten
(1863–1950), Dutch painter Barbara Jelić-Ružić (born 1977), Croatian volleyball player Barbara Jordan
Barbara Jordan
(1936–1996), American politician Barbara Jordan
Barbara Jordan
(poet) (born 1949), American poet Barbara Jordan
Barbara Jordan
(tennis) (born 1957), American former tennis player Barbara Karinska
Barbara Karinska
(1886–1983), Ukrainian costumer of the New York City Ballet Barbara Kay (born 1943), Canadian columnist Barbara Keeley (born 1952), British politician Barbara Keiler, better known under her pen name Judith Arnold (born 1953), American writer Barbara Kellerman (born 1949), British actress Barbara Kent
Barbara Kent
(1907–2011), American actress Barbara Klerk (born 1989), Belgian figure skater Barbora Kodetová (born 1970), Czech actress Barbara Kolb (born 1939), American composer Barbara Kopple
Barbara Kopple
(born 1946), American film director Barbara La Marr
Barbara La Marr
(1896–1926), American actress Barbara Lah (born 1972), Italian triple jumper Barbara Lea (1929–2011), American actress and singer Barbara Lee
Barbara Lee
(born 1946), American politician Barbara Levick (born 1932), British historian Barbara Longhi
Barbara Longhi
(1552–1638), Italian painter Barbara de Loor
Barbara de Loor
(born 1974), Dutch speed skater Barbara Mandrell, (born 1948), American singer and musician Barbara McAlister, American diver Barbara McCauley, American romance writer Barbara McClintock
Barbara McClintock
(1902–1992), United States
United States
Scientist Barbara McNair
Barbara McNair
(1934–2007), American singer and actress Barbara Mensing (born 1960), German archer Barbara Moore (born 1957), New Zealand long-distance runner Barbara Nedeljáková
Barbara Nedeljáková
(born 1979), Slovak actress Barbara Nichols
Barbara Nichols
(1928–1976), American actress and sex symbol Barbara Niedernhuber
Barbara Niedernhuber
(born 1974), German luger Barbara O'Neil
Barbara O'Neil
(1910–1980), American actress Bárbara Palacios (born 1963), Venezuelan beauty queen Barbara Palvin
Barbara Palvin
(born 1993), Hungarian model Barbara Patton (born 1944), New York politician and university professor Barbara Paulus (born 1970), Austrian tennis player Barbara Pennington (born 1950s), American music artist Barbara Pierce Bush, daughter of the U.S. President George W. Bush Barbara Piwnik
Barbara Piwnik
(born 1955), Polish judge and politician Barbara Pompili
Barbara Pompili
(born 1975), French politician Barbara Potter (born 1961), Jordan's American compatriot and former tennis player Barbara Rafferty (born 1954), Scottish actress Barbara Randolph
Barbara Randolph
(1942–2002), American soul singer Barbara Radziwiłł
Barbara Radziwiłł
(1520–1551), Queen of Poland Barbara Rittner
Barbara Rittner
(born 1973), German former tennis player Barbara Riveros Diaz, Chilean triathlete Barbara Schett
Barbara Schett
(born 1976), Austrian tennis player Barbara Schwartz (other), several people Barbara Snellenburg (born 1975), Dutch model and actress Barbara Stanwyck
Barbara Stanwyck
(1907–1990), American actress Barbra Streisand
Barbra Streisand
(born 1942), American singer and film and theatre actress Barbara Strozzi
Barbara Strozzi
(1619–1677), Italian Baroque singer and composer Barbara Sturgeon, British broadcaster Barbara Sukowa
Barbara Sukowa
(born 1950), German actress Barbara Traub, American photographer Barbara Wagner (born 1938), Canadian figure skater Barbara Walters
Barbara Walters
(born 1929), American journalist Barbara Ward, British economist and writer Barbara Webster-Bourne, Anguillian Speaker of the National Assembly Barbara Windsor
Barbara Windsor
(born 1937), British comedy and soap opera actress Barbara Zdunk (1769–1811), Polish alleged arsonist

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