Higher may refer to:


* The Higher, a 2002–2012 American pop rock band


* Higher (Ala Boratyn album), ''Higher'' (Ala Boratyn album) or the title song, 2007 * Higher (Ezio album), ''Higher'' (Ezio album) or the title song, 2000 * Higher (Harem Scarem album), ''Higher'' (Harem Scarem album) or the title song, 2003 * Higher (The Horrors album), ''Higher'' (The Horrors album), 2012 * Higher (Life On Planet 9 album), ''Higher'' (Life On Planet 9 album) or the title song, 2017 * Higher (The Overtones album), ''Higher'' (The Overtones album) or the title song, 2012 * Higher (Regina Belle album), ''Higher'' (Regina Belle album) or the title song, 2012 * Higher (Roch Voisine album), ''Higher'' (Roch Voisine album) or the title song, 2002 * Higher (Treponem Pal album), ''Higher'' (Treponem Pal album), 1997 * ''Higher'', by LIFE Church UK, Abundant Life Ministries, 2000 * ''Higher'', by ReinXeed, 2009 * ''Higher'', by Russell Robertson, 2008 * ''Higher!'', by Sly and the Family Stone discography#Compilations and other releases, Sly and the Family Stone, 2013 * ''Higher'', a mixtape by Remy Banks, 2015


* Higher (Clean Bandit song), "Higher" (Clean Bandit song), 2021 * Higher (Creed song), "Higher" (Creed song), 1999 * Higher (Deborah Cox song), "Higher" (Deborah Cox song), 2013 * Higher (DJ Khaled song), "Higher" (DJ Khaled song), 2019 * Higher (Eminem song), "Higher" (Eminem song), 2020 * Higher (Erik Grönwall song), "Higher" (Erik Grönwall song), 2009 * Higher (The Game song), "Higher" (The Game song), 2005 * Higher (Gloria Estefan song), "Higher" (Gloria Estefan song), 1996 * Higher (Laura Tesoro song), "Higher" (Laura Tesoro song), 2017 * Higher (The Naked and Famous song), "Higher" (The Naked and Famous song), 2016 * Higher (Peter Jöback song), "Higher" (Peter Jöback song), 2000 * Higher (Rihanna song), "Higher" (Rihanna song), 2016 * Higher (The Saturdays song), "Higher" (The Saturdays song), 2010 * Higher (Sigma song), "Higher" (Sigma song), 2015 * Higher (Star Pilots song), "Higher" (Star Pilots song), 2009 * Higher (Taio Cruz song), "Higher" (Taio Cruz song), 2010 * "Higher (Free)", by All About She, 2013 * "Higher", by Ally Brooke discography, Ally Brooke and Matoma discography, Matoma, 2019 * "Higher", by Avenged Sevenfold from ''The Stage (album), The Stage'', 2016 * "Higher", by Baauer and Just Blaze, 2013 * "Higher", by Bella Taylor Smith, 2021 * "Higher", by Breakage from ''Foundation (Breakage album), Foundation'', 2010 * "Higher", by Budjerah from ''Budjerah (EP), Budjerah'', 2021 * "Higher", by Carly Rae Jepsen from ''Emotion: Side B'', 2016 * "Higher", by Devin Townsend Project from ''Transcendence (Devin Townsend Project album), Transcendence'', 2016 * "Higher", by Don Diablo from ''Future (Don Diablo album), Future'', 2018 * "Higher", by Emeli Sandé from ''Kingdom Coming (EP), Kingdom Coming'', 2017 * "Higher", by Heidi Montag, 2008 * "Higher", by Hilltop Hoods from ''Drinking from the Sun, Walking Under Stars Restrung'', 2016 * "Higher", by Ice Cube from the Higher Learning (soundtrack), ''Higher Learning'' film soundtrack, 1995 * "Higher", by Jason Becker from ''Perspective (Jason Becker album), Perspective'', 1996 * "Higher", by Jauz discography#Charted singles, Jauz, 2016 * "Higher", by Lily Allen from ''No Shame (Lily Allen album), No Shame'', 2018 * "Higher", by Modestep, 2017 * "Higher", by P.O.D. from ''Murdered Love'', 2012 * "Higher?!", by Pigeon John from ''And the Summertime Pool Party'', 2006 * "Higher", by the Ready Set from ''The Bad & the Better'', 2014 * "Higher", by Shawn Mendes from ''Wonder (Shawn Mendes album), Wonder'', 2020 * "Higher", by Sly & the Family Stone from ''Dance to the Music (Sly and the Family Stone album), Dance to the Music'', 1968 ** "I Want to Take You Higher", a reworked version by Sly & the Family Stone, 1969 * "Higher", by Social House, 2018 * "Higher", by Starstylers, 2006 * "Higher", by Sun-El Musician from ''African Electronic Dance Music'', 2021 * "Higher", by Tiffany Darwish, Tiffany, 2007 * "Higher", by the Vamps from ''Night & Day (The Vamps album), Night & Day'', 2017 * "Vyshe" (Russian: Выше, "Higher"), by Nyusha, 2011

Other uses

* Higher (Scottish), a national school-leaving certificate exam and university entrance qualification * ''Higher: A Historic Race to the Sky and the Making of a City'', a 2003 book by Neal Bascomb

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