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The Schuyler family was a prominent Dutch family in New York and New Jersey in the 18th and 19th centuries, whose descendants played a critical role in the formation of the United States
United States
(especially New York City and northern New Jersey), in leading government and business in North America
North America
and served as leaders in business, military, politics, and society in the United Kingdom
United Kingdom
(including the Gage family, the Kennedy family, the Bertie family, and the Fitzroy family, among others).[2][3][4][5]


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History[edit] By 1650, Philip Pieterse Schuyler had emigrated to New Netherland, settling in Beverwyck. His brother, David Pieterse Schuyler, also emigrated from Holland. The Schuyler family ancestry and ties were factors in several major American families, including the Livingston family, the Oyster Bay branch of the Roosevelt family, the Bayard family, the Bush family
Bush family
and the Kean family, among others. Family tree[edit]

Pieter Tjercks (patronymic, not a family name)[5] (ca. 1601–1656) ∞ Geertruyt Philips van Schuylder (1603–1651)

Philip Pieterse Schuyler[5] (1628–1683) ∞ Margarita Van Slichtenhorst (1627–1710)

Geertruy Schuyler (b. 1654) ∞ Stephanus van Cortlandt
Stephanus van Cortlandt

Margaretta van Cortlandt ∞ Judge Samuel Bayard (b. 1669) in 1696, son of Nicholas Bayard, Mayor of New York

Gertrude Bayard ∞ Peter Kemble (1704–1789), a prominent New Jersey businessman and politician

Margaret Kemble
Margaret Kemble
(1734–1824) ∞ Thomas Gage
Thomas Gage
(1718/19–1787), General of the British Army
British Army
during the American Revolutionary War. Descendants of this union are found in England, including amongst the Viscount Gages and the noble Bertie family in England
(including those holding the title of Earls of Abingdon).

Anne van Cortlandt (1676–1724) ∞ Stephen DeLancey
Stephen DeLancey

James DeLancey (1703–1760), New York Governor Susannah de Lancey (1707–1771) ∞ Vice-Admiral Sir Peter Warren (1703–1752) Oliver De Lancey Sr. (1718–1785) ∞ Phila Franks Anne de Lancey (b. 1723) ∞ John Watts, ancestors of the Marquess of Ailsa in Scotland, the Duke of Grafton
Duke of Grafton
and the Viscount Daventry in England.

Catherine van Cortlandt ∞ Andrew Johnston (1694–1762), a New Jersey politician and son of John Johnstone, the 32nd Mayor of New York City. Elizabeth van Cortlandt ∞ Reverend William Skinner

Lt. General William Skinner, a Loyalist Brig. Gen. Cortlandt Skinner (1727–1799), a Loyalist
∞ Elizabeth Kearney (1731–1810)

Philip van Cortlandt (1683–1746) ∞ Catherine De Peyster

Pierre van Cortlandt (1721–1814), the 1st Lieutenant Governor of New York ∞ Joanna Livingston (granddaughter of Robert Livingston)

Philip van Cortlandt (1749–1831) Pierre van Cortlandt, Jr. (1762–1848)

Alida Schuyler (b. 1656) ∞ in 1675 (1) Nicholas van Rensselaer (1636–1678), his death; ∞ in 1679 (2) Robert Livingston the Elder (1654–1728)

Johannes Livingston (1680–1720) Margaret Livingston (b. 1681) Joanna Philipina Livingston (1683–1689) Philip Livingston (1686–1749)
Philip Livingston (1686–1749)
∞ Catherine Van Brugh

Robert Livingston (1708–1790) ∞ (1) Maria Thong in 1731, granddaughter of Gov. Rip Van Dam ∞ (2) Gertrude (nee Van Rensselaer) Schuyler in 1766

Walter Livingston
Walter Livingston
(1740–1797) ∞ Cornelia Schuyler (1746–1822)

Henry Walter Livingston
Walter Livingston
(1768–1810) ∞ Mary Allen in 1796.

Peter Van Brugh Livingston (1712–1792) ∞ Mary Alexander, sister of William Alexander, Lord Stirling Philip Livingston
Philip Livingston
(1717–1778) ∞ Christina Ten Broeck in 1740

Sarah Livingston (1752–1814) ∞ John Henry Livingston (1746–1825), her second cousin

Robert Livingston (1688–1775)
Robert Livingston (1688–1775)
∞ Margaret Howarden (1693–1758) Hubertus ("Gilbert") Livingston (b. 1690) ∞ Cornelia Beekman, granddaughter of Wilhelmus Beekman William Livingston (1692–1692), died young. Joanna Livingston (b. 1694) Catherine Livingston (1698–1699), died young.

Pieter Schuyler
Pieter Schuyler
(1657–1724), first mayor of Albany ∞ (1) Engeltie Van Schaick (died 1689), ∞ (2) Maria Van Rensselaer, the daughter of Jeremias Van Rensselaer

Margarita Schuyler (b. 1682) ∞ Robert Livingston (1663–1725), nephew of Robert Livingston the Elder

Angelica Livingston (b. 1698) ∞ Johannes van Rensselaer (1708–1793), son of Hendrick van Rensselaer

Jeremiah van Rensselaer
Jeremiah van Rensselaer
(1738–1810) ∞ (1) Judith Bayard (1740–1817), great-granddaughter of Nicholas Bayard; ∞ (2) Helena Lansing (1743–1795)

Johannes Jeremiah Van Rensselaer (1762–1828) ∞ Catharina Glen (1765–1807)

Robert Van Rensselaer (1740–1802) ∞ Cornelia Rutsen (1747–1790)

Jacob R. Van Rensselaer (1767–1835), who married Cornelia de Peyster.

Hendrick I. van Rensselaer (1742–1813) James van Rensselaer (1747–1827)

Gertruj Schuyler (b. 1694) ∞ Johannes Lansing Col. Phillipus Schuyler (b. 1696) ∞ Margarita Schuyler Pieter Schuyler
Pieter Schuyler
(b. 1698), a twin of Jeremiah ∞ Catherine Groesbeck.

Pieter P. Schuyler (1723–1753) ∞ Geertruy "Gertrude" Schuyler (1724–1813), his cousin

Cornelia Schuyler (1746–1822) ∞ Walter Livingston
Walter Livingston
(1740–1797) Pieter P. Schuyler, Jr. (1748–1792) ∞ Geertruy "Gertrude" Lansing (b. 1748/9)

Stephen Schuyler (1732–1798) ∞ Engeltje Van Vechten (1732–1792)

John Schuyler (1768–1843) ∞ Anna Cuyler ∞ Maria Miller (1784–1832)

Angelica Schuyler (1820–1896) ∞ Clarkson Floyd Crosby (1817–1858)

John Schuyler Crosby (1839–1914) ∞ Harriet Van Rensselaer (1838–1911)

Philip P. Schuyler (1736–1808) ∞ Anna Wendell (1743–1802)

Catharina Schuyler (1766–1820) ∞ Abraham Van Vechten (1762–1837)

Jeremias Schuyler (1698–1753), a twin of Pieter ∞ Susanna Bayeux

Brandt Schuyler (1659–1752) ∞ Cornelia Van Cortlandt (1659–1722) Arent Schuyler (1662–1730) ∞ (1) Jannetje Teller, ∞ (2) Swantje Van Duyckhuysen (1679–1720), ∞ (3) Maria Walter

Margareta Schuyler (b. 1685) Philip Schuyler
Philip Schuyler
(b. 1687) ∞ Hester Kingsland Maria Schuyler (b. 1689), died young Olivia Schuyler Judik Schuyler (b. 1692) Casparus Schuyler (1695–1754) ∞ Mary Schuyler

Arent Schuyler ∞ 1748: Jannetje Van Wagenen

Wilhemus Schuyler (b. 1700), died young Peter Schuyler (1707–1762) ∞ (1) Hester Walter, ∞ (2) Mary Walter

Katherine Schuyler (1737–1765) ∞ Archibald Kennedy, 11th Earl of Cassilis (1736–1794)

Eva Schuyler (d. 1737) ∞ Peter Bayard Adonijah "Adonis" Schuyler (1708–1763) ∞ Gertrude Van Rensselaer (b. 1714), daughter of Kiliaen Van Rensselaer John Schuyler (1710–1773) ∞ Anne Van Rensselaer (b. 1719), daughter of Kiliaen Van Rensselaer

Elsey Schuyler Heminover (1760–1848) ∞ Anthony Heminover (1750/1824), Patriot Soldier From Moravia Mary Schuyler Roosevelt (b.1762) ∞ Johannes Roosevelt (1751/1820), Great uncle to Theodore

Cornelia Schuyler (1715–1785) ∞ Pierre Guillaume DePeyster (1707–1785)

Arent Schuyler DePeyster (1736–1822), British military officer

Philipse "Philip" Schuyler (1666–1724) ∞ (1) Elizabeth De Meyer in 1687 ∞ (2) Catherine Schierph in 1719, widow of Ritsert Brouwer

Nicholas Schuyler (1691–1748) ∞ (1) Elsie Wendell (1689–1744) in 1714; (2) Mary Stevenson in 1744.

Ariaantie Schuyler (1720–1763) ∞ Kiliaen van Rensselaer (1717–1781)

Killian K. Van Rensselaer
Killian K. Van Rensselaer
(1763–1845) ∞ Margaret Sanders (1764–1830) in 1791.

Johannes Schuyler
Johannes Schuyler
(1668–1747) ∞ Elizabeth Staats (d. 1737) in 1695

Philip Johannes Schuyler
Johannes Schuyler
(d. 1745), killed during the French and Indian raid on Saratoga on November 28, 1745.[6] Johannes Schuyler
Johannes Schuyler
Jr. (1697–1741) ∞ Cornelia van Cortlandt (1698–1762), (daughter of Stephanus Van Cortlandt
Stephanus Van Cortlandt
his first cousin)

Geertruy "Gertrude" Schuyler (1724–1813) ∞ (1) Pieter P. Schuyler (1723–1753), her cousin; ∞ (2) John Cochran (1730–1807)

James Cochran (1769–1848) ∞ Catherine Van Rensselaer Schuyler (1781–1857), his first cousin

Gen. Philip Schuyler
Philip Schuyler
(1733–1804) ∞ Catherine Van Rensselaer (1734–1803)

Angelica Schuyler (1756–1814) ∞ John Barker Church
John Barker Church

Philip Schuyler
Philip Schuyler
Church ∞ Anna Matilda Stewart, daughter of Walter Stewart

Elizabeth Schuyler (1757–1854) ∞ Alexander Hamilton (1755/7–1804), a founding father of the United States

Hamilton family

Margarita "Peggy" Schuyler
Margarita "Peggy" Schuyler
(1758–1801) ∞ Stephen Van Rensselaer III (1764–1839)

Stephen Van Rensselaer IV
Stephen Van Rensselaer IV
(1789–1868) ∞ Harriet Elizabeth Bayard (1799–1875)

Margaret Schuyler Van Rensselaer (1819–1897) ∞ (1) John de Peyster Douw (1812–1901) ∞ (2) Wilmot Johnson (1820–1899) Cornelia Patterson Van Rensselaer (1823–1897) ∞ Nathaniel Thayer, Jr. (1808–1883) Stephen Van Rensselaer (1824–1861) ∞ Annie Louise Wild Catherine Van Rensselaer (1827–1909) ∞ Nathaniel Berry (1811–1865) Justine Van Rensselaer (1828–1912) ∞ Dr. Howard Townsend (1823–1867) Bayard Van Rensselaer (1833–1859) ∞ Laura Reynolds (1830–1912) Harriet Van Rensselaer (1838–1911) ∞ John Schuyler Crosby (1839–1914) Eugene Van Rensselaer (1840–1925) ∞ Sarah Boyd Pendleton (1846–1923)

John Bradstreet Schuyler (1765–1795) ∞ Elizabeth Van Rensselaer (1768–1841) Philip Jeremiah Schuyler
Philip Jeremiah Schuyler
(1768–1835) ∞ (1) Sarah Rutsen (d. 1805) ∞ (2) Mary Anna Sawyer

Philip P. Schuyler (1789–1875) ∞ Rosanna Livingston Stephan Van Rensselaer Schuyler (1792–1859) ∞ Catherine Morris Catherine Schuyler (1793–1875) ∞ Samuel Jones (1770–1853) John Rutsen Schuyler (1796–1875) Robert Livingston Schuyler (1798–1855) ∞ Lucinda Waldron "Lucy" Wood (1807–1882)

Julia Wood Schuyler ∞ 1850: Rev. William Orne Lamson (1824–1909)

George Henry Lamson (1852–1882) Robert Schuyler Lamson (1855–1876)

Robert Sands Schuyler
Robert Sands Schuyler
(1830–1895) ∞ 1864: Caroline E. Acker (1840–1905) William Sawyer Schuyler (1840–1864) ∞ 1859: Florence Miriam Barbour (1840–1895) (niece of Reuben H. Walworth)

William Schuyler (1807–1829) Sybil Schuyler (1809–1813) George Lee Schuyler (1811–1890) ∞ (1) Eliza Hamilton (1811–1863) ∞ (2) Mary Morris Hamilton (1815–1877)

Rensselaer Schuyler (1773–1847) ∞ Elizabeth Ten Broeck, daughter of Abraham Ten Broeck Catherine Van Rensselaer Schuyler (1781–1857) ∞ (1) Samuel Malcolm ∞ (2) James Cochran (1769–1848), her first cousin

"Madame" Margaret Schuyler (b. 1701) ∞ Phillipus Schuyler, her first cousin Catalentie Schuyler (b. 1704) ∞ Mayor Cornelis Cuyler (1697–1765)

Johannes Cuyler (1729–1749) Elizabeth Cuyler (1731–1815) ∞ 1752: Jacobus Van Cortlandt (1726–1781) (grandson of Jacobus Van Cortlandt) Philip Cuyler (b. 1733) ∞ 1757: Sarah Tweedy (1739–1825) Hendrick "Henry" Cuyler (1735–1803), royalist ∞ 1767: Catharina Lydius (1743–1818) Elsje "Elsie" Cuyler (1737–1761) ∞ 1760: Augustus Van Cortlandt (1728–1823) (grandson of Jacobus Van Cortlandt) Margarita Cuyler (1738–1802) ∞ 1760: Isaac Low (1735–1791), a royalist

Isaac Low, became a field officer in the British army. Helena Low ∞ Dirck Hansen, operator of the Albany-Greenbush ferry

Sir Cornelius Cuyler, 1st Baronet
Sir Cornelius Cuyler, 1st Baronet
(1740–1819) ∞ 1763: Anne Wendell in 1763 Abraham Cornelius Cuyler (1742–1810), royalist mayor of Albany, imprisoned in Fishkill, New York
Fishkill, New York
∞ 1764: Janet (Jannetje) Glen

Jacob Glen Cuyler (1773–1854) ∞ Maria Elizabeth Hartman in 1808

Margareta Schuyler (1672–1748) ∞ Jacobus Verplanck (1671–1771)

David Pieterse Schuyler (1636–1690) ∞ Catharina Verplanck (1639–1690), both died during the Schenectady massacre
Schenectady massacre
of 1690

Myndert Schuyler (1672–1755) ∞ Rachel Cuyler (1674–1747)

Anna Schuyler (1697–1750) ∞ Johannes De Peyster III
Johannes De Peyster III
(1694–1789), Mayor of Albany
Mayor of Albany
and son of Johannes de Peyster

Pieter Davidse Schuyler (b. 1659) ∞ Alida Van Slictenhorst

David Pieterse Schuyler (1688–1764) ∞ Anna Bradt

Peter David Schuyler (1723–1763) ∞ Elizabeth Barbara Herkimer[7]

Johannes Justus "Hon Yost" Schuyler (1744–1810), militia member and spy during the American Revolution

Philip David Schuyler (1730–1777), killed at Oriskany ∞ Anna[8]

Maria Schuyler (1666–1742) ∞ Dr. Hendrick van Dyck (1665–1707)

David Hendrick Van Dyke (1693–1763) ∞ Christina Ten Broeck (1694–1750), sister of Dirck Wesselse Ten Broeck
Dirck Wesselse Ten Broeck
(1638–1717) Arent Van Dyck (1700–?) ∞ Heyetie Van Dyck Lydia Van Dyck (1704–1785) ∞ Cornelius Van Schaack (1705–1776)

Cornelius Van Schaack Jr. (1734–1797) ∞ Angeltie (Angelica) Yates; brother of Peter van Schaack

Maria Helen Van Schaack (1773–1845) ∞ James Jacobus Roosevelt (1759–1840)

Cornelius Van Schaack Roosevelt (1794–1871) ∞ Margaret Barnhill (1799–1861)

Roosevelt family
Roosevelt family
(Oyster Bay)

Margaret Schuyler Jacobus Schuyler (b. 1675) Catharina Schuyler (b. 1678) ∞ Johannes Abeel (1667–1711), Mayor of Albany

Christoffel Abeel (b. 1696) ∞ Margueritta Breese

Johannes Abeel (1722–1794) ∞ Gah-hon-no-neh

John "Cornplanter" Abeel (1732/6–1836), Seneca chief

Catalina Abeel (b. 1698) ∞ Vincent Matthews

David Mathews (1739–1800), Loyalist
Mayor of New York during the American Revolution
American Revolution
∞ Sarah Seymour

Catalina Mathews (b. 1759) ∞ James Lamb, Jr. (b. 1755), a British Lt.

Sarah Lamb (b. 1777) ∞ Vice-Admiral James Noble (b. 1779)

Edith Elizabeth Noble (1811–1875) ∞ Rev. William Wollaston Pym (1792–1852), son of Francis Pym

Horatio Noble Pym (1844–1896), British solicitor, book collector and editor

Harriet Mathews (1763–1847) ∞ Francis Green (1742–1809)

Anna Winslow Green ∞ Samuel Webber (1759–1810), president of Harvard

Amelia Mathews (d. 1816) ∞ John Corbett Ritchie (1775–1860) in 1807[9]

Caroline Maria Ritchie (b. 1808) ∞ Edmund Murray Dodd (1797–1876) in 1830

Murray Dodd
Murray Dodd
(1843–1905), Member of Canadian House of Commons
Canadian House of Commons
∞ Laura Isabel in 1879 Rosina Uniacke Dodd (d. 1899) ∞ Henry Arthur Keith-Murray (b. 1846) in 1872, son of Sir William Keith-Murray, 7th Baronet Dodd ∞ Johnstone

Lewis Wilkieson Johnstone (1862–1936), Member of Canadian House of Commons ∞ Annie Brown

James Mathews (b. 1742) ∞ Hannah Strong (b. 1742)

Juliana Strong Mathews (1775–1830) ∞ Lazarus Hammond (1777–1848), founder of Hammondsport

Samuel Haight Hammond (1809–1878) ∞ Emeline Anne Humphrey (1808–1873), granddaughter of Congressman Reuben Humphrey

Sarah Mathews (1778–1830) ∞ General Samuel S. Haight (1778–1863)

Fletcher Mathews Haight (1799–1866), United States
United States
federal judge ∞ Elizabeth Stuart McLachlan (1799–1827)

Henry Huntly Haight
Henry Huntly Haight
(1825–1878), tenth Governor of California
Governor of California
∞ Anna E. Bissell (1834–1898)

Cornelia Abeel (b. 1701) ∞ Goose Van Schaick

Anthony Van Schaick, Jr. (b. 1721)

Anna Van Schaick (b. 1754)

David Abeel (b. 1705)

Catharina Abeel (b. 1723)

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de Peyster family tree

Johannes de Peyster Sr. (c. 1600–c. 1685)

Abraham de Peyster
Abraham de Peyster
(1657–1728), Mayor of New York City

Catherine de Peyster, married Philip Van Cortlandt, son of Stephanus Van Cortlandt

Pierre Van Cortlandt
Pierre Van Cortlandt

Abraham de Peyster
Abraham de Peyster
(1696–1767), Treasurer of the Province of New York, married Margaret Van Cortlandt, daughter of Jacobus Van Cortlandt

James Abraham de Peyster
Abraham de Peyster

Capt. Abraham de Peyster
Abraham de Peyster
(1753–1798), married Catherine Livingston, granddaughter of Philip Livingston Frederick de Peyster (1758–1834)

James Ferguson de Peyster (1794–1874), married (1) Susan Maria Clarkson (1800–1823), daughter of Matthew Clarkson; married (2) Frances Goodhue Ashton (1805–1871)

Susan Maria de Peyster (1823–1910), married Robert Edward Livingston (1820–1889)

Goodhue Livingston
Goodhue Livingston
(1867–1951), an architect, married Louisa Robb (1877–1960), daughter of James Hampden Robb

Frederic James de Peyster (1839–1905), lawyer, married Augusta McEvers Morris (1851–1911)

Frederic de Peyster
Frederic de Peyster
(1796–1882), lawyer

John Watts de Peyster
John Watts de Peyster
(1821–1907), military officer, married Estelle Livingston

John Watts de Peyster
John Watts de Peyster
Jr. (1841–1873), Union Army officer Johnston de Peyster
Johnston de Peyster
(1846–1903), New York State Assembly member

Pierre Guillaume de Peyster (b. 1707), married Cornelia Schuyler

Arent DePeyster (1736–1822), British military officer Pierre Guillaume de Peyster (1745–1807)

William Sheriff de Peyster, married Mary Roosevelt, niece of Nicholas Roosevelt Cornelia de Peyster, married Jacob R. Van Rensselaer

Johannes de Peyster (1666–1719), Mayor of New York City, married Anna Bancker, sister of Albany mayor Evert Bancker

Johannes de Peyster III (1694–1783), married Anna Schuyler, daughter of Albany mayor Myndert Schuyler

Anna de Peyster (1723–1794), who married Albany mayor Volkert P. Douw

Maria de Peyster, married Gerard Bancker

Gerard Bancker (1740–1799), surveyor and politician

William de Peyster, married Margaret Roosevelt

William de Peyster

Elizabeth de Peyster, married Charles Willson Peale
Charles Willson Peale
(1741–1827), painter

Franklin Peale
Franklin Peale
(1795–1870), Philadelphia Mint
Philadelphia Mint
officer Titian Peale
Titian Peale
(1799–1885), naturalist

Catharina de Peyster, married Hendrick Rutgers (1712–1779)

Henry Rutgers
Henry Rutgers
(1745–1830), Revolutionary War hero, namesake of Rutgers University

Elizabeth de Peyster, married New Jersey provincial Governor John Hamilton Maria de Peyster, married New York City Mayor David Provost


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