Rock most often refers to: * Rock (geology), a naturally occurring solid aggregate of minerals or mineraloids * Rock music, a genre of popular music Rock or Rocks may also refer to:


United Kingdom

* Rock, Caerphilly, a List of United Kingdom locations: Ri-Ror#Roa-Ror, location in Wales * Rock, Cornwall, a village in England * Rock, County Tyrone, a village in Northern Ireland * Rock, Devon, a List of United Kingdom locations: Ri-Ror#Roa-Ror, location in England * Rock, Neath Port Talbot, a List of United Kingdom locations: Ri-Ror#Roa-Ror, location in Wales * Rock, Northumberland, a village in England * Rock, Somerset, a List of United Kingdom locations: Ri-Ror#Roa-Ror, location in Wales * Rock, West Sussex, a hamlet in Washington, England * Rock, Worcestershire, a village and civil parish in England

United States

* Rock, Kansas, an unincorporated community * Rock, Michigan, an unincorporated community * Rock, West Virginia, an unincorporated community * Rock, Rock County, Wisconsin, a town in southern Wisconsin * Rock, Wood County, Wisconsin, a town in central Wisconsin


* Corregidor, an island in the Philippines also known as "The Rock" * Jamaica, an island in the Caribbean is locally referred to as the "Rock" * Niue, an island near Tonga referred to as the "Rock" by residents * Rock of Gibraltar, a British overseas territory near the southernmost tip of Spain

Multiple entities

* Rock County (disambiguation) * Rock Creek (disambiguation) * Rock Island (disambiguation) * Rock Lake (disambiguation) * Rock River (disambiguation) * Rock Mountain (disambiguation) * Rock Township (disambiguation)


* Rock (name), a list of people with the surname, first name or nickname * Rock (rapper) (born Jamal Bush in 1975), American rapper * Man Mountain Rock, later stage name used by professional wrestler Maxx Payne * The Rock, (born Dwayne Johnson in 1972), American actor and wrestler

Arts, entertainment, and media

Fictional characters

* Rock (comics), a character in the DC Comics universe * Rock (manga), a recurring, major character in most of Osamu Tezuka's manga series * Rock Howard, the playable character in ''Garou: Mark of the Wolves'' * Mega Man (character), also called Rock, from the ''Mega Man'' series * Chuck Rock, the playable character in the 1991 self-titled side-scrolling platform video game * Sgt. Rock, a DC Comics character



* Rock (album), ''Rock'' (album), a 2003 nu-metal album by Pleymo * Rocks (Aerosmith album), ''Rocks'' (Aerosmith album) (1976) * Rock (Casting Pearls EP), ''Rock'' (Casting Pearls EP) (2002) * ''R.O.C.K.'', a 1986 hard rock/heavy metal album by Kirka * ''Rock!!!!!'', an album released by Violent Femmes in 1995 * Rocks (Harem Scarem album), ''Rocks'' (Harem Scarem album) (2001) * ''The Cosmos Rocks'', a studio album by Queen and Paul Rodgers (2008)


* "Rock" a 2017 song by hip hop artist Plies (rapper), Plies from his mixtape ''Ain't No Mixtape Bih 3'' * "Rock", one of the tracks on ''Soft/Rock'', a single by Lemon Jelly * Rocks (song), "Rocks" (song), by Primal Scream (1994)

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media

* Rock (magazine), ''Rock'' (magazine), a former Yugoslav music magazine * ''Rock'', a novel by Hal Ellson * Rocks (film), ''Rocks'' (film), a British coming-of-age drama film *Das Rad, ''Rocks (Das Rad)'', a German 2001 animated short * Rock Records, a Taiwanese record label founded in 1980 * Uprock or rock, a form of street dance

Computing and technology

* Rock (processor), a microprocessor by Sun Microsystems * Rocks (PHP) * Rocks Cluster Distribution, Linux distribution for cluster computing


* Rock (confectionery), a type of stick-shaped boiled sugar confectionery * Rock candy, also known as sugar candy or rock sugar * Rock salmon, often referred to as rock


* Crack cocaine or rock * Diamond, or rock * Gemstone, or rock


Teams and leagues

* "Rocks", a nickname of the Colorado Rockies Major League Baseball team * Toronto Rock, of the National Lacrosse League

Sports that use rocks

* Curling, a sport in which players slide a stone or rock on a sheet of ice, towards a target area which is segmented into four concentric circles * Steinstossen, the Swiss variant of stone put, a competition in throwing a heavy stone or rock * Stone put, a competition in throwing a heavy stone or rock * Stone skipping (or stone skimming), the art of throwing a flat stone or rock

Other uses

* Alcatraz Prison, nicknamed "The Rock" * Criminal rock throwing * Distaff, a tool used in spinning * Memorial Stadium (Indiana), on the Indiana University campus, also known as The Rock * ROCK1, a human gene * USS Rock (SS-274), USS ''Rock'' (SS-274), a US Navy submarine

See also

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