Total may refer to:


* Total, the summation of a set of numbers * Total order, a partial order without incomparable pairs * Total relation (a.k.a. serial relation), a binary relation that relates every domain element to some range element * Total function, a partial function that is also a total relation


* Total SE, a French petroleum company * Total (cereal), a food brand by General Mills * Total, a brand of strained yogurt made by Fage * Total, a database management system marketed by Cincom Systems

Music and culture

* Total (group), an American R&B girl group * ''Total: From Joy Division to New Order'', a compilation album * ''Total'' (Sebastian album) * ''Total'' (Total album) * ''Total'' (Teenage Bottlerocket album) * ''Total'' (Seigmen album) * ''Total'' (Wanessa album) * ''Total'' (Belinda Peregrín album) * ''Total 1'', an annual compilation album * Total, the one time recording name of British musician Matthew Bower * ''Total!'', a British videogames magazine


* Total (football club)

See also

* * Total war, a large-scale military conflict * Totaled, the write-off of a damaged vehicle on cost grounds * Totally (disambiguation) {{disambiguation