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Darling is a term of endearment of Anglo-Saxon origin. Darling or Darlin' or Darlings may also refer to:


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Darling (surname)

Places[edit] In Australia[edit]

Darling Downs, a region in Queensland, Australia Darling Harbour
Darling Harbour
in Sydney, Australia Darling Heights, Queensland Darling Point, New South Wales Darling River, the third-longest Australian river Darling Scarp, an escarpment in Western Australia Darling Street, the main thoroughfare of Balmain, Sydney Darling railway station, Melbourne

In the United States[edit]

Darling, Mississippi, a census-designated place Darling, Pennsylvania, a ghost town Darling Run, a stream in Ohio

In Nepal[edit]

Darling, Dhawalagiri, a Village Development Committee (administrative region) Darling, Lumbini, a village and municipality


Darling, Chin State
Darling, Chin State
in Burma/Myanmar Darling, Western Cape, in South Africa Darling Peninsula, Nunavut, Canada

Films and television[edit]

Darling (1965 film), a British film directed by John Schlesinger Darling (2007 Indian film), a Bollywood film starring Fardeen Khan Darling (2007 Swedish film), directed by Johan Kling Darling (2007 French film), starring Marina Foïs, directed by Christine Carrière Darling (2010 film), a Telugu film starring Prabhas Darling (2012 film), a Bengali film Darling (2014 film), a Kannada film Darling (2015 Tamil film), a Tamil film Darling (2015 American film), an American horror film Darling! The Pieter–Dirk Uys Story, a 2007 documentary by Julian Shaw The Darlings hillbilly family, recurring characters on the American television series The Andy Griffith Show


Darlin' (French band), a short-lived French band that eventually became Daft Punk Darling (British band), a British band featuring guitarist Hal Lindes and drummer Paul Varley Darling, a band fronted by former Calibretto 13 drummer Christopher Thomas


Darling (Yui Horie album) Darling (EP), a 2007 promotional EP by Kylie Minogue Darlings (Kevin Drew album) Darlin', a 1981 album by Tom Jones


"Darling", by Dirk Bogarde, J. Dankworth and G. Lees (1965) "Darlin'" (Poacher song) "Darlin'" (The Beach Boys song) (1967) "Darling" (Girl's Day song) (2014) "Darling" (Eyes Set to Kill song) (2009) "Darling", by Baccara
Soja, Dostal (1978) "Darling", by Cindy & Bert (1979) "Darling", by Nazar (band), the Turkish entry in Eurovision (1978) "Darling", by Sons and Daughters (band)
Sons and Daughters (band)
(2008) "Darling", by Stories (band) (1973) "Darling", by Japanese boy band V6 (band) (2003) "Darlin", by Avril Lavigne from her album Goodbye Lullaby "Darlin'", by Backstreet Boys from their eponymous album "Darling", by Golden Earring from their album Paradise in Distress "Oh! Darling", a song by The Beatles from Abbey Road

Other uses[edit]

Darling (German car), an early automobile model manufactured by Neue Automobil Gesellschaft Darling (American car), an automobile model manufactured from 1901 to 1902 - see List of defunct automobile manufacturers of the United States Darling (1917 American car), an automobile model manufactured in 1917 - see List of defunct automobile manufacturers of the United States Darling (perfume), promoted by Kylie Minogue Darling language, an aboriginal language of the Darling River
Darling River
in Australia Darling (software), an open source Darwin / OS X compatibility layer for Linux

See also[edit]

Darling House (other), various buildings on the US National Register of Historic Places Darling Darling (other) The Darling (other)

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