This regional sub-category is intended for articles on particular indigenous peoples of this region, and related topics.

See the discussion on the parent category talk page at Category talk:indigenous peoples for suggested criteria to be used in determining whether or not any particular group should be placed in this sub-category.

The term indigenous peoples used here has a particular, modern analytical sense. As such, not every ethnic grouping of this region will warrant inclusion here. Reference sources should be cited, particularly if the identification as indigenous may be controversial or contested.

This region includes the territories as outlined in the geographical article Americas, typically comprising:

  • the North American (sub-)continent;
  • the South American (sub-)continent;
  • the region of Central America;
  • the islands of the Caribbean;
  • related islands of all of the above, including Hawaii and Greenland.

Note that some particular group may be eligible for inclusion in more than one regional sub-category, either because the regional boundaries overlap, or the group is distributed across more than one region. A given group should be placed in its appropriate regional sub-category(ies), and optionally perhaps also its main regional category, rather than the overall parent Category:Indigenous peoples.


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