The Info List - A Favorita

197 160 (Syndication)


Location(s) Projac


Fabrício Ferreira André Leite William Alves Correia Rosemeire Oliveira Ghynn Paul Edson Melo

Camera setup Multiple-camera setup

Running time 50-80 mins.


Original network Rede Globo

Picture format (HDTV) 1080i

Original release 2 June 2008 – 16 January 2009


Preceded by Duas Caras

Followed by Caminho das Índias

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The Favorite (Portuguese: A Favorita) is a Brazilian telenovela produced and broadcast Rede Globo. It premiered 2 June 2008 to 17 January 2009 with a total number of episodes of 197.[1] It is created by João Emanuel Carneiro and directed by Ricardo Waddington. It is also the first telenovela by the writer to air in the 9 pm timeslot. A Favorita
A Favorita
storylines examine two friends, Donatela and Flora, who became rivals. One of them committed a crime and is lying, so there are two versions of the same story. The telenovela was originally screened as six episodes per week, from Monday to Saturday, with an average running time of one hour. A Favorita has remained significant in terms of Rede Globo's success and audience share, and also in Brazilian television drama history, tackling many controversial and taboo issues previously unseen on mainstream television in Brazil. It made history for being the first telenovela where the public did not know who was the villain and who was telling the truth. Claudia Raia, Patricia Pillar, Murilo Benicio,Mariana Ximenes, Lília Cabral, Taís Araújo, Deborah Secco, Carmo Dalla Vecchia, Glória Menezes, Mauro Mendonça and Tarcísio Meira
Tarcísio Meira
in the leading roles. In August 2014, Globo Marcas released an edited version of the telenovela in DVD format.[2][3]


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Plot[edit] Donatela and Flora, two friends who became rivals. One of them committed a homicide and pretends to be innocent. There are two versions for the same story. Who, after all, is telling the truth? Donatela or Flora? Donatela and Flora grew up together. Donatela lost her parents in an accident and ended up being adopted by Flora's family. By the time they were children, the two girls were best friends to the point of starting a country band, “Faísca e Espoleta” (Flash and Fusee). The partnership made a reasonable success at the time, but the career was interrupted after they met friends Marcelo and Dodi, to whom they became engaged. Donatela married Marcelo, Gonçalo Fontini's son, heir of a paper and cellulose corporation, while Flora married Dodi, an unscrupulous man who worked for his friend's father. However, Donatela and Marcelo's happiness didn't last too long. The couple's first son, Matheus, was kidnapped when he was six months old, never to appear again. Since then the couple started to argue very often. In the meantime, Flora and Dodi split up and she had an affair with Marcelo. She gave birth to Lara, daughter to Marcelo, harming even more his relationship with Donatela and mostly the relationship between the two friends. In the worst period of the crisis between Donatela and Flora, Marcelo was murdered. He was shot three times with a gun that, according to witnesses, was in Flora's possession. She was arrested and sent to jail for eighteen years. Donatela, despite of not forgiving Flora for the treason and for killing the love of her life, raised Lara with the love of a true mother. Eighteen years later, after being released from prison, Flora starts trying to prove her innocence, blaming Donatela for the crime she has already paid for. Donatela fears that Flora may want to take her beloved daughter Lara away. Lara becomes the target of the dispute between the two women, who were once friends. While Flora tries to get her daughter back, Donatela will do everything she can to stop her. Cast[edit]

Actor Character

Patrícia Pillar Flora Pereira da Silva

Cláudia Raia Donatela Fontini

Murilo Benício Dodi (Eduardo Gentil)

Mariana Ximenes Lara Pereira Fontini

Deborah Secco Maria do Céu / Pâmela Queiroz

Taís Araújo Alícia Rosa

Carmo Dalla Vecchia Zé Bob (José Roberto Duarte)

Cauã Reymond Halley Gonzaga da Silva / Mateus Fontini

Thiago Rodrigues Cassiano Copola Mendonça

José Mayer Augusto César

Glória Menezes Irene

Tarcísio Meira Copola

Ângela Vieira Arlete

Christine Fernandes Rita Porto

Chico Diaz Átila Mendonça

Lília Cabral Catarina Copola Monteiro

Giulia Gam Diva Palhares (Rosana Costa/Kato /Miranda)

Ary Fontoura Silveirinha

Mauro Mendonça Gonçalo Fontini

Milton Gonçalves Romildo Rosa

Cláudia Ohana Cida Copola (Maria Aparecida Marelo Copola)

Elizângela Cilene (Jucilene Maria Gonzaga)

Genézio de Barros Pedro Pereira da Silva

Malfitano Orlandinho (Orlando Queiroz)

Leonardo Medeiros Elias Filho

Mário Gomes Gurgel (Francisco Gurgel)

Paula Burlamaqui Stela

Suzana Faini Iolanda Marelo Copola

Rosi Campos Tuca (Tereza)

Alexandre Schumacher Norton

Aramis Trindade Clemente

Malvino Salvador Damião

Bel Kutner Amelinha (Amélia Mendonça Gurgel)

Emanuelle Araújo Manu (Manuela Ferreira)

Clarice Falcão Mariana Copola Monteiro

Fabrício Boliveira Didu (Eduardo Rosa)

Gisele Fróes Lorena Copola Mendonça

Giovanna Ewbank Sharon (Maria do Perpétuo Socorro)

Graziella Schmidtt Tina

Jackson Antunes Leonardo Monteiro (Léo)

Jean Pierre Noher Pepe Molinos

Miguel Rômulo Shiva Lênin Costa

Rui Resende Pereira

Selma Egrei Dulce Porto

Raquel Galvão Melissa

Ana Roberta Gualda Greice Ferreira da Silva

Thiaré Maia Luma

Alexandre Nero Vanderlei

Luiz Bacelli Darcy Queiroz

Cleide Queiroz Antônia

Walmor Chagas Salvatore

Eduardo Mello Domênico Copola Monteiro

Hanna Romanazzi Camila Porto

Renan Mayer Tiago Mendonça Gurgel

Sofia Terra Carolina Mendonça Gurgel

Guest stars[edit]

Nelson Xavier Edivaldo Ferreira da Silva

Helena Ranaldi Dedina

Suely Franco Geralda Queiroz

Juliana Paes Maíra (dropped from the cast to act in Glória Perez's Caminho das Indias)

Soundtracks[edit] A Favorita
A Favorita
has released three official soundtrack albums: one composed mostly of Brazilian songs (Nacional - "national" soundtrack), one mostly of international songs (Internacional), and a third one, with sertanejo music (a kind of Brazilian country music).

Nacional soundtrack

"É o Que Me Interessa" - Lenine (Flora's theme) "Amado" - Vanessa da Mata
Vanessa da Mata
(Lara and Cassiano's / Lara and Halley's theme) "Sou Dela" - Nando Reis
Nando Reis
(Lara's theme) "Não Vou Me Adaptar" - - Arnaldo Antunes
Arnaldo Antunes
and Nando Reis
Nando Reis
(Didu's theme) "Quantas Vidas Você Tem?" - Moska
(Rita and Didu's theme) "Fala" - Ritchie (Augusto César's theme) "Tudo Passa" - Túlio Dek (Halley's theme) "Pa'Bailar" - Bajofondo
(opening theme) "Mulher Sem Razão" - Adriana Calcanhotto
Adriana Calcanhotto
(Donatela and Zé Bob's theme) "Morena dos Olhos d'água" - Chico Buarque "O Tempo Vai Apagar" - Zé Renato
Zé Renato
(Rita's theme) "Me Abrace (Abrázame)" - Camila & Wanessa
Camargo (Stela's theme)

Internacional soundtrack

"Viva La Vida" - Coldplay
(general theme) "Bottle It Up" - Sara Bareilles
Sara Bareilles
(Dedina and Damião's theme) "I'm Yours" - Jason Mraz
Jason Mraz
(Cassiano's theme) "Carry You Home" - James Blunt
James Blunt
(Augusto César's theme) "Love is Noise" - The Verve "That's Not My Name" - The Ting Tings
The Ting Tings
(Alícia's theme) "Blame" - Tiago Iorc
Tiago Iorc
(Halley's theme) "Fidelity" - Regina Spektor
Regina Spektor
(Lara's theme) "Sweet About Me" - Gabriella Cilmi "No Substitute Love" - Estelle (location theme) "Baby When the Light" - David Guetta
David Guetta
(Orlandinho's theme / nightclub theme) "Pumpkin Soup" - Kate Nash
Kate Nash
(location theme) "Young Folks" - Peter Bjorn and John

Impact[edit] Ratings[edit]

Timeslot # Ep. Premiere Finale Rank Season Rating average

Date Premiere Rating Date Finale Rating

Mondays—Saturdays 8:45pm


2 June 2008


16 January 2009

52 #1 2008-09 40[4]

In his first chapter, A Favorita
A Favorita
recorded 35 points and 49% share, with the worst debut of a 8PM telenovela to date. These ratings are low due to the good performance of the final chapter of Caminhos do Coração, displayed simultaneously.[5] The ratings varied greatly over the weeks, until in Chapter 56, the telenovela recorded his record: 46 points and 65% share.[6] Lowest audience was recorded on New Year's Eve: 25 points with a peak of 32.[7] In the final chapters, showed better performance: 52 points/76% share in the penultimate chapter; and 52 points/69.4% share in the last chapter, being the most watched broadcasts of recent years in Brazilian television.[8][9] International broadcasts[edit]

/ Telefe
/ September 22, 2009 - April 16, 2010

  United States
United States
/ Telemundo
/ April 20, 2010 - October 25, 2010

/ Domashniy
/ August 2, 2010 - April 15, 2011

/ Viva / December 7, 2009 - July 20, 2010

/ canal 13 / September 22, 2009 - April 16, 2010

  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina
/ Hayat TV / June 13, 2011 - January 24, 2012

/ TV Vijesti / November 28, 2011 – present

/ RTV21
/ April 15, 2011 - November 29, 2011

/ Citizen TV

/ OMVI 1

/ RTV 1 / January 9, 2012 – present


Macedonia / Sitel TV / 03.05.2013–present

/ Armenia


Year Award Category Recipient

2008 Prêmio Qualidade Brasil[10] Best Telenovela A Favorita

Best Writer João Emanuel Carneiro

Best director Ricardo Waddington

Best Actress Patricia Pillar

Best Supporting Actress Lília Cabral

Troféu Raça Negra[11] Best Actor Milton Gonçalves

Best Supporting Actor Fabrício Boliveira

Prêmio Extra de Televisão de 2008[12] Best Telenovela A Favorita

Best Actress Patricia Pillar

Best Supporting Actor Cauã Reymond

Best Child Actor/Actress Eduardo Mello

Best Theme Song "Amado" (Vanessa da Mata)

18º Prêmio FestNatal — Os Favoritos do Público[13] Best Actress Patricia Pillar

Prêmio APCA[14] Best Author João Emanuel Carneiro

Best Actress Patricia Pillar

Prêmio QUEM Acontece 2008[15] Best Author João Emanuel Carneiro

Best Actress Patricia Pillar

ISTOÉ Gente — Personalidade do Ano[16] Personality of Year Patricia Pillar

Prêmio UOL e PopTevê de Televisão[17] Best Telenovela A Favorita

Best Actor Murilo Benício

Best Actress Patricia Pillar

Best Newcomer Miguel Rômulo

Prêmio TV Press[18] Best Actress Patricia Pillar

Melhores do Ano 2008 — Domingão do Faustão[19] Best Actress Patricia Pillar

Best Actor Murilo Benício

Best Supporting Actor Cauã Reymond

Best Newcomer Miguel Rômulo

2009 Prêmio IG Gente[20] Novela imperdível A Favorita

Brilliant Actress Patricia Pillar

Prêmio Minha Novela[21] Best Telenovela A Favorita

Best Actress Patricia Pillar

Best Actor Murilo Benício

Best Supporting Actor Ary Fontoura

Best Villain Patricia Pillar

Cena de novela do ano Murder of Gonçalo Fontini

Prêmio Faz Diferença — Jornal O Globo[22] Revista da TV João Emanuel Carneiro

Troféu Imprensa Best Telenovela A Favorita

Best Actress Patricia Pillar

Best Actor Cauã Reymond
Cauã Reymond
and Murilo Benício

Prêmio Contigo Best Newcomer Alexandre Nero

Best Actress Patricia Pillar

Best Actor Cauã Reymond

Best Director Ricardo Waddington

Best Author João Emanuel Carneiro

Best Telenovela A Favorita

Best Supporting Actor Ary Fontoura

Best Child Actor Eduardo Mello


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Subtitled episodes A Favorita
A Favorita
on IMDb A Favorita
A Favorita
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Preceded by Duas Caras (2007-2008) A Favorita June 2, 2008—January 17, 2009 Succeeded by Caminho das Índias (2009)

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Beto Rockfeller
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A Favorita
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Amor à Vida
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(2014) Verdades Secretas
Verdades Secretas
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