Robert Francis George (born 16 December 1945) is an English television presenter and former professional
darts Darts or dart-throwing is a competitive sport in which two or more players bare-handedly throw small sharp-pointed missiles known as darts at a round target known as a dartboard. Points can be scored by hitting specific marked areas of the bo ...
player. He is widely recognised as one of the game's biggest personalities, known for his flamboyant entrances in which the "King of Darts" makes his way to the stage bedecked in jewellery, wearing a crown and cloak and holding a candelabra to the
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song '
We Are the Champions "We Are the Champions" is a song by the British rock band Queen, released from the band's sixth album '' News of the World'' (1977). Written by lead singer Freddie Mercury, it remains among rock's most recognisable anthems.
'. George won several leading major darts tournaments, he won the News of the World Darts Championship twice and appeared in two BDO Darts World Championship finals and was the first full-time exhibition player. Since 1998, George has also worked for the BBC as a co-presenter and promoter of the game in their coverage of darts tournaments.


George took up darts at the age of 30, and quickly improved, winning the first tournament he entered and making his first appearance at the World Masters less than a year later. He has won several major tournaments, including the ''News of the World'' Championship in 1979 and 1986, the
Butlins Butlin's is a chain of large seaside resorts in the United Kingdom. Butlin's was founded by Billy Butlin to provide affordable holidays for ordinary British families. Between 1936 and 1966, ten camps were built, including one in Ireland and ...
Grand Masters in 1979 and 1980, the North American Open in 1978 and the Nations Cup in 1980, as part of an England triples team with Tony Brown and John Lowe. And he was WDF Europe Cup champion in 1982 beating
Eric Bristow Eric John Bristow, (25 April 1957 – 5 April 2018), nicknamed "The Crafty Cockney", was an English professional darts player. He was ranked World No. 1 by the World Darts Federation a record five times, in 1980, 1981 and 1983–1985. He wa ...
in the final. George's ''News of the World'' victory in 1979 came without dropping a single leg, the only player to do so. Winning the 1979 final with a 100.20 average. Bobby was the first player to get over 100 average on television. George has reached the final of the BDO World Darts Championship twice. His first final in 1980 was his first appearance in a BDO World Darts Championship: after beating
Dave Whitcombe David Whitcombe (born 27 June 1954) is an English former professional darts Darts or dart-throwing is a competitive sport in which two or more players bare-handedly throw small sharp-pointed missiles known as darts at a round target know ...
Leighton Rees Leighton Thomas Rees (17 January 1940 – 8 June 2003) was a Welsh professional darts player. He is best known as the first BDO World Professional Darts Champion, having won the inaugural 1978 BDO World Darts Championship and was a former Wor ...
and Cliff Lazarenko, he lost to
Eric Bristow Eric John Bristow, (25 April 1957 – 5 April 2018), nicknamed "The Crafty Cockney", was an English professional darts player. He was ranked World No. 1 by the World Darts Federation a record five times, in 1980, 1981 and 1983–1985. He wa ...
. George reached his second world final in 1994. After beating Russell Stewart and Martin Phillips, he broke his back when celebrating winning a set during his quarter final match against Kevin Kenny. George got through that match against Kenny by 4–2 in sets, having damaged his back when celebrating going 3–2 up. In his semi final match against Magnus Caris, George went two sets up, but then lost the next four sets and the opening two legs of the seventh set. When Caris missed a dart at double 18 to win the match, George responded by winning nine legs in a row to win the match 5–4 in sets. Competing in the final against doctor's advice, Wearing a steel corset, George lost 0–6 to John Part playing in extreme pain. A few weeks after that final, it was found that he had literally broken his back and had to have eight titanium screws inserted into the base of his spine just so that he could stand upright. Since 1998, George has been a co-presenter and pundit on the BBC darts coverage, primarily of the BDO World Championship. He has also made several other television appearances, not all relating to darts. In 2002, he played himself in Sean Lock's sitcom ''
15 Storeys High ''15 Storeys High'' is a British sitcom, set in a tower block. It originated as two radio series broadcast in 1998–2000, transferring to television in 2002–2004. The main characters in the television series are Vince Clark, a depressed, ...
'', while in 2004, he starred in the comedy film ''One Man and His Dog'' and later followed in the footsteps of fellow professional darts player Andy Fordham by taking part in the ITV programme '' Celebrity Fit Club''. In 2006, he appeared in a regular segment of '' Brainiac: Science Abuse'' series 4, in which he played darts in order to explode caravans. He was also a team captain in '' Showbiz Darts'' again alongside Fordham. In 2010, Bobby performed Run DMC's ''Walk this Way'' on Let's Dance for Sport Relief with
Tony O'Shea Tony O'Shea (born 9 May 1961) is an English professional darts player. His squat figure has resulted in the nickname "Silverback". O'Shea has reached the finals of seven British Darts Organisation (BDO) major darts tournaments, but to date ...
, Willie Thorne and
Dennis Taylor Dennis Taylor (born 19 January 1949) is a Northern Irish retired professional snooker player and current commentator. He is best known for winning the 1985 World Snooker Championship, where he defeated the defending champion Steve Davis in ...
. His colourful character has enabled George to be successful on the darts exhibition circuit, being introduced to it, and money races by his friend Tommy O'Regan. He became the game's first full-time exhibition player when he stopped playing regular tournaments in 1986. In 2009, he teamed up with Bristow and John Lowe to tour theatres around the UK and Ireland, appearing in a show named Legends of the Oche which was presented and hosted by comedian Duncan Norvelle. He appeared in a 2009 episode of BBC's ''
Cash in the Attic ''Cash in the Attic'' is a British television programme that aired on BBC One from 4 November 2002 to 24 May 2012. The programme's tagline was ''The show that helps you find hidden treasures in your home, and then sells them for you at auction'' ...
''. In January and February 2016, George appeared in the three-part BBC series '' The Real Marigold Hotel'', which followed a group of celebrity senior citizens including Miriam Margolyes and Wayne Sleep on a journey to India. He also appeared on ''The Real Marigold on Tour'', visiting Florida and
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in 2016,
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in 2017, and
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in 2019. In November 2017, George appeared on ''Gone to Pot: American Road Trip'' in which five celebrities (mainly older aged) go across
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to find out how
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can be used medicinally and how it would affect the UK if it was legalised.

Personal life

George was born in Manor Park, London. After leaving school, he had various jobs including as a nightclub bouncer and floor layer before taking up darts. George lives with his wife and manager Marie () and their sons Robert George () and Richie George (), at George Hall. The layout of the rooms has been designed to look like a dartboard. George is a keen fisherman, and within the George Hall grounds are well-stocked fishing lakes. George has two grandsons, Robert Jr (son of Robert) and Edward (son of Richie), who were born within 23 hours of each other in July 2013. His son Richie is also a professional darts player. He reached the semi-final of the 2013 BDO World Darts Championship, losing to eventual champion
Scott Waites Scott Waites (born 17 February 1977) is an English professional darts player who plays in tournaments of the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). He is a two-time BDO World Darts Champion having won the 2013 tournament and 2016 tournament. ...
. George has worked as an ambassador for basic
arithmetic Arithmetic () is an elementary part of mathematics that consists of the study of the properties of the traditional operations on numbers—addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation, and extraction of roots. In the 19th cent ...
, touring schools teaching children how darts can help with counting skills.


* "Ton-eighties (or scores or trebles) for show and doubles for dough." * "Throw where you're looking and look where you're throwing." * "That's the way to do it, Luvverly jubberly." * "May the darts be with you." * "Putting the 'art' in 'darts'." * (After being asked about a player's chances in a match) "It's like a computer, innit. If you press D, you play darts. If you press something else, you play like" (corpsing) "something else..."

Tournament wins

*North American Open: 1978 * News of the World Darts Championship: 1979, 1986 *Butlins Grand Masters: 1979, 1980 *WDF Europe Cup Singles: 1982 *WDF Europe Cup Team: 1982

World Championship results


*1980: Runner Up (lost to
Eric Bristow Eric John Bristow, (25 April 1957 – 5 April 2018), nicknamed "The Crafty Cockney", was an English professional darts player. He was ranked World No. 1 by the World Darts Federation a record five times, in 1980, 1981 and 1983–1985. He wa ...
3–5) *1981: Quarter-finals (lost to Cliff Lazarenko 0–4) *1982: Semi-finals (lost to John Lowe 1–4) *1983: First round (lost to Tony Brown 0–2) *1984: First round (lost to Malcolm Davies 1–2) *1985: Second round (lost to Fred McMullan 1–3) *1986: First round (lost to Bob Anderson 0–3) *1987: First round (lost to John Lowe 0–3) *1993: Semi-finals (lost to John Lowe 3–5) *1994: Runner Up (lost to
John Part John Part (born June 29, 1966) is a Canadian former professional darts player and current commentator. Nicknamed Darth Maple, he is a three-times World Champion, having won the 1994 BDO World Darts Championship on his world championship debut, a ...
0–6) *1995: First round (lost to Ronnie Sharp 0–3) *1997: Second round (lost to Roland Scholten 0–3) *1998: Second round (lost to Sean Palfrey 2–3) *2000: Second round (lost to Ronnie Baxter 2–3) *2002: First round (lost to
Raymond van Barneveld Raymond van Barneveld (born 20 April 1967) is a Dutch professional darts player. Nicknamed Barney, although originally known as The Man, he is one of the most successful darts players in history. Van Barneveld is a five-time World Darts Cham ...

Career statistics

BDO major finals: 4 (2 titles, 2 runners-up)

WDF major finals: 1 (1 title)

Independent major finals: 2 (2 titles)

(W) Won; (F) finalist; (SF) semifinalist; (QF) quarterfinalist; (#R) rounds 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1; (RR) round-robin stage; (Prel.) Preliminary round; (DNQ) Did not qualify; (DNP) Did not participate; (NH) Not held

Performance timeline


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