Blunt may refer to: * Blunt (surname), a surname (and list of people with the name) * Blunt (cigar), a term used in the cigar industry to designate blunt-tipped, usually factory-rolled cigars * Blunt (cannabis), a slang term used in cannabis culture * Blunt, South Dakota, USA * Blunt Peninsula, Nunavut, Canada * ''Blunt Magazine'', a Canadian blogging e-zine published quarterly * ''Blunt'' (snowboard magazine), a 1990s American periodical

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* Sticky end/blunt end, a possible configuration of a DNA molecule * Blunt force trauma, a type of physical trauma in medical terminology * Blunted affect, a lack of emotional response in psychology * Slides (skateboarding) for bluntslide, a skateboard trick * Blount (disambiguation) {{disambiguation