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Tremorfa (Welsh for Tre town + morfa coastal marsh) is a district of the city of Cardiff, Wales. It falls into the Splott ward of Cardiff.


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Transport[edit] Tremorfa is served by the number 61 bus route operating from Pengam Green to Cardiff Bay or the Sports Village via the city centre. It is also served by the numbers 1 and 2 Bay Circle service.[1]

Riverside City centre Adamsdown

Grangetown Butetown Splott

Cardiff Bay Tremorfa

Employment[edit] The rate of unemployment in Tremorfa is both higher than the average for Cardiff and higher than the national average, suggesting that finding a job in this area may be hard. The rate of claiming any benefit (which includes in work benefits) is more than 10% lower in Tremorfa than the national average, suggesting higher salaries than the average in the area.[2] Social grade and occupation statistics[edit] Social grade is a classification based on occupation and it enables a household and all its members to be classified according to the job of the main income earner. Tremorfa has 20% more higher and intermediate managerial, administrative or professional households than the national average.[2] Education[edit] Education statistics are for the highest level education obtained by the residents of Tremorfa and are from the UK Census of 2011. Tremorfa has a lower level of residents with either no qualifications or qualifications equal to 1 or more GCSE at grade D or below, than the national average. Tremorfa also has a high level of residents with a higher education qualification (level 4) than the national average.[2] Schools[edit] Tremorfa is served by several schools. The only high school is Willows High School which is situated on Willows avenue. The school was once described as "unsatisfactory" and in need of "significant improvement" by the education watchdog Estyn.[3] The school has now substantially improved and is no longer requiring significant improvement.[4] Willows High was featured in the Channel 4 documentary Educating Cardiff in 2015. Government[edit] In 2016 Tremorfa became one of four new communities in Cardiff,[5] having previously been part of the Splott community.[6] Events[edit] In December 2015, Christmas 'Pugfest' was held at Action Petz play centre in Tremorfa, with more than 1,500 visitors and around 400 pugs. It was one of the fun event for pugs set up nationally by Rob Clowes in memory of his dog, Poppy.[7] See also[edit]

John Brooks, Baron Brooks of Tremorfa (1927-2016), instrumental in the redevelopment of the Docks area of Cardiff now known as Cardiff Bay. RAF Pengam Moors, for the history of the aerodrome between 1905 and 1954.


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