Slavic, Slav or Slavonic may refer to:


* Slavic peoples, an ethno-linguistic group living in Europe and Asia ** East Slavic peoples, eastern group of Slavic peoples ** South Slavic peoples, southern group of Slavic peoples ** West Slavic peoples, western group of Slavic peoples ** Slavic Americans, Americans of Slavic descent * Anti-Slavic sentiment, negative attitude towards Slavic peoples * Pan-Slavic movement, movement in favor of Slavic cooperation and unity * Slavic studies, a multidisciplinary field of studies focused on history and culture of Slavic peoples

Languages, alphabets, and names

* Slavic languages, a group of closely related Indo-European languages ** Proto-Slavic language, reconstructed proto-language of all Slavic languages ** Old Church Slavonic, 9th century Slavic literary language, created for the purpose of evangelizing the Slavic peoples ** Church Slavonic, a written and spoken variant of Old Church Slavonic, standardized and widely adopted by Slavs in the Middle Ages, and became a liturgical language in many Eastern Orthodox churches ** Pan-Slavic language, artificially created languages intended to serve as a lingua franca for all Slavic peoples ** East Slavic languages, modern languages of East Slavic peoples ** South Slavic languages, modern languages of South Slavic peoples ** West Slavic languages, modern languages of West Slavic peoples * Slavic names, names originating from the Slavic languages

Mythology and faith

* Slavic mythology, the mythological aspect of the polytheistic religion that was practised by the Slavs before Christianisation ** Slavic dragon, mythological creature in ancient Slavic culture * Slavic Native Faith, modern form of ancient Slavic polytheism


* Slav (village), a former Israeli settlement in the Gaza Strip


* Slav Defense, a chess opening * Slavic calendar, traditional Slavic calendar

See also

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