Sima or SIMA may refer to:


* Sima (given name), a feminine name in use in Arabic countries, Persia (Iran). * Sima (surname) * Sima (Chinese surname)


* Sima, Comoros, on the island of Anjouan, near Madagascar * Sima, Nepal, in the Jajarkot District of Nepal * Sima, Jinxiang County, town in Jinxiang County, Shandong, PR China * Sima (river), a river Hordaland, Norway * Sima, Tibet, village in the north of the Tibet Autonomous Region, PR China * Sima, Hungary * Sima de los Huesos, a cavern in Spain, major site of ancient hominin fossils, known as Ā«Sima homininsĀ»


* SIMA, a shipbuilding and maritime services company in Peru * Sima (office), the Chinese title roughly equivalent to "field marshal" * Sima (geology), the lower part of the Earth's crust * Sima (architecture), the upturned edge of a classical roof * Sima (mead), a mead from Finland * Independent Union of Maritime and Related Workers (SIMA), in Angola * Sima Hydroelectric Power Station, Eidfjord, Vestland, Norway * Sima (Swahili food), a dumpling made from corn meal, banana, semolina or cassava flour, also called Ugali * ''Sima'' or ''bai sema'', the ritual boundary around a Buddhist ordination hall

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* Cima (disambiguation) * Sema (disambiguation) * Seema (disambiguation) * Shiba (disambiguation), Japanese pronunciation of family name Sima {{DEFAULTSORT:Sima