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Sete Pecados (Seven Sins) is a Brazilian telenovela airing at 7:00 pm, which substituting Pé na Jaca and preceding Beleza Pura. The telenovela was written by Walcyr Carrasco, with the collaboration of Claudia Soto and Andre Ryoki. The directors were Jorge Fernando, Pedro Vasconcelos and Fred Mayrink. Jorge worked with the same directing cast on his previous telenovelas Chocolate com Pimenta
Chocolate com Pimenta
and Alma Gêmea. Seven Sins debuted on June 18, 2007. and last aired on February 15, 2008, with 209 episodes.


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Plot[edit] Dr. Flávio, a rich archeologist, had a romance with the young daughter of an employee in his house, Aparecida, called Cidinha. He is married to Rebeca and he has a daughter, Beatriz. He went on an expedition to find traces of an ancient civilization - Atlantis. But, an accident occurs and it is reported that Flavius died. However, his body was never found. Years have passed since the terrible accident and without a father in her life, Beatriz became heiress of his fortune. She is a beautiful, young, rich, but stubborn woman. For Beatriz, life is an eternal search for pleasure. One day, she meets with her high-school friend, a taxi driver named Dante, who is simple and ethical man. In a moment of crisis, he offers her what she never had - spontaneous help. She decides to flirt with him, but he is not interested in her. With her broken pride, she can't admit to herself that she fell in love with him. However, she is in love with the man who does not want her. Beatriz decides to do everything to win him over. She meets "Baron", a guru who is connected to a secret society, run by a mysterious woman, Agatha. Beatriz offers her soul to be with Dante. But, Baron says that if she wants Dante, she needs to change him. She needs to convince him he needs another path in his life. Dante is a man with golden heart and sincere. So, to change Dante's life, he needs to practice the Seven Sins, one by one. Only then, he will leave his ethical principles and he will abandon his wife Clarice and his children, Isabel and Laerte. However, the secret society has a mysterious goal. Flavius, Beatriz's father, left his whole fortune to his daughter and besides that he left her a mysterious statue. With that money and statue, Beatriz is taking care of her mother Rebeca, her stepfather Anselmo, her grandmother Corina, stepbrother Ariel and stepsister Daniela. Agatha wants to steal Beatriz's fortune and the statue. But, to steal it, she needs to manipulate Beatriz and Beatriz's passion for Dante is the best way to get her fortune. The Sins[edit] The Seven Sins - Envy, Anger, Vanity (Pride), Sloth, Gluttony, Avarice (Greed) and Lust - are part of everybody daily life. They are directly related to human small weaknesses, tragedies and even humour. In this telenovela, each character is in possession of one or more sins.

Envy - the ambitious Agatha is a leader of a secret society and has big plans: she wants Beatriz under her command. More than this, Agatha wants to have Beatriz's life. She uses this secret society to achieve what she wants and become the ruler. Agatha tries to discover the secret of immortality and believes that it is hidden in the statue that Beatriz possesses. Beatriz, who doesn't suspect on Agatha's real interests, invites her to be the director of her nightclub. Anger - Pedro is a famous chef de cuisine, owner of a restaurant which creates revenue with refined ingredients and French nationals. He is in love in Beatriz with whom he wants to marry. When he discovers Beatriz's passion for Dante, he will do anything to discredit him. Vanity - Rebeca always wanted to be the part of the rich society. However, she failed to marry, but stayed pregnant with the millionaire and gave birth to Beatriz. Thanks to her daughter's fortune, she is living in her house with her new husband Anselmo, in whom she fell in love not soon after she gave birth to Beatriz. Anselmo is a lazy failure and with Rebeca he has two children, daughter Daniela and son Ariel. Rebeca is the major confidant and Beatriz's partner. She is addicted to beauty treatments, plastic surgeries and botox. Sloth - Rodolfo ' s family lived better days. Once rich, they live poorly now. His mother, Otília, is a lazy woman and is trying to manipulate her rich brother Romeu. Rodolfo's brother, Victor, is the only one in the family who believes that working is good. To survive, Rodolfo owns a small antique shop. Despite the lack of resources, Rodolfo still lives as a noble. He is lazy and spends money on dumb things. Gluttony - Perseu owns the pizzeria "King of Gluttony", located in Dante's neighbourhood. He is married with Minerva and is the father of Ulysses and Irene. The family can't stop eating and therefore is taking the restaurant into bankruptcy. Néia is Perseu's business partner and she decides to put family on strict diet. She monitors every slice they take. Avarice - Romeu, the richest man in Dante's vicinity, is Otilia's brother and Rodolfo's uncle. He knows that those two only want his fortune. Romeu built his empire with his own effort and he fought hard to achieve it and because of that he is very greedy. He lived his only true love in adolescence, with a woman named Juju. His family banned that relationship and Romeu left the vicinity poor. Now, when he is rich, he decides to hire a private detective to locate Juju. With Eudoxia's help, Romeu discovers that Juju is a widow. For his fear of financial interest, he returns to his old neighbourhood pretending to be poor. Lust - Clarice's younger sister, Carla acts like she is the best woman in the whole world. She is in love with Dante, although she is dating Aquiles. Carla gets the job in Beatriz's nightclub where she plots bad things along with Agatha and Baron.

The Virtues[edit] In contrast to the sins, several characters possess the virtues. Two of those people are Dante and Clarice. In the beginning, she believes that Beatriz is her best friend and confides to her, even though she is alerted by her implicant mother Agripina. As the story goes, she will discover that Beatriz is not her friend, but her actual rival.

Courage - Miriam is the courageous director of public school filled with problems. She will have to face difficult students and teachers. Other than that, she faces financial difficulties. Her brother Aquiles - Carla's boyfriend - is a taxi driver along with his father Nino. Her mother Palma is a housewife. Vincente, professor of physical education, will be involved with Miriam, but the obstacle to their happiness is Simone, Vincente's sister-in-law. Simone is the sister of Vicente's late wife. Vincente is also Benta's good friend. She is a girl who was abandoned on the street by her father. Benta is a girl with special powers.

Custódia is Beatriz's guardian angel. Custódia, disguised herself as the fortune-teller woman, and convinced Beatriz that she will be happy only when she finds the man with the angel soul. However, Custodia didn't see in her cards that this man was married! To help her, Custódia becomes her maid, along the archangel Gabriel. Meanwhile, Beatriz realizes that Agatha is really Cidinha, Dr. Flávio's childhood sweetheart. But nobody realizes that Flávio, who everybody thought to be dead, will appear again to change the course of history. Cast[edit] Main cast[edit]

Priscila Fantin
Priscila Fantin
- Beatriz Ferraz Reynaldo Gianecchini
Reynaldo Gianecchini
- Dante Florentino Giovanna Antonelli
Giovanna Antonelli
- Clarice Florentino Claudia Raia
Claudia Raia
- Agatha/Maria Aparecida Claudia Jimenez - Custódia Paulo Betti
Paulo Betti
- Flavio Ferraz Elizabeth Savalla
Elizabeth Savalla
- Rebeca Mel Lisboa
Mel Lisboa
- Carla Sidney Sampaio - Pedro Gabriela Duarte
Gabriela Duarte
- Miriam de Freitas Marcelo Novaes
Marcelo Novaes
- Vicente de Freitas Samara Felippo
Samara Felippo
- Simone Nívea Stelmann
Nívea Stelmann
- Elvira de Sousa Florentino Malvino Salvador
Malvino Salvador
- Regis Florentino Ary Fontoura
Ary Fontoura
- Romeu Nicette Bruno
Nicette Bruno
- Julieta "Juju" Verona Rodrigo Phavanello - Adriano Verona Rafael Calomeni - Hercules Erik Marko - Gabriel Rosamaria Murtinho
Rosamaria Murtinho
- Otilia de Sant'anna Marcelo Medici - Antero/Zizi/Tiao/Sheng Leng Max Fercondini
Max Fercondini
- Aquiles Marisol Ribeiro
Marisol Ribeiro
- Eliete Duda Nagle - Ariel Marco Antonio Gimenez - Victor Rosanne Mulholland - Daniela Suely Franco
Suely Franco
- Agripina Isabel Fillardis
Isabel Fillardis
- Fatima Ilya São Paulo
São Paulo
- Elias Marcia Cabrita - Eudoxia Fagundes Thalma de Freitas - Berenice Juan Alba - Rodolfo Sant'anna Kayky Brito - Xongas Cecília Dassi - Estela Verona Carla Diaz - Gina Wanda Grandi - Tamires Roberto Bataglin - Teobaldo Verona Ricardo Duque - Marcelo Renata Castro Barbosa - Adalgisa Ary França - Professor Lineu Malu Valle - Palma Flávio Migliaccio - Nino Hilda Rebello - Corina Lígia Cortez - Amélia Ilva Niño - Marli Darlan Cunha
Darlan Cunha
- Sandro Odilon Wagner - Anselmo Silvinno Rosane Gofman - Néia Zé Victor Castiel - Perseu Valéria Sândalo - Minerva Wagner Santisteban - Ulisses Carina Porto - Irene Rafael Zulu - Leonardo Rafael Ciani - Danilo Verona Henri Pagnoncelli - Dr. Reginaldo Abrahão Farc - Silas Alexandro Malvão - Maciel Juliana Poggi - Janaína Maria Carollina - Raquel Sérgio Fonta - Renato Rangel de Oliveira - Tito Lesma Bruno Kimura - Shiro San Wilson Rabello - Jair


Marina Ruy Barbosa
Marina Ruy Barbosa
- Isabel Florentino Amanda Azevedo - Benta Nascimento da Silva Freitas Tiago Salomone - Laerte Florentino Danielle Robles - Dilma Gustavo Santos - Ciro


Aílton Graça
Aílton Graça
- Baron Carlos Casagrande - Amadeu Ana Lúcia Torre
Ana Lúcia Torre
- Guilhermina Cristiana Oliveira - Margareth John Herbert - Schmidt Leilah Moreno - Nalah Maria Zilda Bethlem
Maria Zilda Bethlem
- Cíntia Mário Gomes - Amadeu Jéssica Golcci - Angélica Susana Werner - Elvira's friend Guilherme Piva - Joílson André Delucca - Carlão Jonas Torres - Francisco Florentino Ângela Leal - Edith Lupe Gigliotti - Nair Sabrina Rosa - Verônica Nascimento da Silva Bruno Giordano
Bruno Giordano
- Anderson Clarice Derzié Luz - Xongas's mother Jaime Leibovitch - Angel Íris Nascimento - Antônia Nascimento da Silva Virginia Lane - Corina's friend Mário Cardoso - Davi Pietro Mário - Eurípedes Beth Erthal - Baroness Hélio Ribeiro - Figueira Ada Chaseliov - Marcelo's lover Caco Baresi - Marcelo's brother Diego Hypólito
Diego Hypólito
- himself Rô Santana - Zilda Gaspar Filho - Ed Tavares Adilson Magah - Evaristo Renan Horta - Nico André Santinho - Fred Luma Antunes - Lilian Rafael Raposo - Peninha Ana Tereza - Valdirene Popó
- himself

Soundtrack[edit] Brazil

Tema de Não Quero Ver Você Triste - Marisa Monte
Marisa Monte
and Erasmo Carlos (song for Beatriz and Dante) Deixo (Live) - Ivete Sangalo
Ivete Sangalo
(song for Clarice and Dante) Eu Vou Seguir (Reach) - Marina Elali
Marina Elali
(song for Miriam) Anjo - Fábio Jr.
Fábio Jr.
(song for Dante) Um Anjo Muito Especial (My Special
Angel) - Roupa Nova
Roupa Nova
(song for Custódia, Gabriel and Berenice) Teletema - Ivo Pessoa (song for Elvira) Preciso Ser Amado - Tim Maia
Tim Maia
(song for Vicente) Nossa História de Amor - Maurício Mattar
Maurício Mattar
(song for Eliete and Ariel) Luxúria - Isabella Taviani (song for Carla) Deixa Isso pra Lá - Lulu Santos
Lulu Santos
(song for Régis) Não Faz Mal a Ninguém - Lenine (song for Beatriz) Carne e Osso - Zélia Duncan
Zélia Duncan
(Opening song) Exaustino - Zeca Pagodinho
Zeca Pagodinho
(song for Rodolfo) Gula - Eduardo Dusek (song for Minerva, Perseu, Irene and Ulisses) Pão-Duro - Rodrigo Santos (song for Romeu) Ira (A Lira da Ira) - Cláudio Zoli (song for Pedro) Contrato Assinado - Deborah Blando (song for Ágata) Vaidade - Luciana Mello (song for Rebeca)

International soundtrack[edit]

LDN - Lily Allen
Lily Allen
(song for location) Rehab - Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse
(song for Rebeca) Baby Baby Baby - Joss Stone
Joss Stone
(song for Elvira) Until the End - Norah Jones
Norah Jones
(song for Flávio) Like A Star
Like A Star
- Corinne Bailey Rae
Corinne Bailey Rae
(song for Dante and Beatriz) Over My Head (Cable Car)
Over My Head (Cable Car)
- The Fray
The Fray
(song for location) Divine - Colin Munroe
Colin Munroe
(song for Xongas and Estela/song for Adriano and Custódia) Bubbly
- Colbie Caillat
Colbie Caillat
(song for Clarice) Million Faces - Paolo Nutini
Paolo Nutini
(song for location) She's Madonna
She's Madonna
- Robbie Williams
Robbie Williams
(song for São Paulo) Reach - Gloria Estefan
Gloria Estefan
(song for Miriam) Sugar and Spice - Zach Ashton
Zach Ashton
(song for location) The Story - Brandi Carlile
Brandi Carlile
(song for Clarice and Dante) Love is A Many-Splendored Thing - Matt Monro
Matt Monro
(song for Juju and Romeu)

Naraka Club Soundtrack[edit]

Beautiful Liar
Beautiful Liar
- Beyoncé
and Shakira Cupid's Chokehold
Cupid's Chokehold
- Gym Class Heroes Girlfriend (Dr. Luke Mix) - Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne
and Lil Mama Never Again (Dave Audé Club Mix) - Kelly Clarkson Love Is Gone
Love Is Gone
- David Guetta, Chris Willis and Joachim Garraud Always and Forever (Bob Sinclar Remix) - Chocolate Puma Yeah Yeah (D. Ramirez Radio Edit) - Luciana and Bodyrox A Noite Perfeita - Leoni and George Israel Sympathy for the Devil
Sympathy for the Devil
- Freedom Dub Afrojazz (instrumental) - Taylor M. Sinistro's Dance (instrumental) - Hitz Boogie 2nite (Seamus Haji Big Love Radio Mix) - Bootyluv Every Minute - Deborah Blando Turn the Lights Off (Original Mix) - DJ José Stand Up (Maxpop Extended) - Ramada It's a Sin
It's a Sin
(Pet Shop Boys Cover) - Fher Cassini Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)
Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)
- Rozalla


This is the second time that Reynaldo Gianecchini
Reynaldo Gianecchini
plays a romantic pair with Giovanna Antonelli. They were a romantic couple in the beginning of telenovela "Da Cor do Pecado" (The Color of Sin). The only difference is that in this telenovela Giovanna plays a positive character, not a villain (as she did in "Da Cor do Pecado"). This is the second time that Reynaldo Gianecchini
Reynaldo Gianecchini
plays a romantic pair with Priscila Fantin
Priscila Fantin
too. They were a couple in a period telenovela called "Terra Esperanca" (The Land of Hope). Walcyr Carrasco and Priscila Fantin
Priscila Fantin
worked 3 times along with the director Jorge Fernando. The first time in "Chocolate com Pimenta" (where Priscila was a villain) and the second time in "Alma Gemea" (where Priscila was a protagonist). For the third time, Duda Nagle (Ariel) interprets a similar role, a teenage boy who becomes a father at the end of the telenovela. He had similar roles in telenovelas "America" and "Paginas da Vida". Maria Zilda Bethlem
Maria Zilda Bethlem
left the cast of the telenovela but she confirmed she would be cast in the following 7:00 PM telenovela "Beleza Pura" (Pure Beauty). Nevertheless, it didn't happen. The biggest rating that telenovela had was when the main villain, Agatha, died in an explosion. Claudia Raia
Claudia Raia
left the telenovela because she was disappointed with her character. This is the first telenovela for: Rosanne Mulholland (Daniela), Amanda de Azevedo (Benta), James Salomone (Laerte), Danielle Robles (Dilma), Bruno Kimura (San Shiro), Carina Porto (Irene), Rafael Zulu (Leonardo), Rangel Oliveira (Tito) and Juliana Poggi (Janaína). This was the first villain role of Sydney Sampaio in telenovelas. Rodrigo Phavanello (Adriano) and Claudia Jimenez (Custodia) started dating when the series ended. Jorge Fernando's mother starred in the series. She played Beatriz's grandmother Corina. She also starred in her son's productions "Chocolate com Pimenta" and "Alma Gemea". Duda Nagle (Ariel) and Priscila Fantin
Priscila Fantin
(Beatriz) where dating during the filming of the series.

Broadscast International[edit] Argentina
June 23, 2008 - Uruguay
Teledoce 2009 Poland
Zone Romantica
Zone Romantica
February 14, 2011 – present Armenia
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