Pontins is the trading name of Britannia Jinky Jersey Ltd, a company operating holiday parks in the UK. The original Pontins company was founded in 1946 by Fred Pontin.

Pontins specialises in offering half-board and self-catering holidays featuring regular[clarification needed] entertainment at resorts, or "holiday parks", as they have branded them. Accommodation is usually in the form of chalets (which Pontins calls "apartments").

Company history

Balloon car 707, seen with an all over advert for Pontin's, at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, 5 August 1990

In 1978 the company was sold to Coral for £56 million. In 1980, Coral (including Pontins) was taken over by Bass Brewing, who sold Pontins in 1987 to a management buyout team led by Trevor Hemmings[1] It was sold yet again in 1989, to Scottish & Newcastle.

Over the next ten years the company closed or sold off a number of sites. In a three-year programme in the mid-1990s, the remaining camps were modernised. By 2000, the company was operating only eight camps, and was sold back to Hemmings. In 2008, the company was sold to Ocean Parcs for £46 million.[2] Wall Park holiday centre was not included in the sale. In January 2009, Pontins announced the closure of its Hemsby holiday centre.[3] Pontins Blackpool in Squires Gate closed in October 2009[4] leaving five parks still trading under the Pontins brand.

Pontins headquarters were relocated to the Southport Holiday Park, at Ainsdale-on-Sea, close to the village of Ainsdale. From the original Hemmings buy-out until then the headquarters were located at Sagar House in the village of Eccleston, Lancashire.

In September 2009, Pontins announced a five-year multi-million investment plan for the remaining five parks. Refurbishment work completed in 2010 included a new half-board restaurant and ice skating rink at the Prestatyn Sands Holiday Park, and a new roller skating rink at the Brean Sands Holiday Park. Including proposals of re-building the Camber Sands and Southport Holiday Parks and doubling the capacity of the Pakefield Holiday Park.

In 2010, Pontins went to administration and in early 2011, the company was bought out of receivership by Alex Langsam (the owner of Britannia Hotels).

In 2014, the former Pontins resort at Sand Bay was purchased by the group and it became the sixth resort to be operated under the 'new Pontins' brand.

Current resorts

Former and closed resorts

This is a list of some former Pontins resorts in both Ireland and the United Kingdom that have either closed or been sold off:

In popular culture

  • The 1973 British film Holiday on the Buses was filmed at and set in the Prestatyn resort. A plaque was erected in 2004 at the main entrance gates (unchanged since the film) to note this event.[7] The same venue hosts professional snooker each year. Prestatyn Sands also hosts the finals for the annual Brass Band Festival[8] historically, the qualifying rounds were held in other Pontins centres.
  • The previous On The Buses film, Mutiny on the Buses (1972), depicted buses carrying adverts with the slogan "Go Pontinental", implying that Hammer Film Productions had already established a working relationship with Pontins with a view to shooting a future film at one of their resorts.
  • Carol Lee Scott (known as "Grotbags") performed cabaret throughout different Pontins sites in the 1960s and 70s.


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