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Pina Gallini
Pina Gallini
(19 March 1888 – 31 January 1974) was an Italian film actress. She appeared in 82 films between 1935 and 1963. Selected filmography[edit]

The Countess of Parma
The Countess of Parma
(1936) The Ferocious Saladin (1937) The Former Mattia Pascal (1937) Unjustified Absence (1939) The Document (1939) Mad Animals
Mad Animals
(1939) The Document (1939) Guest for One Night (1939) The Hussar Captain
The Hussar Captain
(1940) Four Steps in the Clouds (1942) Before the Postman
Before the Postman
(1942) The Emperor of Capri
The Emperor of Capri
(1949) How I Discovered America
How I Discovered America
(1949) L'inafferrabile 12
L'inafferrabile 12
(1950) Rapture (1950) The Beggar's Daughter
The Beggar's Daughter
(1950) Toto the Third Man (1951) Toto and the Women
Toto and the Women
(1952) Days of Love
Days of Love
(1954) Noi siamo le colonne
Noi siamo le colonne
(1956) Serenata a Maria
Serenata a Maria

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Pina Gallini
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