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Orcadians are the native population of the Orkney
islands of Scotland. Historically, they are descended from the Picts,[1][Notes 1] Norse and Scots.

Jim Baikie British comics artist, who is best known for his work with Alan Moore
Alan Moore
on Skizz William Balfour Baikie
William Balfour Baikie
(1825–1864), explorer and naturalist George Mackay Brown
George Mackay Brown
(1921–1996), poet, author, playwright Mary Brunton
Mary Brunton
(1778–1818), author of Self-Control, Discipline and other novels Dr David Clouston (1871–1948), author and agriculturalist J. Storer Clouston (1870–1944), author and historian Thomas Clouston
Thomas Clouston
(1840–1915), psychiatrist, Superintendent of the Royal Edinburgh Asylum James Copland (1791–1870), physician and prolific medical writer Stanley Cursiter
Stanley Cursiter
(1887–1976), artist William Towrie Cutt (1898–1981), author Walter Traill Dennison (1826–1894), Orcadian folklorist Kris Drever, folk singer and guitarist Magnus Erlendsson (Saint Magnus) (c.1070–c.1117), Earl of Orkney c.1105–1117 John Flett (geologist)
John Flett (geologist)
(1869-1947) and his son William Roberts Flett FRSE
(1900-1979) also a geologist Matthew Forster Heddle
Matthew Forster Heddle
(1828–1897), mineralogist, author of The Mineralogy of Scotland Malcolm Laing
Malcolm Laing
(1762–1818), author of the History of Scotland
from the Union of the Crowns to the Union of the Kingdoms Samuel Laing (1780–1868), author of A Residence in Norway, and translator of the Heimskringla, the Icelandic chronicle of the kings of Norway Samuel Laing (1812–1897), chairman of the London, Brighton & South Coast railway, and introducer of the system of "parliamentary" trains with fares of one penny a mile. Kristin Linklater, born 1946, voice teacher, actor, director and author Magnus Linklater (b. 1942), journalist, son of Eric Linklater John D. Mackay (1909–1970), headmaster and Orkney
patriot Ernest Marwick (1915–1977), writer noted for his writings on Orkney folklore and history Murdoch McKenzie (d.1797), hydrographer F. Marian McNeill (1885–1973) folklorist, best known for writing The Silver Bough Edwin Muir
Edwin Muir
(1887–1959), author and poet Dr. John Rae (1813–1893), Arctic
explorer Robert Rendall (1898–1967), poet, and amateur naturalist Rognvald Kali Kolsson (Saint Rognvald) (c.1103–1158), Earl of Orkney 1136–1158 Julyan Sinclair, television presenter Bessie Skea
Bessie Skea
aka Bessie Grieve (1923-1996), writer of prose and poetry about nature and Orkney
life Thomas Stewart Traill
Thomas Stewart Traill
(1781–1862), professor of medical jurisprudence at the University of Edinburgh
University of Edinburgh
and editor of the 8th edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica Cameron Stout
Cameron Stout
(b. 1971) winner of Big Brother in 2003, brother of Julyan Sinclair Margaret Tait (1918-1999), film maker and poet James Wallace (fl. 1684–1724), physician and botanist William Walls
William Walls
(1819–1893), lawyer and industrialist Thomas Webster (1772–1844), geologist and architect Sylvia Wishart (1936–2008), landscape artist The Wrigley Sisters
The Wrigley Sisters
Jennifer and Hazel, international folk duo

People associated with Orkney[edit]

Rev. Matthew Armour (1820–1903), Sanday's radical Free Kirk Minister[3] V. Gordon Childe
V. Gordon Childe
(1892–1957), Australian archaeologist and philologist who excavated Maeshowe Sir Peter Maxwell Davies
Peter Maxwell Davies
(1934–2016), composer and Master of the Queen's Music John Gow
John Gow
(c.1698–1725), notorious pirate Andrew Greig (b. 1951), writer Jo Grimond
Jo Grimond
(1913–1993), Liberal Party leader and MP for Orkney
and Shetland
1950–1983 David Harvey (b. 1948), footballer Eric Linklater
Eric Linklater
(1899–1974), novelist, playwright, journalist, essayist and poet Margaret, Maid of Norway
Margaret, Maid of Norway
(1283–1290, Orkney), Queen of Scots and a Norwegian princess Robert Archibald Shaw
Robert Archibald Shaw
(1927–1978), English actor and novelist William Sichel (b. 1951), ultra distance runner Luke Sutherland (b. 1971), writer of novels Jelly Roll, Sweetmeat and Venus as a Boy Jim Wallace, Baron Wallace of Tankerness
Jim Wallace, Baron Wallace of Tankerness
(b. 1954), former MP for Orkney
and Shetland
(1983–2001), MSP for Orkney
(1999–2007), Deputy First Minister of Scotland
and leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats

See also[edit]

Earldom of Orkney Prehistoric Orkney, for the ancient Orcadians



^ Ritchie notes the presence of an Orcadian ruler at the court of a Pictish high king at Inverness
in 565 AD.[2]


^ Thomson (2008) pp. 4-6. ^ Ritchie, Anna "The Picts" in Omand (2003) p. 39 ^ "Centenary of a radical kirk minister" Archived 8 January 2009 at the Wayback Machine. The Orcadian. Retrieved 4 October 2008.

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Book. Edinburgh. Birlinn. ISBN 1-84158-254-9 Thomson, William P. L. (2008) The New History of Orkney. Edinburgh. Birlinn. ISBN 978-1-84158-696-0

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