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is a special ward in Tokyo, Japan. The English translation of its Japanese self-designation is Nakano City.About Nakano City
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As of May 1, 2015, the ward has an estimated population of 322,731, and a population density of 20,701 persons per km2. The total area is 15.59 km2.


The ward was founded on October 1, 1932, when the towns of Nogata and Nakano were absorbed into the former
Tokyo City was a municipality A municipality is usually a single administrative division having Municipal corporation, corporate status and powers of self-government or jurisdiction as granted by national and regional laws to which it is subordin ...
as Nakano Ward. The present administration dates from March 15, 1947, when the Allied occupation reformed the administration of Tokyo-to. * 1447:
Ōta Dōkan , also known as Ōta Sukenaga (太田 資長) or Ōta Dōkan Sukenaga, was a Japanese ''samurai were the hereditary military nobility and officer caste of medieval and early-modern Japan from the 12th century to their abolition in the 1870 ...
defeated Toshima Yasutsune in a battle here. * 1606: The Naruki Kaidō, predecessor of today's Ōme Kaidō (a road to Ōme) was established. * 1695: In connection with the ''Shorui Awaremi no Rei'' (a law for the protection of animals), a facility for keeping wild dogs opened. * 1871: The twelve villages that comprise present-day Nakano became part of Tokyo Prefecture. * 1889: The Kofu Railway opens. The forerunner of today's
Chūō Main Line The , commonly called the Chūō Line, is one of the major trunk railway lines in Japan. It connects Tokyo Tokyo (Japanese language, Japanese: , ''Tōkyō'' ), historically known in the west as Tokio and officially the Tokyo Metropolis (, ...
included a station at Nakano en route from
Shinjuku (Tokyo dialect: ) is a Special wards of Tokyo, special ward in Tokyo, Japan. It is a major commercial and administrative centre, housing the northern half of the busiest railway station in the world (Shinjuku Station) and the Tokyo Metropolitan ...

to Hachioji. * 1897: Nakano becomes a village. * 1932:
Tokyo City was a municipality A municipality is usually a single administrative division having Municipal corporation, corporate status and powers of self-government or jurisdiction as granted by national and regional laws to which it is subordin ...
expands to encompass the district that included Nakano. * 1943: With the abolition of Tokyo City, Nakano becomes part of Tokyo-to. * 1947: Nakano becomes one of the special wards under the new system. * 1961: The Tokyo subway system extends to Nakano. * 1973: Construction of Nakano Sun Plaza near Nakano Station (Tokyo), Nakano Station reaches completion.

Districts and neighborhoods

;Nakano Area * Chūō, Nakano, Tokyo, Chūō * Higashinakano * Honchō, Tokyo, Honchō * Minamidai * Nakano, Nakano, Tokyo, Nakano * Yayoimachi ;Nogata Area * Arai, Tokyo, Arai * Daiwachō * Eharachō * Ekoda * Kamisaginomiya * Kamitakada * Maruyama * Matsugaoka * Nogata, Tokyo, Nogata * Numabukuro * Saginomiya * Shirasagi * Wakamiya


Five special wards surround Nakano: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Shinjuku, Suginami, Tokyo, Suginami, Nerima, Tokyo, Nerima, Shibuya, Tokyo, Shibuya, and Toshima, Tokyo, Toshima. It lies just west of the bustling Shinjuku area. Rivers include the Kanda River, Kanda, Myosho-ji and Zenpuku-ji Rivers, and the Aratama Waterway.


*Nakano Sun Plaza: concert hall, hotel facilities * Arai Bhaisajyaguru, Yakushi Shingon Buddhism, Shingon Buddhist temple * Nakano Broadway: otaku building (several floors of Video arcade, arcades, manga, anime, Japanese idol, idol, music, toy and subculture specialty shops, as well as a well-regarded Namco arcade) * GRIPS International House, apartment for foreign students studying at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies


Public schools

Public elementary and middle schools are operated by the Nakano City Board of Education. Public high schools are operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Board of Education. * Fuji High School * Minorigaoka High School * Musashigaoka High School * Nakano Technical High School * Saginomiya High School * Yotsuya Commercial High School

Private schools

* Horikoshi Gakuen High School

Colleges and universities

* Teikyo Heisei University Nakano Campus * Tokyo Polytechnic University * Meiji University Nakano Campus * University of Tokyo Nakano campus * Kokusai Junior College



Nakano Ward is served by the JR East Chūō Main Line, Chūō and Sobu Main Line, Sobu lines, the Seibu Shinjuku Line, the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line and Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, and the Toei Oedo Line. * JR East **Chūō Line (Rapid), Chūō-Sōbu Line: Higashi-Nakano Station, Higashi-Nakano and Nakano Station (Tokyo), Nakano Stations * Seibu Railway **Seibu Shinjuku Line: Araiyakushimae Station, Arai Yakushi-mae, Numabukuro Station, Numabukuro, Nogata Station, Nogata, Toritsukasei Station, Toritsu-Kasei, Saginomiya Station (Tokyo), Saginomiya Stations * Tokyo Metro ** Marunouchi Line: Shin-Nakano Station, Shin-Nakano, Nakano-Sakaue Station, Nakano-Sakaue Stations *** Honancho Branch Line: Nakano-Fujimicho Station, Nakano-Fujimicho, Nakano-Shimbashi Station, Nakano-Shimbashi, Nakano-Sakaue Stations ** Tozai Line: Nakano, Ochiai Station (Tokyo), Ochiai (although the station is in Shinjuku, some entrances are in Nakano) Stations * Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation: **Toei Oedo Line: Nakano-Sakaue, Higashi-Nakano, Shin-egota Station, Shin-egota Stations


A complicated bus network is constructed throughout Nakano Ward because most train lines only run east and west. * Kanto bus * Toei bus * Kokusai Kogyo bus * Keio bus


Shuto Expressway: *C2 Central Circular Route (Shuto Expressway), Central Circular Route (Nakano-chōjabashi exit) Prefectural road: * Tokyo Metropolitan Route 8 (Mejiro-dōri Ave., Shin-Mejiro-dōri Ave.) * Tokyo Metropolitan Route 439 (Senkawa-dōri Ave.) * Tokyo Metropolitan Route 440 (Shin-Ōme-kaidō Ave.) * Tokyo Metropolitan Route 25 (Waseda-dōri Ave.) * Tokyo Metropolitan Route 433 (Ōkubo-dōri Ave.) * Tokyo Metropolitan Route 4 (Ōme-kaidō Ave.) * Tokyo Metropolitan Route 14 (Hōnan-dōri Ave.) * Tokyo Metropolitan Route 317 (Yamate-dōri St.; 6th Beltway) * Tokyo Metropolitan Route 420 (Nakano-dōri St.) * Tokyo Metropolitan Route 318 (Kannana-dōri St.; 7th Beltway) * Tokyo Metropolitan Route 427 (Nakasugi-dōri St.)

Shopping and entertainment

*Nakano-minamiguchi ekimae shōtengai – an outdoor arcade

Notable people

* Kanako Yanagihara, comedian * Mayumi Kojima, singer and songwriter * Marika Matsumoto, voice actress, actress * Shoko Sawada, singer and songwriter * Yuji Tanaka, comedian * Ryuichi Sakamoto, composer and musician * El Lindaman, Puroresu, Japanese professional wrestler * Yuhi Sekiguchi, Japanese racing driver * Daigo (musician), Daigo, Japanese singer-songwriter, actor, talent, and Japanese voice actor, voice actor * Akiyoshi Nakao, Japanese actor * Eiji Iijima, Japanese professional shogi player, ranked 7-Dan (rank)#Modern usage in shogi, dan * Wataru Kamimura, Japanese professional shogi player, ranked 5-Dan (rank)#Modern usage in shogi, dan * Tsunemi Kubodera, Japanese zoologist (National Museum of Nature and Science) * Rieko Miura, Japanese actress, voice actress, singer and former member of the J-pop girlgroup CoCo (band), Coco * Masaru Nashimoto, Japanese show-business and gossips reporter * Makoto Sasaki (shogi), Makoto Sasaki, Japanese professional shogi player, ranked 7-Dan (rank)#Modern usage in shogi, dan * Takahiro Sonoda, Japanese classical pianist * Michiko Yamamoto, List of Japanese women writers, Japanese writer and poet (Real Name: Michiko Furuya, Nihongo: 古屋道子, ''Furuya Michiko'') * Michiyo Yasuda, Animation in Japan, Japanese animator and colour designer * Yoko Yamamoto, Japanese actress * Hideo Kachi, Japanese musician (Real Name: Kachi Hidenori, Nihongo: カチヒデノリ, ''Hidenori Kachi'') * Kazushi Hagiwara, Japanese mangaka and the creator of ''Bastard!!'' * Kenji Ohtsuki, Japanese rock musician and Seiun Award-winning writer * Mayumi Kojima, Japanese Shibuya-kei musician * Shoko Nakagawa, Japanese ''tarento'' (media personality), actress, Voice acting in Japan, voice actress, illustrator, MC and singer * Kanako Yanagihara, Japanese actress, comedian, and ''tarento'' * Masao Kobayashi, Japanese politician, member of the Democratic Party of Japan and member of the House of Councillors in the Diet of Japan, Diet (national legislature) * Kentaro Shigematsu, Japanese association football, football player (Kamatamare Sanuki, J3 League) * Mitsuya Kurokawa, Japanese guitarist * Mayumi Itsuwa, Japanese vocalist, composer, lyricist, and keyboardist * Masatō Ibu, Japanese actor and voice actor * Kiyoshiro Imawano, Japanese rock musician, lyricist, composer, musical producer, and actor (Real Name: Kiyoshi Kurihara, Nihongo: 栗原 清志, ''Kurihara Kiyoshi'') * Ray Fujita, Japanese actor and musician * Shoko Sawada, Japanese singer-songwriter, reporter, and radio personality * Tochisakae Atsushi, former sumo wrestler * Takahiro Yamaguchi, Japanese former soccer player

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