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NOX may refer to:


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* NOx , a generic term for the mono-nitrogen oxides:

* Nitric oxide (NO) * Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)

* Nox (unit) (nx), a unit of illuminance * Nox (platform) , a piece of the software-defined networking ecosystem


* Nox (_Stargate_) , a race in the television series _Stargate SG-1_ * Nox (Marvel Comics) , a fictional character appearing in the Marvel Comics universe, based loosely on Nyx of Greek mythology * _Nox_ (video game) , a video game developed by Westwood Studios * Nox (band) , a pop band from Hungary * _Nox_, in the list of spells in _Harry Potter_ * Nox, Noximilien, in the _Wakfu _ cartoon series * Nox, in the U.S. TV series _Star-Crossed _ * Nox, a fictional character in the series "Incarnations of Immortality " by Piers Anthony. She is the incarnation (the equivalent of a goddess) of darkness, shadow, and night. She appears as a supporting character throughout the series, however her story is detailed in the seventh novel "Under a Velvet Cloak". * Nox, a deity or goddess appearing in the table top role playing system "Imaginarium". Derived from a mixture of Greek and Roman myth and fictional representations such as the "Incarnations of Immortality" series, she is one of the primal creation deities forming the core of the mythos of the system. * Nox, a motorcycle style space ship in the game Star Citizen by Cloud Imperium Games Star Citizen


* Nox , the Roman translation of Nyx (_Νύξ_, or _Night_), the primordial goddess of the night in Greek mythology * Nox, Shropshire , a hamlet in England


* _ Atrophaneura nox _, the Malayan batwing butterfly * Nox2, a subunit of NADPH oxidase * Night (Latin: _Nox_) * Knox (other) * Knock (other) * Nock (other) * Nitrogen oxide (other)

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