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Maria Margarita Roxas Moran-Floirendo or locally known as Margie Moran (born 15 September 1953 in Manila, Philippines) is a Filipino peace advocate for her efforts in Mindanao[1][2] and currently the President of Ballet Philippines.[2][3] She is best known for winning the second Miss Universe
Miss Universe
crown for the Philippines
in 1973, 4 years after Gloria Diaz.[4][5]


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Early life[edit] Margie Moran graduated high school in St. Theresa's College [6] and attended college at Maryknoll College (now Miriam College). Prior to joining the Miss Universe
Miss Universe
pageant, she modeled part-time for the fashion designer, Auggie Cordero. She is a granddaughter of Manuel Roxas, 5th President of the Philippines.[7][8] Pageantry[edit]

Commemorative stamp featuring Filipino winners of the Miss Universe pageant including Moran herself (center).

She won the right to represent the country in the Miss Universe pageant in Athens, Greece
after winning the Binibining Pilipinas competition in 1973.[9] Moran said that she entered the contest because of the incessant urgings of friends and family. The 19-year-old, 5 ft 6 in beauty ultimately won the Miss Universe 1973 title and also garnered the Miss Photogenic award.[10] She is one of the only four Miss Universe
Miss Universe
winners to also win Miss Photogenic, the others being Margareta Arvidsson, Janelle Commissiong, and Denise Quiñones. Life after Miss Universe[edit] Two years after her reign, she married and managed to finish her Business Administration degree at Maryknoll College and Boston University[1] and took her masters at the federal University of London, awarded through the School of Oriental and African Studies.[8] She headed several private companies like a resort called "Pearl Farm" in Samal Island, Davao del Norte
Davao del Norte
from 1989 to 1994, hosted "Margie on Mindanao" on TV and produced a multi-awarded movie, Bagong Buwan.[1] Moran is also notable for her social and civic works especially for promoting peace and livelihood as part of the Mindanao
Commission on Women Organization and recently as an ambassador-trustee of Habitat for Humanity Philippines.[11][12] Her passion and experience as a dancer at the age of 18, prompt her to promote arts and culture with Southern Philippines
Foundation for the Arts, Culture and Ecology.[1][2] She is now busy running the over-all operations of Ballet Philippines.[3] Moran was 21 years old when she married congressman Antonio R. Floirendo, Jr. of Davao Del Norte
Davao Del Norte
but after 30 years of marriage, they are now living separate lives.[8] They have 2 daughters, Monica Danielle and Gabrielle Antoinette.[13] References[edit]

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