This is a list of notable sandwiches. A sandwich is a dish consisting of two or more pieces of bread with one or more fillings between them,Abelson, Jenn
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''The Boston Globe'', 10 November 2006. Retrieved 27 May 2009.
or one slice in the case of an open sandwich. Sandwiches are a common type of lunch food often eaten as part of a packed lunch. There are many types of sandwiches, made from a diverse variety of ingredients. The sandwich is the namesake of John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, a British statesman. Major types of sandwiches include: * Two slices of bread with other ingredients between * Two halves of a baguette or roll with other ingredients between * Club sandwich * Hero, hoagie, or submarine sandwich * Open-faced sandwich * Pocket sandwich Sandwich cookies and ice cream sandwiches are generally not considered sandwiches in the sense of a bread-containing food item, but are named by analogy.


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