Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance



The Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance was a
Grammy Award The Grammy Awards (stylized as GRAMMY), or simply known as the Grammys, are awards presented by the Recording Academy of the United States to recognize "outstanding" achievements in the music industry. They are regarded by many as the most pr ...
recognizing superior vocal performance by a female in the pop category, the first of which was presented in 1959. It was discontinued after the 2011 Grammy season. The award went to the artist. Singles or tracks only are eligible. The award has had quite a convoluted history: *From 1959 to 1960 there was an award called Best Vocal Performance, Female, which was for work in the pop field *In 1961 the award was separated into Best Vocal Performance Single Record Or Track and Best Vocal Performance Album, Female *From 1962 to 1963 the awards from the previous year were combined into Best Solo Vocal Performance, Female *From 1964 to 1968 the award was called Best Vocal Performance, Female *In 1969, the awards were combined and streamlined as the award for Best Contemporary-Pop Vocal Performance, Female *From 1970 to 1971 the award was known as Best Contemporary Vocal Performance, Female *From 1972 to 1994 the award was known as Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female *From 1995 to 2011 it was known as Best Female Pop Vocal Performance The award was discontinued in 2012 in a major overhaul of Grammy categories. From 2012, all solo performances in the pop category (male, female, and instrumental) were shifted to the newly formed
Best Pop Solo Performance The Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance is an award presented at the Grammy Awards, a ceremony that was established in 1958 and originally called the Gramophone Awards. According to the 54th Grammy Awards description guides, the Best Pop So ...
category. Years reflect the year in which the Grammy Awards were presented, for works released in the previous year.


Category facts

;Most Wins in Category ;Most Nominations ; Other facts *
Ella Fitzgerald Ella Jane Fitzgerald (April 25, 1917June 15, 1996) was an American jazz singer, sometimes referred to as the "First Lady of Song", "Queen of Jazz", and "Lady Ella". She was noted for her purity of tone, impeccable diction, phrasing, timing, in ...
Barbra Streisand Barbara Joan "Barbra" Streisand (; born April 24, 1942) is an American singer, actress and director. With a career spanning over six decades, she has achieved success in multiple fields of entertainment, and is among the few performers awar ...
received the most consecutive wins in this category with 3 (1959-1961 & 1964-1966), respectively. *
Mariah Carey Mariah Carey (; born March 27, 1969) is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer. Referred to as the " Songbird Supreme", she is noted for her five-octave vocal range, melismatic singing style and signature use of the wh ...
received the most consecutive nominations in this category with 6 (1991-1996), winning once for "
Vision of Love "Vision of Love" is a song recorded by American singer-songwriter Mariah Carey for her Mariah Carey (album), eponymous debut studio album (1990). It was written by Carey and Ben Margulies. After being featured on Carey's demo tape for Columbia R ...
". *
Beyoncé Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter ( ; born September 4, 1981) is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Beyoncé's boundary-pushing artistry and vocals have made her the most influential female musician of the 21st century, according to ...
is the only artist in this category to be nominated for performing different versions of the same song, for studio version and live version of "
Halo Halo, halos or haloes usually refer to: * Halo (optical phenomenon) * Halo (religious iconography), a ring of light around the image of a head HALO, halo, halos or haloes may also refer to: Arts and entertainment Video games * ''Halo'' (fran ...
", winning for the studio version of this song in 2010. *
Ella Fitzgerald Ella Jane Fitzgerald (April 25, 1917June 15, 1996) was an American jazz singer, sometimes referred to as the "First Lady of Song", "Queen of Jazz", and "Lady Ella". She was noted for her purity of tone, impeccable diction, phrasing, timing, in ...
's "
Mack The Knife "Mack the Knife" or "The Ballad of Mack the Knife" (german: "Die Moritat von Mackie Messer", italic=no, link=no) is a song composed by Kurt Weill with lyrics by Bertolt Brecht for their 1928 music drama ''The Threepenny Opera'' (german: Die Dreig ...
" and
Sarah McLachlan Sarah Ann McLachlan OC OBC (born January 28, 1968) is a Canadian singer-songwriter. As of 2015, she had sold over 40 million albums worldwide. McLachlan's best-selling album to date is '' Surfacing'', for which she won two Grammy Awards (ou ...
's " I Will Remember You" are the only two performances of live songs to win in this category.

Contemporary (R&R) Performance

In 1966 the Recording Academy established a similar, but different, category in the Pop Field for Best Contemporary (rock & roll) Performances. The category went through a number of changes before being discontinued after the 1968 awards. *In 1966 the award was called Best Contemporary (R&R) Vocal Performance - Female *In 1967 the award from the previous year was combined with the equivalent award for men as the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary (R&R) Solo Vocal Performance - Male or Female *In 1968 the previous award was once again separated by gender, with the female award called Best Contemporary Female Solo Vocal Performance

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