George may refer to:


* George (given name) * George (surname)



* Lake George (New South Wales)

South Africa

* George, Western Cape ** George Airport

United States

* George, Iowa * George, Missouri * George, Washington * George County, Mississippi * Lake George (New York) * George Air Force Base, a former U.S. Air Force base located in California

In computing

* George (algebraic compiler) also known as 'Laning and Zierler system', an algebraic compiler by Laning and Zierler in 1952 * GEORGE (computer), early computer built by Argonne National Laboratory in 1957 * GEORGE (operating system), a range of operating systems (George 1-4) for the ICT 1900 range of computers in the 1960s * GEORGE (programming language), an autocode system invented by Charles Leonard Hamblin in 1957 * George (robot), a simple humanoid robot built by Tony Sale in 1949

Film and television

* ''George'' (1972 TV series), a Canadian-Swiss television series * the title character of ''George of the Jungle'', an animated television program * the title character of ''George Shrinks'', an American animated television series about a 10-year-old boy who is three inches tall * the title character of ''George Lopez'' (TV series), a sitcom originally aired on ABC 2002 through 2007 * ''George'' (1993 TV series), a short-lived sitcom starring George Foreman * George, the sixth MGM lion *George (Peppa Pig), a 2-year-old pig and Peppa's younger brother in the British show ''Peppa Pig'' *George Liquor, a character created by John Kricfalusi *George, a pink hippopotamus in the British children's TV show ''Rainbow''

In print

* ''George'' (novel), a 2016 novel about a young transgender girl by Alex Gino * ''(George)'', a 1970 novel by E. L. Konigsburg * George Kirrin, a ''Famous Five'' character known simply as George * the title character of ''Curious George'', a series of illustrated books written by Hans and Margaret Rey and a children's TV program on PBS Kids * ''George'' (magazine), a magazine founded by John F. Kennedy, Jr


* George, stage name of Giorgio Moroder * George (band), an Australian band * George (singer), American-Canadian singer George Nozuka, known by the mononym George * George Papagheorghe also known as Jorge / GE├śRGE * ''George'' (EP), an EP by Cartman * "George" (song), a song by Headless Chickens * "George", a 1959 spoken word track by Joyce Grenfell

In transport

* Autopilot, affectionately known as "George" * George (bus service), a bus service in Falls Church, Virginia, United States * ''George'' (ship), an Australian sloop wrecked in 1806 * Kawanishi N1K-J, a Japanese fighter aircraft Allied codenamed "George" * Pullman porters, often referred to as "George"


* George (dog), a Jack Russell Terrier who defended children from a two-dog attack * George (lobster) * Lonesome George, the last Pinta Island tortoise

Other uses

* George Street (disambiguation) * Tropical Storm George (disambiguation) * George (clothing), a clothing brand sold exclusively in Walmart and Asda stores * George (vacuum cleaner)

See also

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