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GAMBLE FIELD was an outdoor sports stadium in the western United States , located on the campus of the University of Colorado in Boulder . It was the predecessor of Folsom Field
Folsom Field


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Opened 117 years ago in 1901 on September 21, it was built via the efforts of CU student body. The field was named after Judge Harry P. Gamble, a six time (1891–96) football letterman and two-time captain.

Seating capacity
Seating capacity
was initially limited to 1,000 via a 160-foot (50 m) wooden grandstand located on the western side of the field, the only side that had stands. The elevation of the playing field was just over 5,400 feet (1,645 m) above sea level .


Gamble served multiple types of events, including university football , baseball , track and field, as well as rallies and other events. The field was surrounded by a quarter-mile track, with baseball played with some adjustments to the field and rules specific to Gamble Field. The complex was surrounded by a wooden wall.

The last football game at Gamble was a 31–0 win on October 4, 1924, with the team moving to the larger Colorado Stadium
for the remainder or the year. The Colorado football team compiled a record of 112–45–12 during the 24 years of use, including a 21-game winning streak over five seasons.

University Memorial Center is now located on the site.


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