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Franz Gottschalk is a Danish guitarist and bassist. He played in the death metal band Illdisposed
and is a former member of Volbeat, Dominus and Hypodermic. Gottschalk who is known under his nickname "Hellboss" was a member of the band Hypodermic with whom he released a record called "In Between". After Hypodermic split up, he founded the death metal band "Deadly Sins" with friends Lars B.(Koldborn), Rasmus, Huhle and Brian Jensen. In the late 1990s, he joined Dominus and played bass on their final record "Godfallos" in 2000. A year later, Dominus split-up and their singer Michael Poulsen
Michael Poulsen
founded Volbeat. Gottschalk joined Volbeat
in 2002 replacing their original guitarist Teddy Vang. Gottschalk appeared on the first two Volbeat
albums The Strength / The Sound / The Songs and Rock the Rebel / Metal the Devil. However, after the recordings of the second album were done, Gottschalk was fired "due to different personalities and working methods off stage," according to a statement on Volbeat's official website.[2] Gottschalk later joined Illdisposed, replacing Martin Thim.[3] He made his debut on the album The Prestige. His exit came in 2011. Discography[edit]

Hypodermic - In Between Dominus - Godfallos Volbeat
- The Strength / The Sound / The Songs Volbeat
- Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil Illdisposed
- The Prestige Illdisposed
- To Those Who Walk Behind Us


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Studio albums

The Strength/The Sound/The Songs Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil Guitar
Gangsters & Cadillac Blood Beyond Hell/Above Heaven Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies Seal the Deal & Let's Boogie


"Fallen" "Heaven nor Hell" "A Warrior's Call" "Still Counting" "The Hangman's Body Count" "Lola Montez" "Dead but Rising" "Doc Holliday" "The Devil's Bleeding Crown"

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Studio albums

Four Depressive Seasons (1993) There's Something Rotten... In the State of Denmark
(1997) Kokaiinum (2001) 1-800 Vindication
1-800 Vindication
(2004) Burn Me Wicked
Burn Me Wicked
(2006) The Prestige (2008) To Those Who Wal