Demo may refer to:

Music and film

*Demo (music), a song typically recorded for reference rather than release *''Demo'' (Behind Crimson Eyes), a 2004 recording by the band Behind Crimson Eyes *''Demo'' (Deafheaven album), a 2010 EP by Deafheaven *''Demo'' (The Flat liners Album), a 2002 album by the band The Flatliners *''Demo'' (Miss May I album), a 2008 recording by the metalcore band Miss May I *"Demo", a 1990 single by Die Krupps *"Demo" (P-Model song), a 1979 recording by songwriters Susumu Hirasawa and Yasumi Tanaka *''Demo (Skinless)'', a 1994 recording by the band Skinless *''Demo 2004'' (Year of No Light album), a 2004 recording by Year of No Light *''Demo #2'', an unreleased recording by Neutral Milk Hotel *''Demo'', 2008 debut EP by Yuna

Computing and technology

*Demo (computer programming), a non-interactive multimedia presentation *The Demo, a computer demonstration in 1968, sometimes called "the mother of all demos" *DEMOnstration Power Station (DEMO) is a proposed nuclear fusion power plant *Design & Engineering Methodology for Organizations (DEMO), an enterprise modelling methodology *Demo mode, a feature often found in consumer electronics *Game demo, a freely-distributed version of a video game *Technology demo, a prototype version of a technology product


*Demo (zsnes), one of the authors of the ZSNES software emulator *Demo Cates, Canadian musician; see Juno Awards of 1985

Other uses

*''Demo'' (comics), a comic book series by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan *A short form of Demonstration (protest) *Demonstration (teaching), teaching by reason or proof using examples or experiments *Product demonstration, a sales or marketing presentation *Demolition, the destruction of buildings and other structures *Exhibition game, a sporting event with no competitive value to any competitor *DEMOs, a business process design methodology by Jan Dietz *Demo, a daughter of the gods Celeus and Metaneira * DEMO conference, held annually by IDG for new technology products * d.e.m.o., a defunct clothing store owned by Pac Sun

See also

*Demoware, software that users can test in a limited fashion before buying *Demographics, quantifiable statistics of a given population *Demoscene, a computer art subculture that specializes in producing demos *Demos (disambiguation) *Democrat (disambiguation) *Demolition (disambiguation) *Demonstration (disambiguation) {{disambiguation