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Status (Latin plural: statūs), is a state, condition, or situation. Status may also refer to:

Social status, in sociology

Achieved status Ascribed status Master status Socioeconomic status Sociometric status Status attainment Status shift

Status (law) and legal status, in law

status Political status, in international law Small entity status, in patent law Status conference Status crime Status offense

Abundance (ecology) of taxa or biota Conservation status
Conservation status
of a species HIV test
HIV test
(HIV Status) Marital status Observer status, in international organizations Oratory status, in churches Performance status, in medicine Recurring status, in acting Senior status Status brand, in marketing Status constructus, a noun form Status effect, in gaming Status of religious freedom by country Status quo Status symbol Status, a magazine edited by Igor Cassini


Status tones, in telecommunication HTC Status, or HTC ChaCha, Android smartphone by HTC


Process states
Process states
(Process Status) Status bar, in user interface design Status message (instant messaging) Exit status, in computer science Status register, in computer science

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