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Caminho das Índias
Caminho das Índias
(lit: Path to the Indies; English title: India: A Love Story[1]; also known as There, Where the Love Is in Georgia) is a Brazilian Emmy-winning television telenovela (soap opera) produced by Rede Globo
Rede Globo
and first broadcast from January 19 to September 11, 2009. It ranked within the top of the most watched shows on Brazilian television. Caminho das Índias
Caminho das Índias
storylines examine beliefs and values that differentiate the Eastern and Western world, the telenovela brings to the screen a story of contrasts. Telefutura
aired an edited version of India from October 5, 2010 to April 25, 2011 at 10 pm central,[2][3] removing episode previews and a custom-made intro and commercial bumpers were produced. Starring Juliana Paes
Juliana Paes
and Rodrigo Lombardi
Rodrigo Lombardi
respectively, the main Protagonists. Letícia Sabatella
Letícia Sabatella
respectively, the main Antagonist. It also has Tânia Khallil, Débora Bloch, Alexandre Borges
Alexandre Borges
and Bruno Gagliasso as the main Co-Protagonists. The telenovela was originally screened as six one-hour chapters per week, from Monday to Saturday. It was one of the Brazil's highest-rated programmes, often appearing at the top of the daily's ratings released by the Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics. The average audience share for a chapter reached between 36 and 45 millions, with each point equivalent to sixty thousand households tuned on Rede Globo
Rede Globo
in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo.


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4.1 Caminho das Índias
Caminho das Índias
vol. 1, National 4.2 Caminho das Índias
Caminho das Índias
vol. 2, Indian 4.3 Caminho das Índias
Caminho das Índias
vol. 3, Lapa 4.4 Caminho das Índias
Caminho das Índias
vol. 4, International 4.5 Caminho das Índias
Caminho das Índias
vol. 5, Instrumental

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Story[edit] The title can be interpreted in two ways: it is Portuguese for "Route to the Indies" (literally) or "India's Way" (figuratively). The plot spans a period during the transition of India into a modern democracy (in the 1950s), parts during the 1970s, and finally (and the majority of the plot) during modern period (1990s–2000s), where most of the complex plot begins to unravel. There are many flashbacks that figure prominently in the resolution of the narrative. But the story is equally divided between continents, as the story delves with characters in Rio de Janeiro, Rajasthan
and some elements in Dubai. Many themes are explored in the novella, including love, reason, sanity, insanity, and finally tradition versus modernity (not to mention juvenile delinquency or bullying). With beliefs and values that separate the West and the East, the soap brings to the screen a story full of contrasts. The story is treated from a complex mesh of relationships, of families, their familiars and friends, who all circle in a "small world" where everyone has a relationship that connects to the other characters in some way. Synopsis[edit]

Reproduction of Ganges River
Ganges River
to the telenovela India – A Love Story in scenographic city of Projac.

One of the main plot points is a forbidden love between castes, as played by two characters with different origins, Maya and Bahuan. Maya is clever and amazingly charming with dimples, enchanting eyes and all. She is also cheerful, an employee of a call-center in Rajasthan and part of a traditional family of Vaishyas – the trader caste. Bahuan is finishing his studies in America, where he works, but could never forget the humiliation he had to go through as a child for being a dalit (untouchable). Bahuan is the son of two servants, also untouchables, who were burned at the stake for accidentally touching their master while he bathed. As a young boy, the disorientated youth, walks by the River Ganges, where Opash Ananda is with his two sons: Amithab and Raj. Amithab (the older son) out of curiosity, touches Bahuan, reaching for his necklace. Opash sees this and reprimands his son, since Bahuan is an untouchable and is not "clean". Shankar, a liberal Brahmin
appears and defends Bahuan, beginning a fight with Opash that will prevail until the end of the narrative. Opash leaves with his two children. Bahuan recounts his troubled life to the attentive Shankar, who reveals his lonely life and adopts the child, despite the prejudice he suffers from many people. Maya has reached the age to marry and her parents, the perfume maker Manu Meetha and Kochi, search all over for a suitable husband. Like every Indian girl, she had always believed they were the best suited people to find the right man; but that was until she met Bahuan. Moved by an overwhelming feeling, Maya is willing to impose her will to her family and doesn't understand why he seems so reticent. Only when the truth about his origins come to light she understands his fears. Between promises and risks, the couple plan a future together and keep being surprised by fate. On their way, are Raj Ananda, her parents' "golden dream"; Bahuan's investment in his career; and the Brazilian company Cadore, of which he becomes a partner years later. Raj is the middle child of Opash and Indira Ananda. Opash is a wealthy tradesman, who makes the agreement with Manu for Maya and Raj's marriage (making it even harder for her and Bahuan). Opash and Indira have three other children: Amithab, Ravi (the youngest son) and Shanti (their only daughter). Amithab (the eldest), married to Surya, with whom he had a precocious daughter, Anusha. Amitahab is the dutiful older son, but not having a male heir has diminished his status (although not overtly), a point of jealousy that drives the ambitious Surya. Ravi, the youngest boy, falls in love with a Brazilian girl, Camilla Motta, and their relationship, which eventually leads to marriage will bring the conflict between East and West to the forefront, as Camilla tries to adapt to the Hindu culture. Shanti, the youngest and the only girl, had been prepared for marriage since she was a small child, learning the "womanly arts" of the society: dancing, brewing chai (tea), looking beautiful and serving members of the family. But she is uncomfortable in this role, and with her friendship with Camilla she explores new possibilities beyond the home. She aspires to obtain a university education and be free to choose who she falls in love with, or if she marries. This is in stark contrast with Opash's mother and the most dominant figure in the house. She is the vanguard of tradition in the Ananda home, quoting traditional proverbs, insinuating normative roles and generally annoying Indira and Surya. But she holds a secret which will affect the people of the Ananda home. Meanwhile, she too is always being annoyed by Karan (or Chacha), brother of her late husband; her brother-in-law, a capricious older man, he lives in Opash's home after his wife left him for another. While Maya and Bahuan secretively attempt to be together, Raj has also fallen in love with Duda while in Brazil. The feeling is mutual; however, they cannot be happy together because of his parent's arranged marriage to Maya. Duda attempts to fight for Raj's affections and his families preconceived notions. During the course of the story she becomes disillusioned, and eventually the conflict between the possible and the improbable force her to abandon her relationship with Raj, in favor of a new love. She works in an aesthetic clinic owned by Ilana and Chiara, two very different women. Ilana is married to Cesar Motta, an ambitious man who can't control their son, Zeca, a boy without imposed limits, considered a delinquent and leader of a group of bullies at the local high school. Chiara, although a beautiful mature businesswoman, reads a lot of self-help books and who will, as the plot progresses, be involved romantically with Murilo, a loyal employee in the company of the Cadore family and brother of Tonia, girlfriend of Tarso Cadore, a young schizophrenic. The plot also portrays the couple Sílvia and Raul. Married for a long time, they have a daughter, Julia, who is Camilla and Leinha's friend. The couple's lives will change drastically with the arrival of Yvone, Sílvia's highschool friend, who comes back when her friends needs her help the most, since she is experiencing a crisis in her marriage. But, behind her innocent face, Yvone hides a personality disorder: she is a psychopath. She will take advantage of the trust deposited in her to ruin many dreams and illusions. Audience[edit] Main article: Audience of Caminho das Índias


 19/01/2009 to 24/01/2009   36.00 points JANUARY 34.41 POINTS

 26/01/2009 to 31/01/2009   32.80 points

 02/02/2009 to 07/02/2009   33.50 points FEBRUARY 34.22 POINTS

 09/02/2009 to 14/02/2009   35.80 points

 16/02/2009 to 21/02/2009   32.50 points

 23/02/2009 to 28/02/2009   32.60 points

 02/03/2009 to 07/03/2009   33.60 points MARCH 34.85 POINTS

 09/03/2009 to 14/03/2009   34.50 points

 16/03/2009 to 21/03/2009   34.80 points

 23/03/2009 to 28/03/2009   36.50 points

 30/03/2009 to 04/04/2009   36.50 points APRIL 36.88 POINTS

 06/04/2009 to 11/04/2009   35.10 points

 13/04/2009 to 18/04/2009   37.50 points

 20/04/2009 to 25/04/2009   37.00 points

 27/04/2009 to 02/05/2009   38.30 points

 04/05/2009 to 09/05/2009   37.80 points MAY 38.02 POINTS

 11/05/2009 to 16/05/2009   37.50 points

 18/05/2009 to 23/05/2009   39.00 points

 25/05/2009 to 30/05/2009   37.80 points

 01/06/2009 to 06/06/2009   39.80 points JUNE 40.66 POINTS

 08/06/2009 to 13/06/2009   40.00 points

 15/06/2009 to 20/06/2009   40.60 points

 22/06/2009 to 27/06/2009   41.30 points

 29/06/2009 to 04/07/2009   41.60 points

 06/07/2009 to 11/07/2009   40.50 points JULY 40.75 POINTS

 13/07/2009 to 18/07/2009   40.00 points

 20/07/2009 to 25/07/2009   41.00 points

 27/07/2009 to 01/08/2009   41.50 points

 03/08/2009 to 08/08/2009   39.40 points AUGUST 42.60 POINTS

 10/08/2009 to 15/08/2009   42.30 points

 17/08/2009 to 22/08/2009   42.10 points

 24/08/2009 to 29/08/2009   46.60 points

 31/08/2009 to 05/09/2009   46.50 points SEPTEMBER 47.90 POINTS

 07/09/2009 to 12/09/2009   49.30 points

19/01/2009 to 11/09/2009 TOTAL AVERAGE 38.59 POINTS


Actor Character

Juliana Paes Maya Meetha

Rodrigo Lombardi Raj Ananda

Letícia Sabatella Yvone Oliveira Magalhães

Alexandre Borges Raul Cadore

Débora Bloch Sílvia Cadore

Tânia Khallil Maria Eduarda de Moraes (Duda)

Márcio Garcia Bahuan Sundrani

Bruno Gagliasso Tarso Cadore

Marjorie Estiano Tônia Cavinato

Humberto Martins Ramiro Cadore

Christiane Torloni Melissa Cadore

Caco Ciocler Murilo Cavinato

Dira Paes Norma Cristina Almeida (Norminha)

Anderson Müller Abel Almeida

Isis Valverde Camila Motta Goulart Ananda

Caio Blat Ravi Ananda

Cléo Pires Surya Ananda

Thaila Ayala Shivani Mugdaliar Sundrani

Odilon Wagner Michael Brown Johnson (Maike / Eric Brown)

Totia Meirelles Drª. Aída Motta

Antônio Calloni César Gallo Goulart

Ana Beatriz Nogueira Ilana Gallo Goulart

André Gonçalves Mutineja Gopal (Gopal)

Betty Gofman Dayse

Neuza Borges Iracema (Cema)

Danton Mello Amithab Ananda

Juliana Alves Suellen

André Arteche Indra

Maria Maya Inês Cadore

Júlia Almeida Léa Motta Goulart (Leinha)

Ricardo Tozzi Komal Meetha

Paula Pereira Durga

Rosane Gofman Walkíria (Wal)

Victor Fasano Dario

Cissa Guimarães Ruth

Sílvia Buarque Berenice (Berê)

Duda Nagle José Carlos Gallo Goulart (Zeca)

Carolina Oliveira Chanti Ananda

Ana Furtado Drª. Gabriela (Gabi)

Blota Filho Haroldo Estevanato

Luci Pereira Ondina

Marcelo Brou Guto

Mara Manzan Dona Ashima

Thais Garayp Ana

Mussunzinho Maico

Priscila Marinho Sheila

Marcius Melhem Radesh

Cacau Mello Deva

Ana Lima Drª. Cecília (Ciça)

Darlan Cunha Eliseu

Cláudia Lira Nayana

Clarice Derzie Luz Harima

Adilson Magha Siro

Janaina Prado Sonya

Luiz Baccelli Barat Mugdaliar

Jacqueline Dalabona Rhada Mugdaliar

Allan Souza Lima Hadit

Alexandre Liuzzi Pedro


Ator Personagem

Karina Ferrari Anusha Ananda

Cadu Paschoal Hari Hitid

Laura Barreto Lalit

Nahuana Costa Malika


Actor Character

Sidney Santiago Ademir

Brendha Haddad Rani Meetha

Vitória Frate Júlia Cadore

Márcio Vito Ramu Hitid

guest stars

Actor Character

Vera Fischer Chiara

Eva Todor Cidinha

Elias Gleizer Senhor Cadore

Murilo Rosa Lucas Garrido

Maitê Proença Fernanda Estevanato (Nanda)

Invited Actresses

Actor Character

Laura Cardoso Laksmi Ananda

Jandira Martini Puja Hitid

Eliane Giardini Indira Ananda

Nívea Maria Kochi Meetha

Invited actors

Actor Character

Osmar Prado Manu Meetha

José de Abreu Sacerdote Pandit

Flávio Migliaccio Karan Ananda


Lima Duarte
Lima Duarte
as "Shankar Sundrani"

Stênio Garcia
Stênio Garcia
as "Dr. Castanho"

Tony Ramos
Tony Ramos
as "Opash Ananda"

Soundtrack[edit] Caminho das Índias
Caminho das Índias
vol. 1, National[edit] Cover: Juliana Paes

Beedi Jalaile – Sukhwinder Singh
Sukhwinder Singh
& Sunidhi Chauhan
Sunidhi Chauhan
(Opening theme) Eu Nasci Há Dez Mil Anos Atrás – Nando Reis
Nando Reis
(India's location theme) Pára-Raio – Skank (Murilo's theme) Uma Prova De Amor – Zeca Pagodinho
Zeca Pagodinho
(Castanho and Suellen's theme) Vamos Fugir (Gimme Your Love) – Gilberto Gil
Gilberto Gil
(Tarso and Tônia's theme) Ela Disse – Marcelo D2
Marcelo D2
(Júlia's theme) Memórias – Pitty
(Inês theme) Martelo Bigorna – Lenine (Yvone's theme) Nada Por Mim – Paula Toller
Paula Toller
(Camila's theme) Alma – Zélia Duncan
Zélia Duncan
(Melissa and Ramiro's theme) Sob Medida – Isabella Taviani Lembra De Mim – Emílio Santiago (Sílvia's theme) Amor, Meu Grande Amor – Ângela Rô Rô (Chiara and Murilo's theme) Não Se Esqueça De Mim – Nana Caymmi & Erasmo Carlos
Erasmo Carlos
(Maya and Bahuan's theme) Feliz – Gonzaguinha
(Raj and Duda's theme) O Vento Vai Responder (Blowin' in the Wind) – Zé Ramalho
Zé Ramalho
(Dayse's theme) Dois pra lá, dois pra cá – Elis Regina
Elis Regina
(Rio de Janeiro's location theme) Até Quem Sabe – Nara Leão
Nara Leão
(Raul's theme) Sufoco da Vida – Harmonia Enlouquece Você Não Vale Nada – Calcinha Preta (Norminha's theme)

Caminho das Índias
Caminho das Índias
vol. 2, Indian[edit]

Beedi Jalaile – Sunidhi Chauhan, Sukhwinder Singh, Nachiketa Chakraborty and Clinton Cerejo opening theme Kajra Re – Alisha Chinai, Shankar Mahadevan
Shankar Mahadevan
and Javed Ali Nagada Nagada – Sonu Nigam
Sonu Nigam
e Javed Ali Sajna Ve Sajna – Sunidhi Chauhan Main Vari Vari – Kavita Krishnamurti e Reena Bharadwaj (theme of Maya and Bahuan) Mast Kalandar – Sunidhi Chauhan Chori Chori Gori Se – Abhijeet and Udit Narayan Salaam-E-Ishq – Sonu Nigam
Sonu Nigam
and Shreya Ghoshal Salaam – Alka Yagnik Azeem o Shaan Shahensh – Mohamed Aslam Bangra Jaya – Alexandre de Faria

Caminho das Índias
Caminho das Índias
vol. 3, Lapa[edit] Cover: Juliana Alves

Eu vou pra Lapa – Alcione Malandro é malandro, mané é mané – Diogo Nogueira
Diogo Nogueira
(theme of César and Ilana) Só faltou você Lado a Lado
Lado a Lado
B – Leandro Sapucahy Vaso Ruim – Casuarina (theme of Radesh) Tristeza Pé no Chão – Teresa Cristina & Grupo Semente Amor de verdade – Beth Carvalho Errei – Sururu na Roda (Live) Pretinha Jóia Rara – Moyseis Marques Em Desfile Chatos – Jota Canalha Sal e Pimenta – Gabriel o Pensador Puro êxtase – Barão Vermelho Anjo da madrugada – Babi Xavier
Babi Xavier
(theme of Duda and Lucas) Lourinha Bombril (Parate y mira) – Bangalafumenga Legal, Vou ficar – Quatro Fatos Põe aê uma música – DJ Alex Guedes Uma flor uma raiz – Fino Coletivo Mezcla – Riosalsa (theme of Suellen and Ademi)

Caminho das Índias
Caminho das Índias
vol. 4, International[edit]

Halo – Beyoncé Knowles
Beyoncé Knowles
(theme of Yvone) Thinking of You – Katy Perry
Katy Perry
(theme of Bahuan and Shivani) Orishas – Público Never Gonna Be Alone – Nickelback
(theme of Tônia and Tarso) Tip of My Tongue – Something Sally feat. Joss Stone
Joss Stone
(theme of Aída and Darío) Small Talk
– Ovi To Love you All Over Again – Madeleine Peyroux
Madeleine Peyroux
(theme of Chiara) Sober – Pink Use Somebody – Kings Of Leon Lies – McFly
(theme of Zeca) Madly – Tristan Prettyman
Tristan Prettyman
(theme of Duda and Lucas) Quando e se – Ari Hest
Ari Hest
(theme of Silvia and Murilo) Lay Lady Lay – Dan (theme of Dr. Castanho and Suellen) I'm in the Mood for Love – Daniel Boaventura (theme of Maya and Raj) All the Way – Ronaldo Canto e Mello (theme of Camila and Ravi) Smoke Gets in Your Eyes – Oséas (theme of Shankar y Laksm)

Caminho das Índias
Caminho das Índias
vol. 5, Instrumental[edit]

Os portais do Taj Mahal – Alexandre de Faria (Geral theme) Tema de Maya e Bahuan – Alexandre de Faria (theme of Maya and Bahuan) Quase um Intocável – Alexandre de Faria (Untouchable's theme) Caminho das Índias
Caminho das Índias
– Alexandre de Faria (theme of geral dance) Nos passos de Shankar – Alexandre de Faria(theme of Shankar) Meu Salaam – Alexandre de Faria (romantic theme) Meditação e Karma – Alexandre de Faria (incidental theme) Re Tchori – Alexandre de Faria (theme of geral dance) Habanera para Tarso – Alexandre de Faria (theme of Tarso) Maxixe Chorado – Alexandre de Faria (theme of Lapa neighboord) Uma Canção sem Palavras – Alexandre de Faria (tema triste) Tango da Ausência – Alexandre de Faria (theme of Lapa neighboord) Berceuse pour un Nuit – Alexandre de Faria (incidental theme) Toda Levada – Alexandre de Faria

Awards[edit] In November 2009, Caminho das Índias
Caminho das Índias
was prized as Best telenovela in the 2009 Emmy International.[4] In Brazil, it won 4 awards for Best telenovela. The cast won many awards, too. Bruno Gagliasso won 5 awards as Best Supporting Actor. Dira Paes
Dira Paes
won 4 awards as Best Supporting Actress. Rodrigo Lombardi
Rodrigo Lombardi
won 2 awards as Best Actor. Juliana Paes
Juliana Paes
won 1 award as Best Actress. See also[edit]

Brazil–India relations Caste system in India Culture of India Indian soap opera Masala chai


^ "Caminho das Índias". Globo TV International. Retrieved 2010-12-09.  ^ India, una telenovela con aire de Bollywood ^ ¿Tendrá 'India' un final feliz? ^ " Caminho das Índias
Caminho das Índias
vence Emmy de melhor telenovela" (in Portuguese). O Globo. November 24, 2009. Retrieved November 24, 2009. 

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Preceded by A Favorita (2008–2009) Caminho das Índias January 19, 2009 – September 11, 2009 Succeeded by Viver a Vida (2009–2010)

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(2015) A Regra do Jogo
A Regra do Jogo
(2015) Totalmente Demais
Totalmente Demais
(2015) Êta Mundo Bom!
Êta Mundo Bom!
(2016) Velho Chico
Velho Chico
(2016) Liberdade, Liberdade
Liberdade, Liberdade
(2016) Haja Coração
Haja Coração
(2016) Sol Nascente
Sol Nascente
(2016) A Lei do Amor
A Lei do Amor
(2016) Rock Story
Rock Story
(2016) Os Dias Eram Assim
Os Dias Eram Assim
(2017) Novo Mundo (2017) A Força do Querer
A Força do Querer
(2017) Pega Pega
Pega Pega
(2017) Tempo de Amar
Tempo de Amar


O Outro Lado do Paraíso (since 2017) Deus Salve o Rei
Deus Salve o Rei
(since 2018) Orgulho e Paixão
Orgulho e Paixão
(since 2018)


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International Emmy Award for Outstanding Telenovela

2008 — present

Al-Igtiyah (The Invasion) (2008) Caminho das Índias
Caminho das Índias
(2009) Meu Amor (2010) Laços de Sangue (2011) O Astro (2012) Lado a Lado
Lado a Lado
(2013) Joia Rara
Joia Rara
(2014) Império
(2015) Verdades Secretas
Verdades Secretas
(2016) Endless Love (2017)

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Troféu Imprensa for Best Telenovela


A Moça Que Veio de Longe (1965) A Deusa Vencida (1966) Redenção (1967) Os Fantoches (1968) A Muralha (1969)


Beto Rockfeller
Beto Rockfeller
(1970) Irmãos Coragem (1971) O Cafona (1972) Selva de Pedra (1973) O Bem-Amado (1974) O Espigão (1975) Gabriela (1976) Saramandaia (1977)


Água Viva (1981) Os Imigrantes (1982) Elas por Elas (1983) Guerra dos Sexos
Guerra dos Sexos
(1984) Vereda Tropical (1985) Roque Santeiro
Roque Santeiro
(1986) Roda de Fogo (1987) Brega e Chique (1988) Vale Tudo (1989)


Que Rei Sou Eu?
Que Rei Sou Eu?
(1990) Pantanal (1991) O Dono do Mundo (1992) Pedra sobre Pedra (1993) Renascer (1994) Éramos Seis (1995) A Próxima Vítima (1996) O Rei do Gado
O Rei do Gado
(1997) Por Amor (1998) Torre de Babel (1999)


Terra Nostra (2000) Laços de Família (2001) O Clone
O Clone
(2002) O Beijo do Vampiro
O Beijo do Vampiro
(2003) Mulheres Apaixonadas (2004) Senhora do Destino
Senhora do Destino
(2005) Belíssima / Páginas da Vida (2007) Paraíso Tropical
Paraíso Tropical
/ Vidas Opostas (2008) A Favorita
A Favorita


Caminho das Índias
Caminho das Índias
(2010) Ti Ti Ti
Ti Ti Ti
(2011) Cordel Encantado
Cordel Encantado
(2012) Avenida Brasil (2013) Amor à Vida
Amor à Vida
(2014) Império
(2015) Verdades Secretas
Verdades Secretas
(2016) Totalmente Demais
Totalmente Demais

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Extra Television Awards for Best Telenovela


Torre de Babel (1998) Terra Nostra (1999) Laços de Família (2000) Presença de Anita
Presença de Anita
(2001) O Clone
O Clone
(2002) Mulheres Apaixonadas (2003) Celebridade (2004) América (2005) Páginas da Vida (2006) Paraíso Tropical
Paraíso Tropical


A Favorita
A Favorita
(2008) Caminho das Índias
Caminho das Índias
(2009) Passione (2010) Cordel Encantado
Cordel Encantado
(2011) Avenida Brasil (2012) Amor à Vida
Amor à Vida
(2013) Império
(2014) Verdades Secretas
Verdades Secretas
(2015) Êta Mundo