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Benjamin "Ben" Stoloff (October 6, 1895 – September 8, 1960) was an American film director and producer. He began his career as a short film comedy director and gradually moved into feature film directing and production later in his career. Stoloff was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He died in Hollywood, California.


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Director filmography[edit] 1940s–1950s[edit]

Home Run Derby
Home Run Derby
(1959) TV Series Footlight Varieties (1951) It's a Joke, Son!
It's a Joke, Son!
(1947) Johnny Comes Flying Home (1946) Take It or Leave It (1944) Bermuda Mystery
Bermuda Mystery
(1944) The Mysterious Doctor
The Mysterious Doctor
(1943) The Hidden Hand (1942) Secret Enemies
Secret Enemies
(1942) Three Sons o' Guns
Three Sons o' Guns
(1941) The Great Mr. Nobody (1941) The Marines Fly High (1940)


The Lady and the Mob (1939) The Affairs of Annabel
The Affairs of Annabel
(1938) Radio City Revels (1938) Fight for Your Lady
Fight for Your Lady
(1937) Super-Sleuth (1937) Sea Devils (1937) Don't Turn 'Em Loose
Don't Turn 'Em Loose
(1936) Two in the Dark(1936) To Beat the Band (1935) Swellhead (1935) Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round(1934) Palooka (1934) Night of Terror
Night of Terror
(1933) Obey the Law (1933) The Devil Is Driving (1932) Night Mayor (1932) By Whose Hand? (1932) Destry Rides Again (1932) Perfect Control (1932) Slide, Babe, Slide (1932) Goldie (1931) Three Rogues (1931) Not Exactly Gentlemen
Not Exactly Gentlemen
(1931) Soup to Nuts
Soup to Nuts
(1930) New Movietone Follies of 1930
New Movietone Follies of 1930


The Girl from Havana (1929) Happy Days (1929/I) Protection (1929) Speakeasy (1929) The Bath Between (1928) Plastered in Paris (1928) A Horseman of the Plains
A Horseman of the Plains
(1928) Mind Your Business (1928) Silver Valley (1927) The Gay Retreat (1927) The Circus Ace
The Circus Ace
(1927) The Canyon of Light (1926) It's a Pipe (1926) Matrimony Blues (1926) The Mad Racer (1926) The Fighting Tailor (1926) East Side, West Side (1925/II) The Heart Breaker (1925) Sweet Marie (1925) Roaring Lions at Home (1924) Stolen Sweeties (1924) In-Bad the Sailor (1924) Stretching the Truth
Stretching the Truth
(1924) When Wise Ducks Meet (1924) On the Job (1924)


Gas House Kids Go West
Gas House Kids Go West


Law of the Tropics (1941) The Spiritualist
The Spiritualist
(1948) also known as The Amazing Mr. X

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