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Automatic train protection
Automatic train protection
(ATP) is a type of train protection system which continually checks that the speed of a train is compatible with the permitted speed allowed by signalling. If it is not, ATP activates an emergency brake to stop the train.[1]


1 Accidents and ATP

1.1 Accidents preventable by ATP 1.2 Accidents not preventable by ATP

2 See also 3 References

Accidents and ATP[edit] Accidents preventable by ATP[edit]

Russell Hill Subway Crash - 1995 - Driver passed two signals at danger, resulting in a collision between two subway trains. The line was equipped with train stops, but they were installed incorrectly and thus did not function. Hines Hill train collision - 1996 - driver misjudges end of crossing loop during simultaneous cross with opposing train. Two killed.[citation needed] Watford rail crash - 1996 - Signal passed at danger
Signal passed at danger
resulting in collision with coaching stock. One killed. Southall rail crash
Southall rail crash
- 1997 - Signal passed at danger, resulting in a collision between a passenger train and a freight train crossing the track in front of it. Glenbrook train disaster
Glenbrook train disaster
- 1999 - too fast after Stop and Proceed.[citation needed] Pécrot rail crash
Pécrot rail crash
- 2001 - Train departed a station passing by a red (closed) signal. 8 killed, 12 injured. Waterfall train disaster
Waterfall train disaster
- 2003 - too fast around very sharp curve after driver suffered a heart attack. 17 September 2005 Too fast through turnouts between Joliet and Chicago.[2] Amagasaki rail crash
Amagasaki rail crash
- 2005 - Overspeed through sharp curve. 107 killed, 555 injured.[3] Chatsworth train collision - 2008 - driver of commuter train passes red signal and collides head-on with freight train - 25 killed[4] Hordorf rail crash - 2011 - Signal passed at danger
Signal passed at danger
resulting in collision between a passenger train and a freight train - 10 dead, 23 injured.[5] 2012 Buenos Aires rail disaster
2012 Buenos Aires rail disaster
- 2012 - Didn't brake resulting in collision the end of the track - 51 dead, 703 injured. 2013 Buenos Aires rail disaster - 2013 - Four signals passed at danger resulting in collision with a stationary train - 3 dead, 315 injured. Santiago de Compostela derailment
Santiago de Compostela derailment
- 2013 - Overspeed through sharp curve. - 80 killed, 140 injured.[6] 12 July 2014, Kaloyanovets - Overspeed through turnouts set to diverging track. Driver dead, 14 injured. ATC (EBICAB) was available but wasn't turned on.[7][8]

Accidents not preventable by ATP[edit]

Clapham Junction rail crash
Clapham Junction rail crash
- 1988 - wrong-side failure - both signal and balise would have shown false green lights. 35 killed, 100 plus injured.[citation needed] Cowan rail crash - 1990 - wrong-side failure - caused by sand on the rails.[citation needed] Clementi train collision - 1993 - oil spillage on track, may have interfered with normal ATP operation on the 12 trains that arrived at Clementi MRT Station
Clementi MRT Station
in the early morning since the oil have come into contact with the ATP power system fixed into the rails. The ATP system in question is continuous ATP, which is still used on the North South MRT Line and the East West MRT Line. 156 injuries, no deaths.[citation needed] Bruehl train disaster
Bruehl train disaster
- 2000 - too fast through turnout during single-line working and degraded operations.[citation needed]

See also[edit]

Anti Collision Device Automatic Warning System Automatische treinbeïnvloeding
Automatische treinbeïnvloeding
(ATB) – A Dutch system which could have prevented the Harmelen train disaster Dead man's switch EBICAB European Train Control System
European Train Control System
(ETCS) Lists of rail accidents Train Protection & Warning System Train protection system Train Warning System – An Indian system


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