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ANDERS KJøLHOLM (born 4 March 1971) is a Danish bassist, best known as the former bassist of the Danish heavy metal band Volbeat . Before Volbeat, he was the bassist in Dominus , which also featured Volbeat founding member Michael Poulsen
Michael Poulsen
. He primarily uses Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay basses, but is also seen playing a black Fender Jazz Bass and uses TC Electronic amps.

Anders is primarily known for his prolific stage presence during performances. He is well known for antics with crowds and is often seen on all parts of the stage interacting with fans.

In November 2015 the band announced that Kjølholm would leave Volbeat. They emphasized, that he left in good terms with the band. Poulsen and Larsen said that "Anders has been a loyal friend and bandmate since 2001. We’re very thankful for this and wish Anders all the best in the future." Kjøholm likewise wished all the best for the rest of the band.


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