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Wikipedia:Lua/To Do
This is the Lua project's to-do list. Here we list templates to be converted to Lua, and other Lua-related tasks to be done. Update: there is Module:World topic (implemented in Template:World topic) and Module:Region topic (an alpha module to be used in all region-topic templates). See Wikipedia:Lua/Requests/Archive 5#Re-write Template:World topic as a Lua module.
Template:Db-multiple Medium Calls Template:Csdcheck, which has already been converted to Lua. Otherwise only has one subtemplate. We could probably do with centralising the data about the different CSD criteria, as it is used in a lot of different places and is a pain to update when criteria are added and removed. But this can always be done later.
Template:WPBannerMeta Hardest This may be the most complicated template on Wikipedia, although there are a couple of other strong contenders
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