Winamp is a media player for
Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows, commonly referred to as Windows, is a group of several proprietary {{Short pages monitor The app was removed from the Play Store in 2014. It was reported by TechCrunch that a redesigned Android app was planned alongside the announcement of the development of Winamp 6.


In 1997 Nullsoft also released MacAmp, an
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equivalent of Winamp. In October 2011, ''Winamp Sync for Mac'' was introduced as a beta release. It is the first Winamp version for the Mac OS X platform and runs under version 10.6 and above. Its focus is on syncing the Winamp Library to Winamp for Android and the iTunes Music Library (hence the name, "Winamp Sync for Mac"). Nonetheless, a full Winamp Library and player features are included. The developer's blog stated that the ''Winamp Sync for Mac Beta'' would pave the way for future Winamp-related development on Mac and a fully featured media player as Winamp on Windows. However no further development occurred.


An early alpha preview of Winamp3 for desktop
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was developed in October 2001, but the project was not pursued. Nonetheless some versions of Winamp for Windows are functional using Wine (software), Wine.


DOSamp for
MS-DOS MS-DOS ( ; acronym for Microsoft Disk Operating System, also known as Microsoft DOS) is an operating system An operating system (OS) is system software System software is software designed to provide a platform for other software. Example ...
operating systems was released in 1997. The software was soon abandoned by Nullsoft to focus on the Windows version (Winamp).

Easter eggs

Winamp has historically included a number of Easter egg (media), Easter eggs: hidden features that are accessible via undocumented operations. One example is an image of
Justin Frankel Justin Frankel (born 1978) is an American computer programmer A computer programmer, sometimes called a software developer, a programmer or more recently a coder (especially in more informal contexts), is a person who creates computer softwa ...
, one of Winamp's original authors, hidden in Winamp's About dialog box. The included Easter eggs have changed with versions of Winamp, and over thirty have been documented elsewhere.

Derivative works

''Unagi'' is the codename for the media playback engine derived from Winamp core technologies. AOL announced in 2004 that Unagi would be incorporated into ''AOL Media Player (AMP)'', in development. After beta testing, ''AMP'' was discontinued in 2005, but portions lived on in AOL's Web-based player. A HTML5 and JavaScript-based web player resembling the graphical user interface of Winamp 2 has been developed.

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