Musculus may refer to: *
Andreas Musculus Andreas Musculus (also Andreas Meusel; 29 November 1514 – 29 September 1581) was a German Lutheran theologian and Protestant reformer. The name Musculus is a Latinized form of Meusel. Musculus was born in Schneeberg, Saxony, Schneeberg, "general ...

Andreas Musculus
(1514–1581), German Lutheran theologian * Heinrich Musculus (b. 1868), Swedish-Norwegian businessperson *Wolfgang Musculus (1497–1563), German Reformed theologian *Musculus (bivalve), ''Musculus'' (bivalve), a genus of mussels *Blue whale, ''Balaenoptera musculus'', the blue whale *House mouse, ''Mus musculus'', the house mouse {{disambiguation, surname