Imperial is that which relates to an empire, emperor, or imperialism. Imperial or The Imperial may also refer to:


United States

* Imperial, California * Imperial, Missouri * Imperial, Nebraska * Imperial, Pennsylvania * Imperial, Texas * Imperial, West Virginia * Imperial, Virginia * Imperial County, California * Imperial Valley, California * Imperial Beach, California


* Imperial (Madrid), an administrative neighborhood in Spain * Imperial, Saskatchewan, a town in Canada


* Imperial Apartments, a building in Brooklyn, New York * Imperial City, Huế, a palace in Huế, Vietnam * Imperial Palace (disambiguation) * Imperial Towers, a group of lighthouses on Lake Huron, Canada * The Imperial (Mumbai), a skyscraper apartment complex in India

Animals and plants

* ''Cheritra'' or imperial, a genus of butterfly

Architecture, design, and fashion

* Imperial, a luggage case for the top of a coach * Imperial, the top, roof or second-storey compartment of a coach or carriage, especially a stagecoach * Imperial, a style of moustache * Imperial staircase, a style of staircase

Arts, entertainment, and media

Fictional entities

* Imperial, a megacorporation in Mutant Chronicles * Imperial, several entities in the Galactic Empire (''Star Wars'') *Imperial (''Elder Scrolls''), a fictional race in ''The Elder Scrolls'' series of video games


* ''Imperial'' (board game), a German-style board game by Mac Gerdts


* ''Imperial'' (book), a 2009 book by William T. Vollmann * ''Imperial'' (comics), a story arc from ''New X-Men''


Groups and labels

* Imperial Records, an American record company * Little Anthony and the Imperials, an American doo-wop vocal group * The Imperials, a vocal group * Imperial (band), an American metalcore band


* ''Imperial'' (Denzel Curry album), 2016 * ''Imperial'' (In Fear and Faith album), 2010 * ''Imperial'', by Robin Guthrie, 2003 * ''The Imperial'' (The Delines album), 2019 * ''The Imperial'' (Flipmode Squad album), 1998


* "Imperial", a song by HammerFall from the 2005 album ''Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken'' * "Imperial", a song by Momus from his 2016 album ''Scobberlotchers'' * "Imperial", a song by Rah Digga from the 2000 album ''Dirty Harriet'' * "Imperial", a song by Strapping Young Lad from the 2005 album ''Alien''

Brands and enterprises

Beverages and foods

* Imperial (beer), a Costa Rican brand of beer * Imperial margarine, a brand of margarine distributed by Unilever * Mint imperial, a type of candy


* Hotel Imperial, a hotel in Vienna, Austria * Imperial Hotel (disambiguation) * The Imperial, New Delhi, a hotel in India


* Chrysler Imperial, a car built 1926–1954 and after 1990 * Imperial (automobile), a marque used by Chrysler 1955–1983 * Imperial (British automobile), three separate British makes of car * ''Imperial'' (SP train), a night train of the Rock Island Rail Road and the Southern Pacific * ''Imperial Limited'', a night train of the Canadian Pacific Railway * Imperial Air Cargo, a South African cargo airline * Imperial Airlines, a United States commuter airline * Imperial Airport, an airport in Saskatchewan, Canada * Imperial Automobile Company, an American automaker 1908–1916

Other brands and enterprises

* Imperial Bank Limited, a commercial bank in Kenya * Imperial Oil, a Canadian company * Imperial Productions, a London theatre company * Imperial Theater (disambiguation) * Imperial Tobacco, a British multinational company * Imperial Typewriter Company, a British manufacturer



* Imperial College London, an English university * Imperial Academy (Ethiopia), the national academy of Ethiopia * Imperial Valley College, an American community college in Imperial County, California

Government and politics

* Indian Civil Service (British India), a British rule in India


* Imperials Football Club, a defunct Australian rules football club * Imperial Futebol Clube, a Brazilian football (soccer) club


* Athena Imperial (born 1987), Filipina news reporter, communication researcher and beauty queen * Barbie Imperial (born 1998), Filipina actress and model * Carlos Eduardo Imperial (1935–1992), Brazilian actor, filmmaker, presenter, songwriter and music producer * Carlos R. Imperial (1930–2010), Filipino politician * Dino Imperial (born 1988), Filipino actor, club MC, model and radio disk jockey * Francisco Imperial, 15th-century Genoese poet in Seville

Standards and types

* Imperial, a traditional paper size, 22 x 30 inches * Imperial, a wine bottle nomenclature for a one-gallon bottle size * Imperial purple, a reddish-purple natural dye * Imperial units, a measurement system used in the UK and Commonwealth of Nations

See also

* Imperial Court (disambiguation) * Imperial River (disambiguation) * Imperial Seal (disambiguation) * Imperial University (disambiguation) {{disambiguation|geo|surname