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Coordinates: 23°42′33″N 120°25′58″E / 23.70917°N 120.43278°E / 23.70917; 120.43278

Yunlin Story House


General information

Location Huwei, Yunlin County, Taiwan

Construction started 1920

Completed 1923 (as Japanese Magistrate Residence of Huwei County) November 2006 (as Yunlin Story House)[1]

Opening November 2006



The Yunlin Story House (also Yunlin Storyhouse, Chinese: 雲林故事館; pinyin: Yúnlín Gùshì Guǎn) is a historic building in Huwei Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan.[2]


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History[edit] The museum building was originally constructed in 1920–1923 and opened for the residence of the Huwei County Magistrate of the Japanese government. After the handover of Taiwan back to China in 1945, the building was used for the residence of Huwei District Director. In 2004, it underwent a restoration and completed on October 2006 as the Yunlin Story House. It was opened to the public a month later on November 2006.[1] Exhibitions[edit] The museum has the following exhibit areas:[citation needed]

Living Space Service Space Passage Ways

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