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The Yunlin County
Yunlin County
Government (Chinese: 雲林縣政府; pinyin: Yúnlín Xiàn Zhèngfǔ) is the local government of the Republic of China that governs Yunlin County.


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Civil Affairs Department Finance Department Economic Affairs Department Public Works Department Education Department Agriculture Department Social Affairs Department Labor affairs Department Urban and Rural Development Land Administration Department Information Department Cultural Affairs Department General Affairs Department Planning Department Personnel Department Budget, Accounting and Statistics Civil Service Ethics Department Water Resources Department[2]

Building[edit] The Yunlin County
Yunlin County
Government building consists of:

Building No. 1 Building No. 2 Building No. 3 Social Affairs[3]

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Yunlin County Yunlin County
Yunlin County


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Yunlin County
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Yunlin County

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(list): Chen Kuang-fu
Chen Kuang-fu
(DPP) Pingtung (list): Pan Men-an
Pan Men-an
(DPP) Taitung (list): Justin Huang
Justin Huang
(KMT) Yilan (list): Chen Chin-te
Chen Chin-te
(DPP) Yunlin (list): Lee Chin-yung
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DPP: Democratic Progressive Party KMT: Kuomintang Ind: Independent

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