Yixing (simplified Chinese: 宜兴; traditional Chinese: 宜興; pinyin: Yíxīng) is a county-level city with a population of 1.24 million administrated under the prefecture-level city of Wuxi in southern Jiangsu province, People's Republic of China, and is part of the Yangtze River Delta. The city is known for its traditional Yixing clay ware.


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History[edit] Yixing county was established in 221 BC (Qin Dynasty) with the name of Yangxian (阳羡). Between 303 and 310 AD, the local aristocrat Zhou Qi, the eldest son of General Zhou Chu, suppressed three rebellions. Yangxian was then renamed Yixing (義兴, meaning righteousness and prosperity) to honor Zhou Qi. In 976, Yixing (義兴) was renamed Yixing (宜兴) because of the naming taboo of Emperor Taizong of Song, whose personal name is Zhao Kuangyi. The renaming perhaps to be the allusion of a sentence in Doctrine of the Mean: "Righteousness is the accordance of actions (義者宜也)" Administrative divisions[edit] Yixing is divided into four subdistricts and 14 towns:[1] Subdistricts[edit]

Yicheng (宜城, the seat of the city) Fangqiao (芳桥) Qiting (屺亭) Xinjie (新街) Xinzhuang (新庄)


Dingshu (丁蜀) Heqiao (和桥) Hufu (湖㳇) Gaocheng (高塍) Guanlin](官林) Taihua (太华) Wanshi (万石) Xizhu (西渚) Xinjian (新建) Xushe (徐舍) Yangxiang (杨巷) Zhangzhu (张渚) Zhoutie

Economy[edit] Yixing is among the top 10 county-level cities in China. Notable people[edit]

Ding Junhui, professional snooker player


^ 2011年统计用区划代码和城乡划分代码:宜兴市 (in Chinese). National Bureau of Statistics of the People's Republic of China. Retrieved 2013-03-13. 

External links[edit]

Yixing Municipal Government website (In Simplified Chinese characters)

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