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The Russian United Democratic Party "Yabloko" (Russian: Росси́йская объединённая демократи́ческая па́ртия «Я́блоко» Rossiyskaya obyedinyonnaya demokraticheskaya partiya "Yabloko") is a Russian social-liberal political party founded by Grigory Yavlinsky and currently led by Emilia Slabunova. The party's logo consists of a red circle and a green isosceles triangle, suggesting an apple in a constructivist style, a nod to the party's acronym which is a Russian word for "apple" (Russian: я́блоко, translit. jábloko/yábloko). According to the information on its website, Yabloko’s party platform stands for a social market economy, fair competition in politics and the economy, is for the inviolability of private property, and for equal opportunity.


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History[edit] The party dates back to early 1990s. The immediate predecessor of the Yabloko
party was the electoral cartel Yavlinsky-Boldyrev-Lukin, formed for the legislative elections of 1993. "Yabloko" is an acronym of the names of its founders: "Я" (Ya) for Grigory Yavlinsky; "Б" (B) for Yuri Boldyrev, and "Л" (L) for Vladimir Lukin, with the full name meaning "apple" in Russian. The party stands for free markets and civil liberties in Russia, better relations with the United States
United States
and membership in the European Union. The party opposed president Boris Yeltsin's and his prime ministers' policies, earning the reputation of a determined opposition movement that nevertheless was devoted to democratic reforms (in contrast, most of the opposition was communist or far right at that time).[12] Similarly, it has continued to oppose Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin
for what they see as his increasing authoritarianism and has called for the removal of his government "by constitutional means."[citation needed] Originally established as a public organization in 1993, it transformed into a political party in 2001. It contested the legislative elections of 1993, 1995, 1999, and 2003. It is argued that the vote-count in the 2003 Russian parliamentary election was marred by fraud.[citation needed] Some exit-polls and parallel recounts conducted by opposition observers showed that Yabloko
crossed the 5% threshold needed for parliamentary representation, gaining 6% of the vote, which should have been translated into some 20 parliamentary seats.[citation needed] Vladimir Putin himself telephoned Yavlinsky on the night of the election to congratulate his party on making it back into the Duma. However, most of these polls had a high margin of error (plus or minus three percent) and only showed Yabloko
obtaining seats by a tiny margin. Official results announced by the Central Election Commission gave Yabloko
4.30% of the vote and no seats on the proportional party-list system. Only four Yabloko
candidates won in individual district races and were elected to the Duma. On 4 December 2005 Yabloko-United Democrats, a coalition formed by Yabloko
and the Union of Rightist Forces, won 11% of the vote in the Moscow
municipal elections and became one of only three parties (along with United Russia
and the Communist Party) to enter the new Moscow City Duma. This success was seen by Yabloko
leaders as a hopeful sign for the 2007 Russian parliamentary election, and reinforced the view that Yabloko
and the Union of Rightist Forces
Union of Rightist Forces
need to unite in order to be elected to the State Duma
State Duma
in 2007. The Commission on the Unification of Democratic Forces, under the chairmanship of Boris Nemtsov, was established by the Union of Rightist Forces on February 16, 2006. However, the merger plans were discarded in December 2006 since the differences seemed too large.[13] The Russian Democratic Party Yabloko
had been an observer of the Liberal International
Liberal International
since 2002, and became a full member after the ELDR Bucharest congress in October 2006. The party's central office is located in Moscow. In the Russian legislative election, 2007, Yabloko
lost its representation in the State Duma. In the Russian Regional elections on 4 December 2011 Yabloko
won a few places in regional parliaments of Russia: 6 of 50 in Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg, 4 of 50 in Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Karelia
and 1 of 44 in Pskov legislative body. Leadership[edit] The first chairman of the party was Grigory Yavlinsky
Grigory Yavlinsky
(1993–2008). 22 June 2008 15th Congress of the Yabloko
Party elected Sergey Mitrokhin as the chairperson, who held this position until 2015. 19 December 2015 18th Congress of the party decided that no person shall hold the chairperson position for more than two periods, thus, preventing Mitrokhin from continuing in his position. The congress elected a Karelian activist of the party, Emilia Slabunova
Emilia Slabunova
as the chairperson.[1] Election results[edit] Presidential election[edit]

Presidency of Russia

Election year Candidate First Round Second Round

# of overall votes % of overall vote # of overall votes % of overall vote

1996 Grigory Yavlinsky 5,550,752 7.4% (#4)

2000 Grigory Yavlinsky 4,351,450 5.9% (#3)

2018 Grigory Yavlinsky 769,644 1.05% (#5)

Parliamentary elections[edit]

Year Vote percent Seats won

1993 7.86

27 / 450

1995 6.89

45 / 450

1999 5.93

21 / 450

2003 4.3

4 / 450

2007 1.6

0 / 450

2011 3.43

0 / 450

2016 2.0

0 / 450

Regional parliamentary elections[edit] Regional parliaments of Russia
Regional parliaments of Russia
in which Yabloko
is represented.

Regional Parliament Election year Seats

# Position


 Karelia 2016

3 / 36



 Kostroma Oblast 2015

1 / 36


 Pskov Oblast 2016

1 / 44


Federal cities

 Saint Petersburg 2016

2 / 50


^ a b Tied with other parties.

See also[edit]

Liberal democracy Liberalism
in Russia

Further reading[edit]

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and the Challenge of Building a Liberal Party in Russia". Europe-Asia Studies. 56 (7): 993–1020. doi:10.1080/1465342042000294338.  White, David (2006). The Russian Democratic Party Yabloko: Opposition in a Managed Democracy, Burlington: Ashgate.


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parties give up unification plans". Retrieved 8 May 2016. 

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