The Western Liang (; 400-421) was a Sovereign state, state of the Sixteen Kingdoms in China, one of the "Five Liang" (''Wu Liang'') of this era. Western Liang was founded by the Li (李), Li family of the Han Chinese. The founder of the Tang Dynasty, Li Yuan (Emperor Gaozu of Tang, Emperor Gaozu), traced his patrilineal ancestry to the Western Liang rulers, and traced the ancestry of the Western Liang rulers to Li Guang and Laozi in the paternal line. The Li family of Western Liang were known as the Longxi Li lineage (w:zh:隴西李氏, 隴西李氏).《新唐书·宗室世系表》 All rulers of the Western Liang proclaimed themselves "Chinese nobility#wang, wang".

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