Maidan Wardak Province[2] (Pashto: د میدان وردگ ولايت‎, Dari: ولایت میدان وردک‎), also called Maidan Wardag or Maidan, is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan, located in the central region of Afghanistan. It is divided into eight districts and has a population of approximately 567,600.[1] The capital of the province is Maidan Shar, while the most populous district in the province is Saydabad District. The name of the province is called "Wardak" as stated by the Afghan constitution and IDLG approved documents.

Districts of Wardak province

As of 2013, the total population of Wardak province is about 567,600,[1] which is multi-ethnic and mostly a tribal society. The ethnic groups in this province include Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazaras and a small population of Qizilbashs.[7][8]


Districts of Wardak Province
District Capital Population[9] Area[10] Notes
Chaki Wardak Chaki Wardak 83,376 1,273 Majority Pashtun
Day Mirdad