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VICTORIA TERRASSE is a building complex in central Oslo
, Norway
. Built in the 1880s by architect Henrik Thrap-Meyer , it was taken over by the Norwegian government in 1913 and put to use by the police and various political departments.

Infamously, it was taken over by the occupying Nazi Sicherheitspolizei and Sicherheitsdienst in April 1940, serving as headquarters during the war years . The offices held the interrogation centre for all prisoners in Oslo, and the place became synonymous with torture and abuse. On occasion prisoners jumped out of windows to their death while waiting to be interrogated.

Allied bombers tried to destroy Victoria Terrasse
Victoria Terrasse
on 25 September 1942 (the Oslo
Mosquito raid ) and 31 December 1944 but missed the complex and instead hit civilian targets .

The complex now houses the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs .


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Coordinates : 59°54′51″N 10°43′43″E / 59.91417°N 10.72861°E / 59.91417; 10.72861

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