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Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute
Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute
(VJTI) is an engineering college located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and one of the oldest engineering colleges in Asia. Founded in 1887 and formerly known as the Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute, it adopted its present name on January 26, 1997.[1] VJTI is an academically and administratively autonomous institute, however it is affiliated to the University of Mumbai
and its degrees and diplomas are issued by the university. The institute is financially supported by the Government of Maharashtra. After being awarded academic and administrative autonomy in 2004, VJTI became operational under the administration of a Board of Governors.[2] VJTI is also the Central Technical Institute of Maharashtra
State. The institute trains students in engineering and technology at the certificate,[3] diploma, degree, post-graduate and doctoral levels.


1 History

1.1 Foundation and early years (1887–1960) 1.2 Development and post-autonomy (1960–present)

2 Ranking 3 Admissions 4 Academic departments 5 Organization 6 Student societies

6.1 Society of Robotics & Automation 6.2 Inferno Robotics 6.3 Society of Automotive Engineers, VJTI Collegiate Chapter 6.4 Aero VJTI 6.5 Debate & Literary Arts Society 6.6 Entrepreneurship Cell

7 Annual festivals

7.1 Pratibimb 7.2 Technovanza 7.3 Rangawardhan 7.4 Enthusia 7.5 Ganeshotsav and Chetna 7.6 Departmental festivals

8 Student publications

8.1 Nirmaan 8.2 VJ.News

9 Alumni

9.1 VJTI Alumni Association 9.2 Departmental alumni bodies 9.3 Notable alumni

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History[edit] Foundation and early years (1887–1960)[edit] The institute was founded in 1887 and commenced with two departments, the Sir J. J. School of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
and the Ripon Textile School.[1] Development and post-autonomy (1960–present)[edit] Prior to 1960, Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute was the only institute offering Engineering degree and postgraduate courses under the University of Bombay and enjoyed de facto autonomy. In 1997, the institute was renamed to Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute. The institute was granted financial and academic autonomy from 21 June 2004. As a result, the autonomous VJTI has implemented a revised syllabus for its students in June 2004 at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels by implementing a credit system. The revised scheme of examinations, which follows a grading system and letter grade point system has been implemented. An important part of curriculum is the practically oriented project at the final year of graduation and the dissertations offered by the postgraduate students, as also the in-plant training undergone by the third year Diploma students.

VJTI main entrance

Significant changes under autonomy are the setting up of Distance Education Programmes (DEP) with IIT Bombay, with VJTI being a Remote Centre; as also the modernization of the library to a digital library. Postgraduate students may see the journals online throughout the week, with facility for printing. Several students societies, inter-college festivals, and the college magazine 'Nirmaan' serve as a platform to enhance students personality. VJTI initiated a newsletter named 'VJ.News' in March 2010. Under a World Bank
World Bank
grant, the Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP), a modernization will offer central computing facilities to students, who will also have access to improved laboratory and workshop facilities. The faculty at the institute runs testing and consultancy work. Industries has sponsored laboratories - for instance, the high voltage laboratory, courtesy Siemens; and the Computational Fluid Dynamics laboratory, courtesy Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Individual students profiles through departmental brochures are centrally positioned with the 'Training and Placement Office' of the institute. The office liaises with over hundred companies and places students for employment and in-plant training through campus recruitment programmes. In 2010, VJTI added Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering to its list of streams. VJTI was conferred with the title of 'Knowledge Partner' for the upcoming Centre of Excellence Of Sports Textiles of Government of India.[4] Ranking[edit]

VJTI rated 'AAAA' by Careers360 as the Top Engineering College
Engineering College
of India
2016[5] VJTI has been ranked as the 20th best college for engineering by India Today magazine, 2016.[6]


Admissions for undergraduate degree courses are based on the scores in the MHT-CET as well as JEE-Mains[7]

The admission process is carried out separately by Directorate of Technical Education along with 5 other autonomous institutes in Maharashtra. Respective admission rounds are known as CAPAI (Centralized Admission Process to Autonomous Institutes).[8]

Admissions for undergraduate diploma courses are based on scores in the Class 10 Board Examination. M.C.A. admissions are based on the scores in the MCA-CET. Admissions for postgraduate engineering courses are through GATE or sponsorship.[9]

Academic departments[edit] The institute has 12 academic departments. Of these, nine offer certificate, diploma, degree, postgraduate and/or doctoral programs. These are:

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Department[10] Structural Engineering
Structural Engineering
Department[11] Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering
& Information Technology
Information Technology
Department[12] Master in Computer Applications (MCA) Department[13] Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Department[14] (Also offers programs in Electronics Engineering
Electronics Engineering
& Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering) Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Department[15] Production Engineering
Production Engineering
Department[16] Textile Manufactures Department[17] Technical & Applied Chemistry Department[18]

Three academic departments have supporting roles and conduct foundation courses for degree and diploma programs, but do not offer any programs of their own. These are:

Department[19] Physics
Department[20] Humanities
& Management

Organization[edit] At the institutional level, VJTI is governed by a Board of Governors with a Chairman, the Director as a member and other Members of the Board. Members include Heads of Industry, prominent VJTI alumni as well as Heads of other educational institutions. The Chairman of the Board is Mrs. Sandra Shroff, of United Phosphorous Ltd.. The key people in the execution of the institute's activities are the Director, who is assisted by the Dean (Academic Programs), Dean (Students Activities), Dean (Resource Mobilization & Finance) and Dean (Research & Development), and the heads of the departments.[22] Student societies[edit] Society of Robotics & Automation[edit] The Society of Robotics & Automation was founded in 2008 under the Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Department of VJTI. The student society works in the field of robotics and automation. Senior student members train and assist students to undertake projects, participate in competitions, undertake industrial and research projects.[23] Students from the Society of Robotics and Automation won Round 1 of the DRDO Golden Jubilee Students Competition organised by the DRDO in association with the ADE, for which they received a cash prize of Rs. 50,000. They were one of ten teams to represent their institute at Round 2 held in Bangalore in May 2009.[24] The students of SRA also represent VJTI in ROBOCON (Asia-Pacific Robot Contest), were ranked 9th in Robocon 2011 and won an award for the 'Most Economical Robot' in the same year.[25] Inferno Robotics[edit] Inferno Robotics, the institute's official combat robotics organisation, was formed in 2013. The team performs designing, simulation, analysis, and fabrication of robots for different tournaments, chiefly focusing upon combat robotics for different events all over India. It also delivers lectures, mentors, and educates students for a better experience in engineering, real life situations and crisis management. In 2014, Team Inferno won six successive robotics championships. In 2015, Team Inferno stood fifth at National Robowars among 36 teams from all over India
at Technovanza, 2015. In 2016, Inferno stood third at Robotic Challenge Plinth, Vadodara. Society of Automotive Engineers, VJTI Collegiate Chapter[edit] The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), VJTI Collegiate Chapter was formed in 2008. The SAE provides a platform for those students interested in the field of automotive engineering. SAE originally consisted of two separate clubs: VJTI Racing and Aero VJTI. Aero VJTI no longer comes under the aegis of SAE however, and as of 2014, is an independent student body. A team named 'Team Motorbreath' of VJTI Racing represents the VJTI in competitions in the field of land mobiles like Baja SAE
Baja SAE
of SAE International. Aero VJTI[edit] Aero VJTI is a club with a passion for design and development of radio-controlled aircraft. It is the first club in VJTI that competed at an international event, as early as 2011. Since then, Aero VJTI has been to five competitions and has brought glory representing V.J.T.I and India
on the world stage. Each competition requires students to design and manufacture a remotely piloted aircraft according to a stringent mission profile and design constraints laid out in a Problem Statement. The students also conduct aircraft building workshops in V.J.T.I and other colleges in Mumbai
including SPCE & Fr. Agnel's college, apart from schools. This is done with a view to spreading knowledge regarding aeromodelling, aviation and other related topics among fellow students. Achievements:

1) Team Vayuputras from Aero VJTI achieved the first rank in design report internationally and finished seventh amongst a total of 95 participating teams at the AIAA Design/Build/Fly Competition, held at Tucson, Arizona, USA from 20-23 April 2017.

2) A second-place finish in the Design Report scores worldwide out of 80 teams at flyoff of the AIAA Design/Build/Fly Competition, held at Wichita, Kansas, USA from 15–17 April 2016 [2]

3) Ranked 3rd worldwide and 5th in the Design Report at the Future Flight Design Competition, Turkey in May 2015, represented by Team Vayuputras.[3]

4) Team Phoenix from Aero VJTI marked our debut at the AIAA Design/Build/Fly Competition in Wichita, Kansas in 2014. The Udaan aircraft finished 48th worldwide, braving gusts up to 72 kmph in stormy weather.

5) In 2012, Team Golden Eagles built the largest aircraft of the club, Brahmastra as an entry to the SAE Aerodesign West Competition in California. The plane had a lifting capacity of 18 kg, nearly five times its empty weight. Another team, Vihang won the 1st prize for oral presentation in the Advanced Class category.

6) Team Golden Eagles from Aero VJTI finished 5th in the design report and 21st overall at the SAE Aerodesign West Competition (Regular class) held in Fort Worth, Texas in 2011.[4] [26] [27] [28] Debate & Literary Arts Society[edit] The Debate & Literary Arts Society, known as the DLA, is a VJTI student organization under the Humanities
& Management
Department. The DLA's activities are primarily divided into three areas: the VJTI newsletter (VJ.News), debates, quizzes and The VJTI Model United Nations (VJMUN).[29][30] Besides these, the DLA also organizes regular seminars and lectures on economics, literature, creative writing, etc. The DLA is responsible for many of the events organized at Pratibimb, VJTI's annual cultural festival. Its committee is led by two general secretaries who are appointed by the institute every academic year. Entrepreneurship Cell[edit] The Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) of VJTI conducts events, workshops and seminars that aim to develop the management acumen and stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit in students. It conducts stand alone events ('Mandi' being a popular one) as well as management based sectors in Pratibimb, Technovanza and Enthusia, the three festivals of VJTI. Annual festivals[edit] Pratibimb[edit] Pratibimb is the three-day national-level annual cultural festival of VJTI, organized under the aegis of the VJTI Social Group. It consists of one day devoted to intra-college (i.e. inter-departmental) competitions, termed as 'Impact'; while the other two days consist of events, competitions, workshops and entertainment programs that are open to students of all colleges. Technovanza[edit] Technovanza is the 3-day national-level annual techno-management festival of VJTI, organized by the students on non-profit basis. It consists of competitions, exhibitions, workshops and seminars on robotics, programming and other technical, management and social sectors; along with entertainment programs which usually have a technical basis.[31][32] The festival is considered the largest techno-management festival in Maharashtra
and one of the largest in Asia. Rangawardhan[edit] Rangawardhan is a four-day Annual Marathi cultural fest dedicated to promoting Marathi drama, literature, music and other art forms. It conducts performances, exhibitions, seminars and competitions during Pratibimb (VJTI's Cultural Festival), as well as its own standalone events. It stages dramatics and music performances at college functions. Enthusia[edit] Enthusia is the national-level annual sports festival of VJTI, organized under the aegis of VJTI Gymkhana. It is one of the largest intercollegiate sports festivals in Maharashtra
and India. Engineering and medical colleges from Mumbai
and Maharashtra
participate in the two-week-long sporting event. The event has both inter-college & intra-college (i.e. inter-departmental) matches. Ganeshotsav and Chetna[edit] Ganeshotsav and Chetna are annual institute-level festivals organized by the students and managing staff of VJTI Hostels. They consist of cultural, technical and sports events, along with VJTI Hostels' Alumni Meet. Ganeshotsav occurs in the odd semester while Chetna in the even semester. 2014's Chetna was cancelled due to reasons unknown. Departmental festivals[edit] They are annual national-level technical festivals pertaining to a certain engineering stream and organized by students, faculty and alumni of a particular department of VJTI. They are:


Textile Manufactures Department & Textile Past Students Foundation - TPSF


Production Engineering
Production Engineering
Department & Production Engineering Students Association - PESA


Technical & Applied Chemistry Department


and Business event held by Project Management
department every year Student publications[edit] Nirmaan[edit]

The logo of the VJTI Nirmaan Chronicle

Nirmaan is the annual magazine of VJTI. Its operations are conducted under the aegis of the Nirmaan Committee. It includes articles by students, faculty and alumni. It used to be published once every academic year, and now is a running electronic copy updated more frequently. It has undertaken activities such as foreign language sessions, as part of its Globalization and Internationalization Programme, among others. As part of the 125 year quasquicentenary celebrations, the Nirmaan issue portrayed 125 years of heritage of the college, sourced from the VJTI Archives. VJ.News[edit] The official newsletter of VJTI is published four times a year. It is managed by the Debate & Literary Arts Society. It contains institute news, placements, further studies, interviews and general topics. Alumni[edit] VJTI Alumni Association[edit] Formed in March 1944, the VJTI Alumni Association was formerly known as the VJTI Old Boys' Association. In 1973 the association was renamed "The VJTI Alumni Association" and was formally registered with the Charities Commissioner under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. The revival of the Alumni Association was spurred at Blueprint 2020, held in April 2004 with the encouragement of the then Principal and Secretary.[33] Departmental alumni bodies[edit] Several departments have their own alumni bodies which also conduct annual departmental alumni meets. These include Textile Past Students Foundation (TPSF) and Production Past Students Association. VJTI Hostels also conducts an annual alumni meet. Notable alumni[edit]

Sekhar Basu, an Indian nuclear scientist and Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission of India
and former Director of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Jagdish Chandra Mahindra - Founder of Mahindra & Mahindra Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej - Founder Godrej Group Chaggan Bhujbal – Minister of Public Works Department and former Deputy Chief Minister, Government of Maharashtra Dr. Vijay Gupchup – former Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of Mumbai, Ex-Chairman of the Research Council of Structural Engg. Research Centre in Chennai and Ex-Chairman of the National Board of Accreditation, AICTE, New Delhi Dr. Anil Kakodkar
Anil Kakodkar
– former Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission of India Yashavant Kanetkar, an Indian computer science author, known for his books on programming languages Rakesh Khanna
Rakesh Khanna
- Syntel
Chief Operating Officer since January 2012 Jayant Patil – Minister of Rural Development, Government of Maharashtra Renuka Ramnath – founder and CEO of Multiples Private Equity, Ex CEO of ICICI Ventures.[34] Avtar Saini – former Director for South Asia Region, Intel
and one of the pioneers of the Pentium-series processors Nikhar Garg- Indian Male Badminton Player Vaman Srinivas Kudva
Vaman Srinivas Kudva
- founder director of Syndicate Bank Mohan Lal Sukhadia - 5th Chief Minister of Rajasthan Deepakbhai Desai, spiritual leader, Akram Vignan Movement Deepak Shinde, IAS 2012 Batch, Government of India Sriram Parasuram, a Carnatic and Hindustani voco-violinist

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List of colleges in Mumbai


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37. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikhar_Garg External links[edit]

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