This page is a listing of federal and provincial electoral districts located in the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, and for ridings which include the name Vancouver in their title, including those on Vancouver Island among which was the original first-use of the riding-name Vancouver. For ridings in any of the suburbs other than North Vancouver and West Vancouver, please see New Westminster (electoral districts) (all other Lower Mainland ridings are descendants of the original New Westminster riding. Vancouver Island ridings not including the name "Vancouver" can be found on Vancouver Island (electoral districts).


1 Current federal electoral districts 2 Defunct federal electoral districts 3 Current provincial electoral districts

3.1 Vancouver City 3.2 North Shore

4 Defunct provincial electoral districts

4.1 Vancouver City 4.2 North Shore 4.3 Vancouver Island

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Current federal electoral districts[edit] In Vancouver:

Vancouver Centre (1914–present) Vancouver East (1933–present) Vancouver Granville (2012-present) Vancouver Kingsway (1952–1987), (1996–present) Vancouver Quadra (1947–present) Vancouver South (1914–1996), (2003–present) Not in the City of Vancouver:

West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast—Sea to Sky Country (2004–present) North Vancouver (1987–present) Vancouver Island North (1996–present) Defunct federal electoral districts[edit] In Vancouver:

Burrard (1892–1903), included coastal and Valley areas assigned to Comox—Atlin and Yale—Cariboo in 1903, at which the urban area riding was named Vancouver city. Burrard was restored 1914-1924 as a riding covering the Burrard Inlet-side wards of the city of Vancouver (including downtown) and the North Shore communities, Squamish and Coquitlam. It was succeeded by: Vancouver—Burrard (1924–1966) Vancouver North In addition to Vancouver—Burrard, other urban ridings were:

Vancouver City (1903–1914) Vancouver South—Burnaby (1996–2003) Not in the City of Vancouver:

Vancouver Island (1871–1872) Vancouver (1872–1903) Note: This riding was the successor to the Vancouver Island riding, and did not include the site of the city of Vancouver (which was not named until 1885-86). From 1892 the city of Vancouver riding was Burrard, which had been 1872-1892 part of New Westminster Vancouver North, British Columbia (1924–1947) (included Vancouver but also much of the rural area north to Pemberton and the Sunshine Coast. North Vancouver—Burnaby, British Columbia (1976–1987) West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast (1996–2004) Current provincial electoral districts[edit] Vancouver City[edit] Vancouver-Fairview Vancouver-False Creek Vancouver-Fraserview Vancouver-Hastings Vancouver-Kensington[1] Vancouver-Kingsway Vancouver-Langara Vancouver-Mount Pleasant Vancouver-Point Grey Vancouver-Quilchena Vancouver-West End North Shore[edit] North Vancouver-Lonsdale, since 1991 North Vancouver-Seymour, since 1966 West Vancouver-Capilano, since 1991 West Vancouver-Garibaldi, since 1991 Defunct provincial electoral districts[edit] Vancouver City[edit] Vancouver-Burrard, 1933-2009 All of the following were multiple member ridings until 1991

Vancouver City, 1890–1933 South Vancouver, 1916–1933 Vancouver East, 1933–1991 Vancouver Centre, 1933–1991 Vancouver-Little Mountain, 1966–2001 North Shore[edit] North Vancouver, 1916–1963 North Vancouver-Capilano, 1966–1986 West Vancouver-Howe Sound, 1966–1986 Vancouver Island[edit] References[edit]

^ Elections BC - Vancouver-Kensington Electoral District

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